AdvoCare vs Amway Unbiased Review on Compensation Plan & Business Opportunity

Amway is for sure the bigger company, you could say they are the leader in the multi-level marketing industry. AdvoCare has been around since 1994 which is impressive but Amway was founded in 1959.

Amway is short for American Way and they have a lot of products from healthy, beauty to home care like eco-friendly cleaning products & makeup.

The independent distributors are encouraged to replace the supermarket purchases with Amway products, because what is a distributor that doesn’t use their own products that they are promoting?


Yeah they have a lot of products, a lot more than AdvoCare

AdvoCare has celebrity endorsers though, so that I believe gives them slight marketing edge.

Nutrilite is Amway’s best selling product and rivals with AdvoCare’s many product lines

AdvoCare does not have makeup, soaps, cleaning products like Amway.

AdvoCare focuses more on energy, weight loss, multi-vitamins, energy & sports performance products.


The focus is a lot more on leading a fit & healthy lifestyle.

A lot of the successful distributors you see in AdvoCare is really fit!

AdvoCare or Amway Compensation Plan?

To be honest, both companies offer similar compensation plan.

Although its very difficult to understand at first the basis is this.

You get to earn commission in both companies for selling the product.

In Amway its up to 30%, and in AdvoCare its up to 40%

In both companies, majority of the real earnings come from rising up the rankings with the amount of business volume you generate, the higher you rank, the higher your bonus / earning potential becomes.

It is all about building a large team that is successful.

Recruitment is how you make real money. Not selling products. Always remember that.

You get your own special web page from both companies, and you have to get people to begin purchasing products from your store.

Training & How to Succeed in Amway & AdvoCare

Both companies offer various training DVD’s and hold live events, seminars, conventions and more.

AdvoCare’s got their success school held in the summer each year in Texas, while Amway is getting ready for their Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2016 event.

Yes AdvoCare is still only in the states.

These events come with spoonful of motivational speeches regarding what work from home opportunity can do for the quality of life.

Multi-level marketing is really cut throat though, even with 120% motivation there’s certain barriers that are near impossible to climb past for most distributors out there.


You have to do crazy amounts of prospecting. Hell of a lot more grinding than most people realize or expected. And in the beginning you are working and not really getting paid for a while. Unless you are one of those rare people with a huge network and social circle already, you will claw & crawl your way to your first pay check and most people do not have the fortitude to endure that kinda of a grind.

Trust me I’ve been there and done it, not just with AdvoCare but other MLM’s until I found something better.

Is it a Scam?

AdvoCare & Amway is it a scam, pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme?

A quick google search will pull up a lot of articles saying it might be a scam or whatever but most of these reviews are made by those that simply failed the business opportunity.

No its not a pyramid scheme because if it was, the FTC would have shut them down long time ago.

These companies have been going strong now for few decades.

My only AdvoCare or Amway Complaint is that their companies & its products are in the hands of distributors, some of which are not qualified to give health advice or will hype the business opportunity way more than necessary or ethical. Which can give the unsuspecting audience the wrong idea of joining a network marketing company.

Many unfortunately go the route of showcasing all the dazzling trinkets of “that life of elite distributor” a level of success even they themselves aren’t even close to and make it sound like everyone can get there.

I heard one person even equate the likelihood of becoming successful in a MLM is like winning the lottery.

When you look at the true income disclosures that statement might not be so far off.


Its not easy to succeed in these companies by any stretch of the imagination. I’d say go with one where your actually going to love using the products day in and day out. Because good luck trying to sell people stuff that you don’t personally use or believe in. Eventually you will get burned out, and lose your focus and passion.

If you have huge influence and big social circle already you stand a better chance to actually make some money but you will have to approach your friends & family. Nothing wrong with that, but its just not for me.

So what do you do if you are against these things, and your belly is now telling you turn around and run far away from these mlm opportunities?

Well I have an alternative for you. Its called local lead generation.

You learn new skillset and get paid for it by your local business owners.

Specifically the skills of ranking websites for them like below.


Once you learn the skill its repeatable and actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

I’m now working with around 25 local businesses, quit my 9 to 5 and on my way to earning $20,000 per month.

If you are interested, I’d suggest scheduling a 45 min consultation with one of the coaches and they’ll tell you more about it.

Needless to say, your chances of actually making a living with this is way better than a MLM opportunity with AdvoCare or Amway.

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