Students that were struggling with their network marketing business are finally becoming successful with this new business model.

Success posts like these are seen every day in our private facebook group

Many students are really surprised how fast things start moving once you follow the step by step system…

Local marketing is where it’s at!

“I’m not even done with my site yet and I already got a lead!” we hear this often in our group.

When you begin marketing to businesses that have the capital to spend, you land big deals like this:

The skills taught in the course, allows you to rank for even the “tough” markets.

But even these “tough” local markets is so easy compared to affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing types of rankings where you have to compete with the entire world. Shocker…

Henry going after the big city of Fort Worth, Texas with 900,000 population

Like he said above, we encourage students to go after smaller cities first so you can start getting the cash flow coming in sooner. Get some quick wins under your belt in smaller suburban cities so you get the positive reinforcement that this process really works. Big cities are no problem but it can take longer to dominate!

More from Henry…

Emeka building a 6 figure business part-time while going to medical school

Kevin excited about his top rankings & cashing in…

Jeremy’s breakthrough

The journey gets a whole lot easier when you have a good mentor at your beck and call.

These days I’d like to think the proper phrase should be “mentor-made”, not “self-made”.

Seen Enough?


And few more testimonials? Why not?

One of Abdul’s first checks!

Maria with the gratitude

And this

Maybe a few more

Cory one of the OG

“Success leaves clues” -Tony Robins

There’s people sharing new success stories almost on a daily basis in our private facebook group

On top of the awesome community of like-minded entrepreneurs, the coaches are also very active sharing on-going value to the group. We’re taking this local lead generation business like a storm

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