Entrepreneur for Almost 3 Years

Happy New Years Everyone, I just want to write a quick update on how my business is doing beyond AdvoCare, what I do now is do online marketing for local businesses. Its been almost 3 years since I quit my job for good and working full time building & ranking websites for local businesses.

I have grown my monthly revenue to $30K per month and I am my own boss now. I work whenever I want but most importantly I love what I do. I just logged into the coaching program FB page today and I saw this post by one of my friend from the program.


There is nothing like working for yourself and having no ceiling to how much money you can make, feeling really good about 2017.

Why I quit AdvoCare & Now generating leads for a plumber?

As my readers would know why I built an AdvoCare review blog but I’m not really a distributor trying to get anybody to join my team?

Well, I quit multi-level marketing and now doing local lead generation. If you are feeling the burn out like I was, then this blog post might serve you well.

For me the shift from completely abandoning MLM’s to start doing local lead gen was very simple.

This video helped me make that shift:

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Plexus vs LeVel Thrive, Unbiased Review Comparison

What happens when we pit up Plexus International against Le-Vel Thrive? Which MLM will come out on top?

Who has the better compensation plan?

Is the business opportunity safe & sound? Is it taking proper precaution against the FTC to not get flagged as illegal pyramid scheme?

While there’s a lot of antics out there saying all network marketing companies are scam and then you got the other side of the coin that says the business opportunity at Plexus or uni level earning potential in Level thrive is the best there is?

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Javita vs Organo Gold: Coffee MLM Unbiased Review

Javita vs Organo Gold, which is the better multi level marketing coffee company?? Which company has better compensation plan, which company has better success rate? Javita Business Opportunity Review is better understood when you can compare with another coffee MLM that’s been around bit longer, 3 years older to be exact. (Years Founded 2008 & 2011)

Network Marketing Coffee sector is booming, they are the new kids on the block and threatening market share of long standing companies like AdvoCare International & Plexus, these companies growth rate is scary, like when in 2012 when one of Organo Gold distributor Holton Buggs became the top earner in all of MLM companies combined.

Numbers don’t lie and if you are heavily considering joining, then read carefully because these companies will require serious commitment if you want to be successful.

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Beachbody Coach Keys to Success: Sell Shakeology or Recruit?

How do you really make money as a beachbody coach?

The key to becoming successful coach in Beachbody is to become a person of influence.

I talk little bit about this in my AdvoCare Success Secret article, basically the same principles that make 1 entrepreneur ultra successful, while others crash & burn is this.

You need skills.

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Beachbody Complaints: Scam or Pyramid Scheme? Unbiased Review

Is Beachbody Shakeology a scam or pyramid scheme? What are some of the common complaints?

I’m quite passionate about reviewing different ways to make money online or from home. When I’m not disassembling AdvoCare business opportunity, I like to compare & contrast against other top multi-level marketing like Beachbody, famous for their shakeology…

Without going too deep into it, I have few experiences with various MLM’s myself and what I can say for sure is that a lot of them teeter dangerously close to being a full blown pyramid scheme.

here is why.

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How to sell AdvoCare Spark? Sparking someone up!

AdvoCare Spark is the company’s biggest revenue generating product. It is responsible for 70% of their sales and it is often used as the go-to sample taster to give to potential prospects as a way to build stronger rapport & connection with the company & its product.

As expert marketers you are always looking for different means to make contact with your audience.

Although I’m doing more online marketing stuff & not out on the streets selling Spark for AdvoCare anymore, the marketing strategies taught by top guys & gals in this company is smart & effective.

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Melaleuca Review on Compensation Plan & Business Opportunity, AdvoCare Comparison

Melaleuca vs AdvoCare, which is the better network marketing company to join? How can you really make money in Melaleuca, what’s their comp plan or how can you become successful in the business opportunity?

These are some of the questions you may have when considering Melaleuca vs AdvoCare for your journey towards becoming your own boss.

Before we begin let’s identify some key differences between Melaleuca and AdvoCare…

First striking difference comes to mind are the products.

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AdvoCare vs Amway Unbiased Review on Compensation Plan & Business Opportunity

Amway is for sure the bigger company, you could say they are the leader in the multi-level marketing industry. AdvoCare has been around since 1994 which is impressive but Amway was founded in 1959.

Amway is short for American Way and they have a lot of products from healthy, beauty to home care like eco-friendly cleaning products & makeup.

The independent distributors are encouraged to replace the supermarket purchases with Amway products, because what is a distributor that doesn’t use their own products that they are promoting?

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AdvoCare Coaching: How to become a Champion Fastest

If you are looking for AdvoCare Virtual Coaching or if extra training is required for you outside their proven success system, then you are treating this like a business as you should and you should pad yourself on the back for having the fundamental mindset of entrepreneur.

The truth is, 95% of the people out there desperately need additional training from a mentor or coach in a direct selling business like AdvoCare or you really don’t stand a chance.

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