Beachbody Coach Keys to Success: Sell Shakeology or Recruit?

How do you really make money as a beachbody coach?

The key to becoming successful coach in Beachbody is to become a person of influence.

I talk little bit about this in my AdvoCare Success Secret article, basically the same principles that make 1 entrepreneur ultra successful, while others crash & burn is this.

You need skills.

At the end of the day its skills, the carry the day.

Its how 1 Beachbody coach can put in the same amount of hours as the next guy but still be able to generate 4 times more results, and those small wins that you get a long the way is the fuel that is needed to jettison you out of the gravitational pull of the atmosphere and into outer space.

If you do not get small victories a long the way, even the most positive person on earth will get discouraged and discontinue their hustle & grind.

The only reason I was able to build my $10,000 per month STRICTLY online business was because I was able to develop some good skill set first to be able to get small wins under my belt to spur me on.


Being able to buy my first rollex as a reward when I first hit my 6 figure income level was fun too, its sometimes the little things that can give you tons of drive to grind harder tomorrow.

All the successful distributors that stand on stage and tell you its all about hard work and never giving up is not telling you the full truth.

These are things that appease to the masses because it gives the illusion that EVERYONE that just puts in the hours can make it in business.

Guys & Gals, I hate to break it to you, but there is no business out there that will allow for everyone to succeed with the same hours & same success rate.

Does it even make sense? if working 14 hours a day was the magic formula, then you would see much more people becoming millionaires.

Every business out there needs an edge over the competition.

There’s only so many hours in a day for you to go to work.

Eventually there is a ceiling, only so far you can go with Beachbody business before you need to upgrade to really break the barrier of earning a sustainable income in a multi-level marketing business.

There’s a reason why only 5% of people that become coaches ever earn any money, and out of that 5%, roughly 55% of them are only making $2000 per year.

Do you think that small sliver of people that actually built a sustainable / successful Beachbody business got there just by working few more hours than anybody else?

Trust me if it was that easy, more people would be winning inside Beachbody or AdvoCare business.

Why The Hare & the Tortoise Story F*$ked Your Mind Up


One of the prerequisite to developing your skills as an entrepreneur is through massive action & failures.

Yes you have to fail your way to success, there’s no way around it.

But most people don’t take enough action to get enough feedback that would allow them to process & learn.

In the early stages, the most important thing to propel you out of the newbie stage is to take massive action.

That is the only leverage you have in the market.

No one can have expert level skill from day 1, that has never happened in the history of entrepreneurial-ship.

On day 1, you are a novice and you have to expect to FAIL… ALOT.

But in order to do so you NEED massive action.

The ability to take massive action is the #1 prerequisite skill set PERIOD.

We all listened to that story of the Tortoise & the Hare when we were kids, and the implied message in that story was…

  • Take your time, don’t rush things, be determined, never give up, & follow through till the end

There are definitely important qualities that the tortoise possesses for life & business, but in today’s world SPEED is the new big.

If your business is not expanding fast enough it will not survive.

What happens if you combine the speed of the hare and steadfast positive attributes of the tortoise?

Then that third player would smoke both the hare & tortoise and have no competition.

It would simply dominate the race.

You see when starting a new business like Beachbody, you must not only work diligently like the tortoise but you have to move fast.

Because if you are not filling your pipeline everyday with prospects through actions and more actions.

Then eventually you will run dry of any new prospects to fill your pipeline because you lose your momentum & drive, as the results come to a screeching halt.

Not only will nobody take you seriously but you yourself won’t take YOU seriously.

Its game over and its time to hand in the white towl.

The ability to manage oneself. To become a consistent producer is the most important skill when getting into business for yourself.

The first skill you have to master is the ability to take consistent massive action. There’s no 2 ways around it.

What kind of actions will lead me to success in Beachbody?

A lot of the successful coaches harp on the target of acquiring at least 2 new coaches per month.

In AdvoCare one of the most successful distributor teaches her new teammates to set a goal to talk to 5 new people each day about the business.

In Beachbody it is the same deal, in order to build the business you must recruit coaches under you.

That is the only true momentum in these businesses that allows you to build on something sustaining and something that can build from one month to another.

Any personal product sales where you make a percentage commission is there to give you some extra cash to go take your wife or kids to the movies and a dinner few times a month.

Do not count on product sales to keep you in this game.


You will at best stick around the $2000 per year mark. Not very life changing. Maybe buy you few massages per month…

In order to actually build the BUSINESS, you have to recruit. And in order to recruit, you must talk to new people, what some of us call “strangers”

Yet all successful entrepreneurs know that “strangers” hold the key to all your dreams.

Strangers got your money for the house, car, vacations, peace & security, they even hold the quality time you can spend with friends & family.

Get this.

It is impossible to grow a business without talking to strangers.

Another message that you picked up in childhood that F*$cked you up big time is this: “Don’t talk to strangers”

The right kind of action is this

  • Set a goal to speak to 3-5 new people daily about the Beachbody business & product, & stick to it like your life depended on it.
  • Do whatever you can to get their contact information, if any of them show any interest, follow up with them on going, treat them as valuable as your coaches you recruit

This is the simple two step to success not just in the Beachbody business as it has been proven for many coaches but in other MLM’s like AdvoCare.

When you really truly understand how MLM’s work and what actually leads to steady build of your income you earn from these companies, then you will understand that the fastest, most direct line to success is these 2 steps only.

Prospect & Follow Up.

Remember if someone is not interested in the business opportunity, but just want the products. Great allow them to get on the products from you, but just know that you have now gained a solid lead in your funnel and you can eventually hit them up down the road to get another real legit shot at closing them on entering the business opportunity with you.

That’s what its all about, at the heart of it all.

Every product sale, every communication you have with someone semi-curious is about entering them into the funnel where you can continue to follow up till they get interested enough to try the business opportunity.

And not all of those individuals that try the business opportunity will succeed, in fact according to income disclosure, the odds are not on their side. But as someone that’s trying to make it for real in these businesses you are in desperate need for to recruit those strong coaches onto your team and the only way your ever going to find them is through recruiting as many people as possible.

The Skill that Separates the Wheat from the Chaff

Ok so let’s say you got the serious hustle muscle down pact.

You are taking massive action and hitting your quota of talking to 5 new people daily about the beachbody biz

now is the time to start learning from your experience and begin to hone your skills

Ultimately the successful coaches had managed to get 1 skill that propelled their business to the moon

That skill is becoming a person of influence

I talked about this in my article about Jordan Belfort, the wolf of wallstreet, his teachings on the straight line persuasion and really about business in general, what separates the wheat from the chaff is your ability to influence others.

Not in any negative con man type of way.

But being able to influence someone to make the right decisions is to empower them.

Look at influential, motivational speakers like Tony Robbins.

He would not be able to do his good deeds in the world if he didn’t have the ability to influence others.

Warren Buffet would not have made his billions if he couldn’t influence others to do business deals with him.

Steve Jobs could have never created the iPod or the iPhone if he didn’t have the ability to influence others on his visions.


James Cameron had to raise quarter of a billion dollars for Avatar, & the only way he did it was through influencing others to invest in his vision.

I recommend you read up on books about sales & persuasion. My top two go-to resources are


  • Jordan Belfort
  • Grant Cardone

There are good sales people out there, and then there’s the really elite level.

These guys are the elite of the elite in the field of persuasion, sales, closing the deal & building a business.

You will not regret your investment in any of these guy’s materials, they have truly done wonders for my skills & income.

If you thought you are not an extrovert or you would be bad at sales, do yourself a favor and wipe that shit out of your head and give some honest try first with these guy’s material in hand, and you will be surprised just how far you can actually go.

I know because I was one of those people that thought those things, that I was an introvert and sales is not cut out for me.

And in some ways I bet I am a natural introvert but let me tell you its possible for all people to learn sales, and sometimes the introvert goes on to become better sales people than the extroverts.

Grant Cardone talks about this all the time.

So don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater & play yourself.

With the right training, I believe anyone can learn sales & become a person of influence.

Ultimately that’s what is going to make you successful in business, not just with Beachbody but any business.


Beachbody offers business opportunity with minimal up front costs of running a true business like a brick & mortar.

But that also has its pros & cons of course.

With such low barrier entry, you won’t have much of an edge in the market place.

you can not expect hoards of prospects to come to you with credit card in hand ready to buy from you.

Its more of a hunting game you are entering in.

With a lot of hard work and hustle you can get somewhere but always remember that eventually you will need to develop yourself & your skills.

Specifically in the field of sales & persuasion.

These skills are developed through repetition, lots of failure which only comes as a consequence of taking massive action.

Prospect 5 people daily like your life depends on it and then follow up until someone calls the cops, JK but really follow up is crucial and its a discipline in of itself.

Really learning that next level skill set of becoming that master salesperson or a person of influence is what 95% of the distributors are missing. At the end of the day, look at the successful coaches, they are massively influential whether that would be through having lots of view on their youtube videos or having tons of followers on instagram, or they throw great events, home parties (mixers) & just great at projecting visions, beaming positivity & inspiring people everywhere they go, somewhere along their journey they have learned that they must become influential to succeed in this niche of network marketing.

The reason why I’m not part of the MLM scene anymore is because I feel I have developed certain skill sets that out grew my need for relying on a multi-level marketing companies like AdvoCare, Beachbody or Plexus to supply me with monthly checks.

Why bother with the hassle of recruitment for a company that’s not even mine, when I got the skills to cut my own paychecks?

Whats that skill you ask?

Its ranking websites for local businesses, generating leads for them & making a percentage of the business generated each & every month.

each client currently pays me anywhere from $500 to $1500 per month and there’s virtually no ceiling to how many clients I can acquire.


To learn more about this business model, where you literally run the show & don’t need to depend on any company or anybody else, and you get to work from anywhere you want as long as you have a laptop and high speed internet.

Then go here to look at some of the case studies, and join the mailing list to schedule your 45 min call with the coaches to see if you are a good fit.



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