AdvoCare Business Cards? Why you should ditch them

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AdvoCare Business Cards, should you use them?

I don’t think you should, & here’s why…

My mentor taught me few things about business cards in general.

To put it simply, we don’t take business cards seriously at all.

We are so used to getting them all the time from strangers that we treat business cards like receipts that we take to end the transaction and to never see again.


AdvoCare business cards can be great for holding that ice cold beer still on the bar.

Let’s be honest

How many people in the past that gave you a business cards did you end up doing business with?

“Hey let me get your business card”

is simply another way of saying, “let me kindly excuse myself from this conversation so I can move on with my day.”

Look maybe in the corporate world, business cards hold more merit because people are only meeting under professional, regimented settings but if you are trying to bring someone in for a business opportunity with you with the $79 distributor kit purchase or the $2100 all-in Advisor purchase, then you better get something more than just simply handing out your business card and calling it a day.

What you should do instead of handing out AdvoCare Business Cards…

Look instead of handing over the business card, pull out your smart phone and ask to add them on Facebook.

(or if your feeling ballsy, go for their digits)

Why is this so much better than simply handing out the business card?

Because it gives you the ability to follow up.

Remember that some of the diamond distributors of this company were followed up for a whole year before they ever did anything with the company.

Fortune is in the follow up… you hear this all the time, but especially in the multi-level marketing industry, follow up is everything.

Pulling out your business card from your wallet, is the easier thing to do, it also relieves you of the stress of having to get their contact info and it also relieves the prospect from having to be proactive with anything, it gives them an easy out, and it robs you of the opportunity to establish something more solid before departing ways.

We can say that a business card is a cop out, it could work if your prospect also had a business card, that way you get their contact information… which is usually what happens in the corporate world, but with AdvoCare this will rarely happen.

This is why it is so important to always be getting your prospects contact information.

As much as you believe AdvoCare is great, trust me when I say that the people you talk to about it is not feeling that jazzed up about it like you, they haven’t seen the AdvoCare success school videos on youtube like you have or seen all the Rising Stars that’s making multiple 6 figures.

This is why, just handing them your business card after the end of the initial conversation does not hold enough pull to get them to reach back out to you. And you shouldn’t depend on it.

Without a business card, it almost forces your prospect to trade contact information with you, if they were slightly interested because they would have no other way to reach back out to you if they didn’t.

“I don’t do business cards”

In my business of generating leads for local businesses, when I go about my day and I have a business owner ask me what I do, and I tell them, & they have interest in it, the automatic thing all of them say is “do you have a business card?”

In the beginning this might get you excited, like “wow they are having interest in what I do, this is good! this is the first step!”

well this is a mistake because it also becomes the socially accepted way of ending the conversation and dismissing the other person / disengaging from the conversation

maybe they were interested.


if they were, then quickly give them the pitch about you & what you can do for them, right there on the spot.

Giving them the business card and allowing time to pass will not increase his current level of interest, it will only decline over time.

Why? because life happens.

and Life is full of distractions.

Next thing you know, your business card gets lodged in his center console of his Buick somewhere never to be seen till the end of time.

Give people your pitch now rather than later.

don’t delay on this.

What I started doing was I ditched my business cards

and I started tell business owners straight up “I don’t do business cards”

“When was the last time you done business with someone that gave you a business card.”

The second statement is a bit edgy but it works. It is a pattern interrupt. It is a response they are not used to hearing.


I’m basically trying to stand out like a blonde bombshell, by being radically different & bit edgier than the last 10 people that pitched them a proposal & handed a business card.

After I got their attention, I tell them just in few sentences exactly what I can do for them, and they are actually listening.

And if they are interesting in what I’m throwing down, I simply pull out my phone and we trade contacts.


now I have their cell phone # which btw is the best contact information I can get, because now I can start sending him not just calls but text messages which is extremely powerful.

A text message during a phone conversation is known to increase closing ratio by 300%.

It somehow builds rapport like nothing else, I personally believe because we usually use texts with our closest associates and friends & family. Its this casual form of communication that brings their guard down and influence them to begin seeing you like a real person, not just another guy or gal trying to sell them something.


My suggestion would be to ditch the business cards and finally start getting paid.

If you are relying on all these tools to help you in marketing you are not a true marketer.

Yes I get it, its fun to look at advocare business cards vistaprint card templates, maybe design your very own AdvoCare spark business cards or maybe you are buying advocare apparels & going as far as getting AdvoCare car decals, yes getting all these stuff in AdvoCare theme is great but its not whats going to directly grow your business.

AdvoCare is a people’s business, and majority of revenue comes from recruiting distributors, and that is done through the words you utter, the ability to listen to others and the energy you’re projecting.

If anything, all of these AdvoCare gear is for the individual that’s wearing & utilizing them, to serve as anchors that remind you to be AdvoCare spokesperson everywhere you go. To strengthen your own belief in the company.

Your prospect doesn’t care about the fancy designs on your business cards or how it reps the “We build Champions” logo in spectacular fashion.

All they care about is they got someone real, someone that cares about them and someone that can help them.

Those factors do not come across in handing them your business card, if anything it can come across as disengaging.

These qualities come from you being a real person and if they are interested, then trade contact info the old school way

If you are scared of asking for the cell number, just say very casually Hey! let me add you on Facebook!

I will say pretty much all the people that I handed my business cards to, I never heard from them again.

But when I decided to ditch the cards and go for the digits or facebook

I started seeing much higher success

It is definitely a rapport builder, handing out business card is not.

If you are still AdvoCare distributor, I hope this quick tip today helps you.

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