AdvoCare Business Opportunity Review, Does it Work?

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Perhaps you were presented with AdvoCare Business Opportunity but bit nervous about joining a multi-level marketing company?

As someone that has tried their business opportunity,and have experience dealing with their compensation plan, I will tell you what this company is about, what you will be selling & does it actually work?

AdvoCare Background

AdvoCare is a health & wellness company that sells supplements on nutrition, weight loss, muscle recovery & energy.

It was founded in 1993 by Charles Ragus (who passed in 2001) with corporate headquarter in Planto, TX.

The company relies on their customers to act as their distributors with approximately 60,000 independent distributors in the US, that participate with compensation plan based on multilevel marketing model.

What is multilevel marketing / MLM?

It is a model by which the sales force is compensated for the products they sale with commission but also by recruiting other sales people / distributors. The recruited sales person is referred to as the recruiter’s “downline” and can provide multiple levels of compensation.

For AdvoCare you earn 20% – 40% from product sales, and then you can earn 7% from Business Volume from your downline which is half of their retail product sales… Personally, I’m not sure why they don’t just say its 3.5% lol… So basically you earn 3.5% of the product sale from your downlines for 3 levels deep.

Is MLM same as illegal pyramid scheme?

This might be a common concern when people hear this word, MLM.

Let me quickly explain that what makes a company an illegal pyramid scheme is if they do not have actual products that holds any monetary value. So this is why AdvoCare constantly harps on the idea that its focus is first & foremost on the products.

When you have a company that’s generating revenue by selling people of the business opportunity only with no actual real product sales, by using hype & over blown claims then it could be a scam you’d want to stay away from.

Based on my first hand experience & research into AdvoCare, it is MLM company but it is not an illegal pyramid scheme because at the end of the day, they are actually generating revenue from their product sales. You can look at the independent distributors as the distribution channels that exist in any company such as Nike that have their manufacturing plant, wholesale distributors, retail store outlets & customers.

In AdvoCare the distribution channel looks like this:

AdvoCare Warehouse Plant (Products leave at 40% off retail)

AdvoCare Advisors (Receive Products at 40% off retail)

AdvoCare Distributors (Receive Products at 20%-35% off retail)

AdvoCare Customers (Purchase products at full retail price)

AdvoCare Business Opportunity

You will be required to sell either the health supplements or sell people on the vision of what AdvoCare business opportunity can do for them.

Simply put, sell people on their health or wealth.

And wealth can come in form of financial wealth or time freedom. I am sure if you’ve been pitched AdvoCare already by someone that was halfway competent, they would have brought these things up in awareness as time & money are points of pain for most Americans.

In order to truly become successful in AdvoCare as a business you have to build a organization of other distributors that’s part of your team, this means you have to recruit people that are also hungry for the business opportunity as yourself because that drive is what it will take to not just get few product sale here and there but to actually create a organization that is prospecting new people on a weekly basis.

If you can think of few people in your mind that might be interested in the products or the business opportunity and think just talking to those people will be enough to get your $1,000 to $2,000 monthly check in the mail, think again.

At the end of the day AdvoCare is a supplement sales company and average purchase volume for one person that’s on the products is $130 a month. Logically speaking, at the end of the day, most people won’t spend too much more than that on supplements every month.

At 20% commission that $26 per month for every long term client that you get on the products.

If you study AdvoCare’s compensation plan which is:

1. 20-40% commission of product sales

2. Overrides: 3.5% on product sales of your team

3. Leadership Bonus (More Override you earn, you get additional bonuses)

You will begin to understand that in order to really build sustainable monthly income that can replace your current employment, you have to build a team of AdvoCare that shares the same passion, dream & vision as you of treating AdvoCare as a business opportunity.

It is once you build a solid team, you may begin to get some time freedom but until then you have to be committed and prepared to sacrifice more of your free time to devote to the business.

As most people will start AdvoCare on a part time basis because they are still working at their 9 to 5, this means until you can make this new vehicle (AdvoCare) work for you, you have to be prepared to put in all your free time at night and on the weekends into this business to get it off the ground.

If you are a teacher or a coach for high school athletics, then you can possibly work on your AdvoCare business at the same time you are at work, just by letting people know what you are up to as you go about your day as these jobs you come in contact with many different people at the work place.

Some challenges when starting out with AdvoCare Business

  1. Dabbling with the opportunity: because the entry barrier is so low at $79 you can start selling AdvoCare products at 20% commission, people tend to not treat the business opportunity seriously. #1 cause of failure imo is under estimating what it takes to get there, which sets up wrong amount of action, that sets up for failure & disappointment & loss of morale / interest
  2. Not asking people for referrals: At a certain level your success with AdvoCare is a numbers game, the more people you get to talk to about the business opportunity the better off you will be. Most people start off with warm contact list but its only a matter of time before you exhaust that list, so it is critical to continue to build your warm contact list by asking for referrals “Do you know anyone else that might be interested?”
  3. Failure to follow up: most sales people follow up 1-2 times, and then give up. However most sales occur at 5-10th contact
  4. Managing expectation with reality

Don’t fall for the AdvoCare’s success stories of people earning great income in 60 days on part time basis, and think this business opportunity with AdvoCare will be easy, the success stories you see are the special few that hustled very hard to get those results. Many of them I have seen were teacher or coaches that naturally came in contact with many different people throughout the day and you better believe they were sharing the AdvoCare opportunity to every single one of them, regardless of whether people thought negatively of them or not.

Also some of the big results you see in AdvoCare are those that have earned the rookie bonus which is extra compensation that goes out to top 7 distributors every pay period for their first year.

Statistically speaking, most people will not be earning rookie bonuses.

First place guy or gal earns $6,000 every 2 weeks, now if you completely kill it with AdvoCare and continue to win this award every 2 weeks, you can imagine what kind of big numbers will come with that.

If you join AdvoCare based on hype and emotion, you ware in for a sobering awakening experience as you discover that AdvoCare is not a quick fix or get rich quick system. It is simply a vehicle you can utilize to become financially independent but it is not a system designed to do it for you. You are simply joining a company with opportunity to sell their products & business opportunity to other people.

Although there is compensation plan in place so that you can reap rewards from other people’s efforts, it is not a pass that rewards anyone with less than spectacular efforts. Even the overrides are mere 3.5% and leadership bonuses will not begin to add up until you build a considerably large team of at least 20 advisors or so in your team.

In order to get 20 advisors, you most likely will have to pitch to at least 200 people with interest.  (Closing at 10%)

In reality you most likely will have to approach much greater numbers than 200 people to get your 20 advisors.

and if each advisor on your team could do $500 in retail volume every 2 weeks, that’s $10,000 in your PGV.

If you push a bit more and hit $15,000 PGV then you have a shot at hitting Gold 3 Star

Which is around $2,000 in monthly residual income.

Is it important to pick the right sponsor?

Obviously your sponsor is there to motivate and educate you with your journey in AdvoCare, but one thing that a good sponsor can do for you that’s not always talked about is, they can join a 3 way call for you and help close your potential prospect.

You see in the beginning you are not going to have the success to promote the business opportunity as the best thing ever, because you simply lack the track record.

What you could do instead is to simply tell people about the opportunity then if they are interested invite them to a 3 way call with your sponsor and have the sponsor with their experience in AdvoCare, instill confidence in the prospect to join.

This is why I do believe picking a good sponsor is pretty important in AdvoCare. The right sponsor would already have the success to back up his or her talk and these things come across in the person’s tone of voice, and depending on how close that sponsor is to you, geographically. They can even participate in your mixers where the sponsor will help you prospect because they too want you to build a big team for their leadership bonuses.

Do I have to become a salesperson?

There is a big stigma towards sales and most people do not want to become one, understandably so because the salesperson you’re thinking of is the high pressure salesy person with a fake smile that goes around disrupting everyone’s day that you can’t stand.

Make no mistake about it, AdvoCare is a people’s business which means you are required to go out there and talk to new people.

But you do not do this in a poor manner that continually gets rejected and puts people in a bad mood. If this is happening to you, perhaps there is an issue with your approach not necessarily what you are selling.

You see, nothing in the world happens without sales.

As an entrepreneur you have to become great in sales.


Becoming successful in AdvoCare is no different, you have to become an effective communicator.

Someone that is able to sell people on the vision of AdvoCare.

Someone that goes around uplifting people’s states instead of knocking them down.

Someone that stays positive despite doubters & sea of negativity in the media & the world.

Someone that speaks of hope, inspiration, health, wellness & financial freedom where people can’t help but to pay attention and lend a ear to.

A true sales person is not the fast pacing, high pressure, disruptive person but it is the collective, logical & honest individual that takes time to listen to people’s needs & wants and then offers solution if its right for that individual and helps that individual make the right decision because they know that their product or service can absolutely help them.

Even if AdvoCare is the greatest product for that individual and that person really needs AdvoCare in their life, we all have limiting beliefs around buying that stops us from making the right decision, this could be due to many past experiences which we have been duped or let down by our purchases.

A great salesperson understand this about all buyers, and knows how to persuade in such a way that the buyer is able to overcome his or her own limiting beliefs about buying so that they can make an empowered decision. The right decision which is to buy your offer. True sales is the most noble profession where you are helping people all day long over come their limiting beliefs that stops them from taking action and keeps them in the same spot in life.

In order to have success in AdvoCare, you must eventually build that confidence in the company as the best opportunity there is out there. If you do not have this level of belief in AdvoCare, your pitch will suffer and you will only get mediocre results despite massive action.

First step is to drop your limiting beliefs around sales, and begin looking at it as a noble profession.

If you fail to sell that person that really needed the business opportunity, not only do you lose out on your commission but they also lose on their hopes & dreams. When you fully believe AdvoCare is the best thing since slice bread, then it is in the best interest of all those that you cross paths with to share the opportunity and not only share but to paint the picture, the vision and persuade people to make an empowered decision because that is truly how you begin helping those around you.

When you struggle with sales, no body wins.

When you stay in your small bubble of comfort, and do not introduce your opportunity & vision with others, you are leaving the world in a more impoverished state.

If you want to make a world a better place.

Get good at sales.


AdvoCare business opportunity does it work?

Yes it will work if you are willing to go outside your comfort zone and work hard at it.

Anything of true value that is worth talking about, requires hard work, dedication, & persistence to build.

If you are the type of person that is feeling bit queasy at the thought of talking to new people so that you can build your business, that is okay. However is your purpose big enough to make you want to do it even though you will face difficulties? Is the pain of your current life circumstances so great that facing the pain of your discomfort is better than staying where you are currently at?

Guys, AdvoCare is a MLM business meaning the success of this business relies completely on your ability to go out there and talk to new people about it (prospecting).

When you prospect enough people, there comes a point where success becomes inevitable.

But for most people are not willing to face the discomforts to get there, so they’d rather stay comfortable where they are at, not realizing that perhaps when you add up the total sum of discomfort of their current situation it is far more painful than going all in with AdvoCare.


AdvoCare is definitely not a fast tracked system to the riches, but it is a company that has products that is high quality and produces results as seen in countless testimonials especially the 24 Day Challenge. It is taken by professional athletes and it is among the few supplements out there that gets tested for quality by third party labs.  And the company is now worth over a billion and has been around since 1993 to let you know that it is legitimate and has quality products to back themselves up. It has stood the test of time and when you look at the trend of ever increasing revenues, you can bet that it is here to stay for many many years.

It has gained the support from widely recognized athletes like Drew Brees and Carly Lloyd.

There is still lots of potential for AdvoCare to grow bigger, in 2012 poll showed that less 5% of Americans have ever heard of AdvoCare.

This company has the compensation plan that rewards leaders, someone that will lead the company to new levels by creating a big organization of distributors below them. They need ordinary people to step up and treat this business like the top CEO of the world and get paid like the top CEO’s.

In AdvoCare there is increasing number of new diamond distributors which shows that the opportunity is not getting over saturated but it is there for the taking for someone that is hungry enough.

All of this is possible when you believe that AdvoCare is the best option to financial freedom for people.

I had learned a great deal about starting a business from my trials & tribulations in AdvoCare

One of the issue I ran into was prospecting the right crowd and having enough people in my pipeline to pitch to.

I wasn’t a teacher or a coach, I worked at a small office with 7 other colleagues so my exposure to new people was very limited everyday.

I eventually ran into the dreaded issue of running out of my warm contact list.

I was working full time at the time so I didn’t have time to go out everyday to try and find new groups to pitch AdvoCare to.

I joined gym, yoga classes, soccer leagues, any place where I could find people interested in health & athletics.

Eventually my search led me to discovery of how to generate leads online, and came across some mentors that were teaching people how to generate leads for local businesses.

Click here to find out how I was finally able to retire from my 9 to 5, & it wasn’t with AdvoCare even though I’m grateful for my experience & everything I learned from it. This new business of mine is online, & it doesn’t require me doing mixers, meetings, 3 way calls or pitching to friends & family.

Its just me doing business with local business owners.