Truth on AdvoCare Business Volume, Overrides, Leadership Bonus

What is definition of Business Volume for AdvoCare? (Otherwise known as BV)

The AdvoCare Business Volume is taking the sum of products sold or consumed, adding up the retail price of all those products and then taking half of that.

It becomes important when the people you recruit become advisors because you will stop earning commission on their product purchases at that point, as they moved up to 40% discount themselves.

How is Override calculated and how do you begin earning more leadership bonus?

How do you actually begin to grow your business volume like a rising star?

Is there such thing as hands free residual income when you get enough people on products?

Get ready for unfiltered, saucy truth about what actually generates revenue for AdvoCare Business.

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How to reach 3 Star Gold in AdvoCare, Success Training

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AdvoCare 3 Star Gold is the leadership level where you earn $2,000 to $3,000 monthly income, its one of the first major breakthrough for AdvoCare Advisors where you are earning at least $100 in overrides from 3 different legs, or 3 different groups you have built for your organization. To be able to reach this level in your organization, shows that you are a person of inspiration & influence.

It takes dedication & effort to battle through the doubters inside your head and outside to get to this breakthrough so you can say “I told you so”. Only the select few will make it. If you are serious about owning a business for yourself, then you have to take full responsibility for your success or lack of. You are the only person that will make or break it. When you realize you are the only variable in the equation, you will understand that investing in yourself with additional training becomes even more critical.

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