AdvoCare vs It Works Global, Compensation Plan & Product Review

AdvoCare vs It Works Global, which company has a better compensation plan? which is the better make money from home opportunity for someone brand new in direct selling business?

I am not a distributor for either of those companies so I will give you an unbiased AdvoCare / It Works Reviews on their product, comp plan & business opportunity.

I do have extensive background in network marketing and Multi-level marketing (MLMs) before I got into local marketing quadrupling my income and retiring from my 9 to 5 dead beat job at age 26.

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Le-Vel Thrive Review, AdvoCare vs. Thrive, Best Compensation Plan?

AdvoCare vs Thrive by Le-Vel

Thrive is the new kid on the block that began in 2013 by Paul Gravette, Jason Camper & later on joined by Justin Rouleau.

These guys have background in direct sales companies, and Le-Vel Thrive is a MLM which means the products are distributed by the sponsors which are customers that chose to share the Thrive experience with others for an opportunity to make some money on the side, and to hopefully earn a sustainable income to replace your 9 to 5 job.

In my humble opinion, local lead generation business is so much easier to succeed than MLM opportunities like Thrive or AdvoCare, but if you want to go the health & wellness product distributor route, then read a long.

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AdvoCare vs Plexus: Unbiased Reviews on Product & Business Opportunity

What’s the difference between Plexus vs AdvoCare International?

Here’s an unbiased review from someone with great background but not a distributor for either of these companies.

Plexus worldwide began in 2011 while AdvoCare was founded in 1994, plexus seems to be on the rapid rise but so is AdvoCare in recent years with the company reaching billion dollar status, they are putting some focus into more marketing of their brand name by using celebrity endorsers like Drew Brees the New Orleans Saints quarterback and Crossfit undisputed champion Rich Froning. AdvoCare has their goals set on making their brand a household name.

But can you grow faster with the newer Plexus slim?

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AdvoCare vs Herbalife vs Isagenix: Unbiased Review

First let me say I am not a AdvoCare, Isagenix or Herbalife distributor, just someone with extensive background & research on these companies. Which is better?

AdvoCare and Herbalife share a background with each other, the founder of AdvoCare Charles Ragus was a top distributor in Herbalife in 1989 before he decided to leave the company and start his own direct selling nutrition company, AdvoCare International.

These companies definitely share some similarities, however some distict differences as well, I’d like to also offer comprehensive Isagenix reviews, so you can see the pros and cons of each company.

If you are looking to join the business opportunity that will take serious commitment from you, you better be joining the best company with the best payment plan you can find, am I right?

First lets look at the difference in the actual products offered and then dive into the difference in AdvoCare Herbalife Isagenix compensation plans.

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AdvoCare International: I bid thee Farewell

Thank you AdvoCare International L.P. for all the wonderful memories & lessons, but time is finally here to cancel my distributor / advisor license and truly begin my own business.

In this raw blog rant I’d like to go over:

  • The important lessons I learned. Honest AdvoCare International Review
  • Why AdvoCare business opportunity is difficult for people like me
  • What is the reasons for quitting
  • What I am doing now instead

I’m bit of an introvert and I don’t have large social circle like some uber successful distributors that started off with lots of connections due to their past profession. (teacher, personal trainer, athletics coach, etc)

Plus my immediate family & I moved from Japan, so all my extended family of uncles, cousins, grandparents are out of the question.

So to put it simply, relying on warm contact list was not an option.

I was working full time 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, so I had to get up at 7:30 AM and got home about 6:20 PM everyday.

Eating dinner, etc that only left me couple hours each day to prospect for AdvoCare international lp business.

My friends weren’t interested in health or wellness multi-level marketing, so what choice did I have to try & recruit?

AdvoCare success school teaches you that this is a “People you know business”

The coaches told us that its not about setting up tables & booths and trying to pitch AdvoCare to cold prospects, but its all about your warm contact list and going through them to reach more referrals…

Well what the hell do you do when you have no warm contact list?

So I started looking online and honestly that’s when I found a new vehicle for me that started my evolution out of the entire multi-level marketing & network marketing scene and into the new domain of well… let this video do a bit of explaining for you…

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Here is my journey of departure from AdvoCare, & becoming the independent business owner I am today earning 6 figures online.
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Drew Brees AdvoCare Spokesperson Legitimacy? Paid or Not?

National spokesperson of AdvoCare Drew Brees is he really an legitimate non paid endorser like Advocare & Mr. Brees likes to claim?

Drew Brees was ranked by Forbes as the #5 high paid athlete in the world.

His total earnings total to $51 million and out of which $40 million is from salary as professional quarterback and $11 million of that was from endorsement deals including deals with Nike, Proctor & Gamble, Verizon Wireless, Pepsi and Wrangler.

His Brees Dream Foundation contributed $17 million to charitable causes & academic institutions, through out New Orleans, West Lafayette/Purdue & San Diego communities.

So is he truly an unpaid endorser of AdvoCare because he is in love with the products?

Or is there more going on beyond the veil when it comes to these super star athletes that are so very supportive of AdvoCare?

Let me just start off by saying that I do not have any ill feelings or negative bias towards AdvoCare

My feeling with this company is… well…


Yes I tried their business opportunity and I struggled a lot, but those struggles taught me the lesson to become an entrepreneur today so can I really hate on AdvoCare?


I think people in the company is great and if you are looking to become your own boss, then they will teach you the right attitude & mindset for that, it’s just in my given circumstance, selling health products & multi-level marketing business opportunity to people was very challenging… to say the least.

That big resistance actually led me to do more research to discover a new business model that allowed me to finally quit my 9 to 5, opened whole new doors for me so I am forever grateful to all my experiences.

I am now making over 6 figures with local lead generation business and now a proud partner showing other people struggling with AdvoCare that there is another way, check out this video to see one of the recent testimonials of one of the students of this program:

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What is AdvoCare? Down & Dirty Facts

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What the hell is AdvoCare?

AdvoCare is a multi-level marketing company that sells energy, health & sports performance products.

In this raw Advocare review, I’m going over the whole company, its products & business opportunity. How you can capitalize by becoming a true digital gangsta.

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AdvoCare vs Beachbody: Unbiased Review

Beachbody vs AdvoCare?

Unbiased review from non distributor nor coach.

Which compensation plan is better? How to pick the right company.

Spark by AdvoCare vs. Shakeology?

Beachbody 21 day body fix / ultimate reset vs. AdvoCare 24 Day challenge?

I go over both companies methodology in weight loss & health, their business model (comp plan), what types of products each offer, and more because if you are thinking of getting into either of these companies to earn residual income, you better love it to pieces. There’s definitely similarities but also subtle differences, which can ultimately help you decide to go with one or the other.

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