Jeremiah Captain: AdvoCare Marketing Strategies

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Jeremiah Captain was a rising star at AdvoCare success school in 2014, he is a big inspiration to many AdvoCare distributors because his message is clear and simple.

$79 and Effort was all he had.

Jeremiah Captain is an emerald nine star distributor and he shows us that it is possible to become successful in AdvoCare without online marketing skills

He has a video on his youtube channel with his Rising Star video that has 17,000 hits on it but he didn’t even put a link up to sign up for his team, nor did he put anymore video on his Youtube video about AdvoCare.

There’s mostly old videos of football training on his channel and no link to join under his AdvoCare team exists.

The only way to find it is to actually Google his name and his AdvoCare store page will come up with his story and a link to sign up.

In his rising star video he states

I’m just a man that has more passion than I am polished.

He might be the proof that you can succeed in AdvoCare without skills on the internet…

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