AdvoCare: How to Reach Silver Leadership & Join the Leads Program

advocaregraphReaching AdvoCare’s first leadership level, Silver is a great goal to have for most people. The AdvoCare income chart above shows the average earning per each leadership level and at silver pin on average people are earning $12,803 a year, that’s roughly $1K a month check from AdvoCare, which is pretty good supplemental income. The Silver Leadership Bonus is 3% of BV or Business Volume of your adivsor under you which is half of their PGV (personal group volume).

Silver Pin is crucial in AdvoCare because it is a big confidence booster and gets that person out of the majority that fail & discontinue. When you get the silver pin you will have much better grasp of what it takes to move further up the ladder and the $1K supplemental income will inspire & help motivate you to keep going.

In order to succeed let’s identify the proper road map to get to the silver level.

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