Brett & Dawn Funk AdvoCare Diamond Distributor Keys to Success

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Dawn & Brett Funk of team work with champions joined in 2010 now Diamond distributors of Advocare, are they the real deal?

Dawn was a school teacher and Brett had a good stable job, but with 4 kids they were struggling financially.

They were shown the AdvoCare opportunity but first declined, but through series of some unfortunate events they were forced to take a second look. They were nervous about joining direct sales company but they had faith in their friend that was introducing the opportunity so they went all in with it.

15 months later, they both became stay at home dad & mom, averaging $16K to $20K a month.

How did they reach this level of success so rapidly while others seem to be struggling, are they doing something different than the rest?

One of my passion is to study successful people, Dawn & Brett are diamond distributors so its interesting to learn about the strategies they incorporated to their daily lives that made this possible.

Your mission or purpose is the motivator & very important in any business, for them it was to relieve themselves from the financial stress so that they can spend more quality time with their kids and each other.

But without a solid, sound strategy you are likely to not get anywhere fast, the lack of results will wear away at your motivation and then doubt kicks in which will cause a down ward spiral.

Top 3 Strategies for AdvoCare Distributor

AdvoCare is a direct sales business of health & wellness supplements, the #1 business killer for any time of business especially MLM or direct sales is the lack or under estimation of prospecting and consistent art of prospecting.

Dawn Funk’s #1 tip to all new distributor & advisors is…

Strategy 1. Pick a number of people to talk to everyday about AdvoCare, and don’t allow yourself to go to bed until you hit that quota.

Dawn Funk started off her AdvoCare career and decided she was going to talk to 5 people everyday about AdvoCare, as a teacher and parent of 4, she was coming in contact with a lot of people so she just began prospecting any chance she got. This takes guts and I have great respect for this lady, when you begin doing what most people will not do, you will start getting awarded. She tells new Advisors to go for 3 new people to talk to everyday, and being consistent with this one strategy could ensure success not just in AdvoCare but in any business.

The next part of this equation of successful prospecting is follow up.

Dawn says most people need about 5 different exposure with AdvoCare before they are ready to go through with it.

Many business books out there talk about the vital importance of follow up, in fact most sales team out there fail because they neglect follow up. Most people do 1-2 follow ups and give up. However they have done studies where the closing ratio goes up exponentially after 5-10.

It took 12 different exposure with AdvoCare for even Dawn Funk to join AdvoCare.

That was her sponsor Jason Miller following up with her once a month for a WHOLE year before she joined AdvoCare.

Some people will show interest but then ignore you afterwards, which happens and its part of the business, this is not due to AdvoCare but most people have various beliefs against buying anything at first few looks.

Dawn says the “Fortune is in the follow up” and I couldn’t agree more.

In my opinion the consistent effort to prospect and follow up is the number 1 skill for sales in any business. And it is acquisition of sales (driving in revenue) that reign senior / supreme to all other things in business. In my local lead generation business I have to consistently talk to new business owners either by phone, email or in person so I can continually increase my monthly income.

#1 problem facing all new business is obscurity.

People don’t know you.

How will they ever buy from you if they don’t know you.

If your product or service is the best thing since slice bread, then you are actually doing a disservice to others by not sharing.

Strategy 2. All nibbles funneled to sponsor

When you first join AdvoCare you do not have the success yet to speak with authority & confidence, so this is why they do what’s called a 3 way call. Your only job as a new distributor is to connect new prospects with your upline or sponsor.

“I want to introduce you to my friend Dawn that showed me AdvoCare and she’s helped mentor me as well as a lot of other people, what time next week works best for you? and I’ll get her on the phone”

This strategies does few things

First thing to remember is all things people buy when they know they are talking to an expert or authority, as a beginner you will not have the rock solid confidence yet about AdvoCare so by having your sponsor help close the deal, it takes that big burden off your shoulders and you can essentially piggy back off of other people’s success.

Second, it establishes third party credibility, whether your prospects are aware of this or not, when we hear the product or service from other people or other sources, it begins to breakdown our guard and limiting beliefs about buying that thing. “If I hear the same great things from two different people or more, well it must be true..”

If someone is not interested in talking to your sponsor or the business opportunity, Dawn’s tip is to get them on the products anyway and speak with some confidence how much you are enjoying the products and get them to become Distributor for the reason of getting the products at discount, tell them that they are not going to be selling AdvoCare and this gets their guard down.

And when they do sign up, they are entering your funnel, which can convert to become your advisor down the road when they enjoy the effects of products and your sponsor begins talking to them.

Many business incorporate this very same exact strategy, by offering people free trials and samples or small entry membership that is easy for people to try out, which gets people into your funnel that has higher chances of converting than not offering any trials at all.

3. Plug in and Immerse Yourself with Successful People of AdvoCare

Dawn’s reasoning behind the importance of this tip is that by surrounding yourself with people having success with AdvoCare, it will boost your confidence in the system, give you new inspiration & energy and most importantly give you more stories of other people having success with AdvoCare which you can then share with other people, because not everyone out there can relate with your personal story.

People buy because of a story, not fact.

The most important immersion experience is the success school which has been turning point in many advisors’ careers in AdvoCare.

Dawn Funk Mindset Takeaways

What really impresses me about Dawn Funk is that each time she speaks about AdvoCare, if I replace the word AdvoCare with business, she sounds just like some of the top business mentors out there today. She speaks with conviction, authority and drops insights on how to be a successful entrepreneur.

There is a reason that Dawn is so successful with AdvoCare, reaching Diamond Leadership Level.

She has that mindset of a champion, and its the right strategy coupled with the right mindset & attitude that gets the win.

So some great mindset strategies to takeaway from Dawn Funk is that she talks about the importance of belief in the system.

You have to become 100% certain about the AdvoCare business opportunity or any other venture you may pursue.

Often times we come to this attitude of “I’m going to make it or die tryin” type of attitude when the pain of our current life situation becomes so great that we rather face rejections and do whatever it takes to make it happen than stay where you are and worry about what other people will think.

Dawn talks about having this fierceness about you when you want to make it in AdvoCare.

That fierceness that lets people know you are for real, and determined to do whatever it takes to prospect your quota everyday and follow up with people.

Becoming that 2% of people in AdvoCare that actually follows up with people.

And this could explain why most people fail not just in AdvoCare but in starting a business because most people are not willing to do what it takes.

If you are willing to do what other people aren’t willing to do today, to get the things you want tomorrow than you will be successful.

In this sense I really do appreciate the culture of AdvoCare because it teach you how to become a great entrepreneur.

There is no doubt that with these strategies and the right mindset, you would become successful.

I appreciate that Dawn kept it simple because guys the power is in the simplicity.

Gary Keller in the book the One Thing, talks about the power of doing few not many.

What is that one thing you can do such that by doing it all other things becoming easier or unnecessary?

We can really distill the secret to getting successful in AdvoCare to two simple steps.

  1. Talk to 3-5 new people everyday about AdvoCare
  2. Follow up with your prospects

My Success Story

I am grateful to this day with my exposure to AdvoCare because it was the spark that light up my passion & vision to run my own business.

Like all of you I was dead set on making AdvoCare work but like most people I struggled with prospecting, it just seemed like I was not coming into contact with enough people through out the day to even share the opportunity or products, especially because I was working full time in an office with only 7 other colleagues.

I was simply not talking to enough people to keep my business going, and my belief begin to dwindle, however because I was still so determined on my vision of quitting my 9 to 5, I started doing a ton of research on the internet for How to get leads for AdvoCare online

I came across various strategies such as blogging, social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc) and I found few advisors that were having massive success with it like Michelle Bishop  (AdvoCare’s golden child, the youngest Diamond Distributor) with her large instagram followers of almost 300K people.

I was never a person that did much activity on social media however I did have some experience with blogging so I thought that would be my plan, but my only fear with that approach was that there’s only so many spots on the front page of Google and in a big MLM like AdvoCare I figured the competition would be pretty stiff.

I had to hone my skills to on how to rank websites, and in my pursuit to find the right internet marketing skills I found mentors that were teaching people how to generate leads for local businesses.

What caught my attention was the fact that ranking locally is much much easier than trying to rank on national / global level which is what’s required if you were to try to rank for “how to start AdvoCare business”

And then I started listening to some of their advice and case studies and slowly I found out that it was whole different thing they were teaching all together, instead of the business relying on getting others to join under you like a MLM, it was all about learning the skills to rank a simple website for local businesses and running a service based business where you work one on one and build a relationship with the biz owner.

It was very intriguing but I thought I could also use it to rank sites locally for AdvoCare and get AdvoCare leads.

I saw this as simply an investment in myself to learn very valuable online skills that could supplement my primary goal which was to run a home based business, little did I know it would soon replace my need to run my AdvoCare business and allowed me after years of trying to finally quit my 9 to 5 job in little over half a year, and built a 6 figure internet based business making $10K a month and still growing without limits from my $2.2K a month income from previous job.


In hindsight I saw my venture with AdvoCare as a big catalyst for me, and perhaps if I knew about the simple & powerful strategies of people like Dawn & Brett Funk from the beginning I would be running a big organization below me at the moment, but I am enjoying ranking websites and generating leads while I sleep so much that it has become a new addiction that other less productive addictions.

I still take note of people in AdvoCare because I feel I can gain a lot from listening to their strategies & messages. There’s no doubt in my mind that the unassuming stay at home moms like Dawn Funk is some of the best entrepreneurs out there that is teaching sales and business at the highest level.

I believe 100% in mentor ship and investing in yourself, because they were the stepping stones that took me to the new levels in life on all levels.

If you are interested in learning the skills that can pay you a lifetime, then go here to check out my mentor Dave, as he shares with you some case studies. (This guy makes over 7 figures online aka millionaire by ranking things in Google and that’s the skill that he taught me to rank websites like this and more, in local arena where there’s hundreds of different businesses in each city and so many different cities to choose from, when you learn & master this skill the possibilities are endless)