AdvoCare Distributor Kit: Inside Look at Content & Company Principles

Pondering on becoming AdvoCare distributor or advisor?

To sell their spark or muscle supplements you must first purchase the 2015 AdvoCare distributor kit for price of $79.

Today we will be reviewing the contents inside, to see exactly what value you are getting for seventy nine bones. I’ll give my honest, unbiased review of what I found in the kit, was it worth the cost? Also I took notes on some good insights I found within the DVD that shows us what kind of company AdvoCare is & some gold nuggets from the founder, Charlie Ragus, on how to be successful in business & in life.

Inside AdvoCare Distributor Kit 2015

AdvoCare is that vehicle for hope for so many people, it comes in a beautiful blue box and opening it at first can feel like Christmas morning. Here is what I found inside…

  • Fancy blue box, packaging majors take notes
  • 2015 Product Catalog
  • 24 Day Challenge Booklet
  • Little Note on How to start using your online site (You get your own individual store at where you can begin selling for commission and sign up distributors & advisors below you, with your unique ID#)
  • AdvoCare Impact Magazine (This becomes a great selling tool as you can use it to show people different success stories & famous athlete endorsers)
  • Welcome to AdvoCare “We Build Champions” Booklet: Color pictures & Text explaining the History about the company, its mission / where its headed, how to earn money with AdvoCare, breakdown of 5 ways to get paid in AdvoCare
  • Lastly a 2015 AdvoCare success DVD (which goes over following topics)
    • The AdvoCare Opportunity
    • Why AdvoCare?
    • Richard Wright & wife Sherry
    • Rising Stars Success Stories
    • Distributor Success Stories
    • The Products Work
    • 24-Day Challenge & CU24 Workout Series
    • Science Behind the Products
    • Drew Brees, AdvoCare National Spokesperson
    • AdvoCare Endorsers
    • Amazing Incentive Trips
    • DebtBuster System
    • The AdvoCare Legacy
    • AdvoCare Guiding Principles
  • 1 Box of Slam (contains 12 serving bottles) $35.95 Retail Value
  • 1 Box of Spark (14 pouches) $22.95 Retail Value
  • Usually arrives in 3 to 5 business days
  • 20% discount on all products and this discount will grow depending on volume purchased
  • $50 annual fee to remain distributor

AdvoCare Distributor Kit Cost

Considering you are getting at least $58.90 worth of products for 1 box of spark & slam, plus 20% discount or more on future purchases, with no minimum monthly purchase requirement just the $50 annual fee, in this sense purchasing the distributor kit for $79 is very economical whether you choose to business or not. In fact lots of people fork up the annual distributor cost so that they can just keep the 20% discount, I think its a very good game plan if you are a fan of the products and continue to use it.

Everyone loves that little spark of energy to combat the afternoon, “I just had too much to eat” drowsiness

AdvoCare’s energy supplements like spark & slam are their biggest market. This gives light to the main issue we all fight daily, & that’s an energy crisis. I was never a coffee drinker and didn’t like the high sugar content of Monster or Redbull, so Spark is that good alternative not just for me but for lots of people.

Here are some pictures:





Other perks of becoming a distributor? The AdvoCare Community!

You will join a group of like minded people that are passionate about fitness. They can show you what supplements to take or share some insights on different diet & exercise tips. That is one thing people consistently rave about the AdvoCare company, the people in it and the relationships you get to build.

Sometimes you need people on the other side to energize, inspire & push you along. People that have what you want. Just attend AdvoCare success school and you will see many of these people that’s made it. They are fit, big smiles, spark in their eye & passion in their voice.

Sometimes the sponsor will even walk you through the 24 Day Challenge, they may do weekly group conference calls or video chat to keep you fired up and on track.

This support system may just be that catalyst you needed to complete a challenge and form new habits that can change your life.

I am a big believer in mentors and associating yourself with people that you want to become. Even if its virtually through Facebook and weekly conference calls, my mentors have changed me to become the person that is capable of running $10K monthly business online.

That would’ve felt like a pipe dream a year ago for me, making $2,200 a month from my full time career in automotive industry.

But now I am living it.

What is remarkable with success with your own business is not only the money & freedom but the personal growth you see in yourself as a result of undertaking such a journey.

This is real personal development.

Not ideas & concepts that you got from books & seminars that do nothing but float around in the head.

AdvoCare Solution to Your Success DVD

Some key take aways from the DVD that comes with the Distributor Kit

  • AdvoCare just built a new distribution center that’s 5 times the size of the past distribution center, 250,000 sq ft with about 300 employees that makes sure all products are shipped on time
  • 4 Characteristics of people that are All-in
    • Compelling Purpose: All-in commitment to a great cause
    • Clear Perspective: They don’t let fear of current circumstance cloud their vision of the future
    • Seek Wisdom Daily: They make sure their actions are in-line with their calling, their more interested in creating a legacy than earning a living
    • Courageous Perspective: They move ahead despite the odds
  • Plenty of testimonials of single fathers, stay at home moms, full time students, & 9 to 5 employees that all had success with AdvoCare, sharing their compelling life changing story of gaining financial freedom and time freedom, definitely draws you into the opportunity at hand…
  • Some clips of famous endorsers like Rich Froning the CrossFit Champion and other people you wouldn’t expect like Trevor Bayne (NASCAR racer), quarterbacks like Nick Foles, Alex Smith, Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees and singer / songwriter Michael W. Smith to name a few
  • AdvoCare Legacy video by Charlie Ragus, founder who passed in 2001, shares his compelling reason for starting the company which is to help people become more than they would normally be. His mission was to be a difference maker.
  • DebtBuster Program Overview: This is not the actual program which you can get for free, but just simply goes over what it does.. its a system where you can set up a payment plan that can tackle all your bills with extra income you earn at AdvoCare
  • 24-Day Challenge Overview
  • CU24 Level 1 & 2 Exercise Video
  • Scientific Research behind AdvoCare products, video by doctor that is known as the father of intraveneous feeding is on the DVD which was interesting because he had the first case of properly feeding nutrition to a person through the veins for 22 months and succeeding, showing that proper components of nutrition can be properly isolated and still have the same effect. And it is this science that backs up AdvoCare nutrition supplement like the MNS (metabolic nutrition system) as effective alternative to proper foods
  • 4 part video series by Drew Brees: showcasing his daily life with AdvoCare products in his locker room, what product regime he takes daily, why he trusts the company & more.
  • At the end there are few AdvoCare video clips in spanish as well

The solution to success DVD gives you a real good introduction to AdvoCare, it is for the distributor looking to begin the business but it is also to be used for mixers where you can show your potential prospects some key video clips that you like especially some of the compelling testimonials that you personally feel will resonate with the audience.

They seem to have picked various families & individuals with diverse backgrounds so that there’s one message that’ll resonate with all walks of life and background.

AdvoCare Guiding Principles

Perhaps the most interesting clip for me was one by Charlie Ragus the founder. I always love studying successful people and so Charlie said one day he made a list of 10 things that was important to him, that became AdvoCare’s guiding principles. Here is that list:

  1. Honor God through our faith, family & friends
  2. Respect & strengthen the family
  3. Believe in dignity & importance of the individual
  4. create a standard of excellence recognized as superior by the direct sales industry
  5. believe that honor, integrity and principles are the foundation of a great life & company
  6. commit to mutual loyalty and trust between AdvoCare and its Distributors
  7. establish and continually improve the vehicle of opportunity and the pursuit of financial freedom for all Distributors
  8. Commit to ongoing personal growth and development through professional training and educational programs
  9. Build self-esteem by promoting a sense of personal worth among all people
  10. Continually expand our market by proving the most effective and highest quality products and service available

It is amazing to me that Charlie passed in 2001, yet AdvoCare has continually shown explosive growth over the years. I believe it is a true testament to Charlie’s character & strong vision. Ron Reynolds the VIP distributor development explains that AdvoCare has continued to follow those principles to the best of their ability. “People change, circumstances change, but principles never change” and Ron states with conviction that AdvoCare is an advocate for caring for people.

AdvoCare’s guiding principle crosses over into personal development & empowerment, as well as success in business. Different principles may speak louder to some than others, as someone that also values freedom more than anything else and personal empowerment, AdvoCare definitely speaks my kind of language and its cool to hear those principles from the man him self, the OG, Charlie Ragus.

All-in with AdvoCare?

So what’s this All-in thing about?

There’s two stages of relationship you can have as independent distributor in AdvoCare.

First is just being the regular distributor which is what you become when you buy the Distributor Kit for $79, you can now purchase all of the products at 20% discount and even sell the products for retail price and earn the difference, 20% commission.

But there is the second level called becoming a business Advisor in AdvoCare where you can now get the products at 40% discount and make 40% commission, plus you also gain the ability to earn money or Overrides from sales generated by people you recruit. Which encourages and inspires people to become leaders that recruit a great team of distributors because as you do, those Overrides which is 3.5% of sales begin to add up, as well as leadership bonuses as you begin building a larger team, which is additional bonus earnings on the performance of your team.

To go All-in with AdvoCare is to become that Advisor level right away, which is $2100 fee or purchasing $3000 worth of products.

It is this financial commitment that is asked of for all great potential distributors in AdvoCare.

Money is commitment at the end of the day.

And I have to agree with this concept.

I do feel that when financial commitment is higher, I take things more seriously & it actually increases success rates.

Because it forces serious attention as the stakes are higher, and it also fosters a more winning environment as that high entry keeps all the dabblers out and only the committed, driven individuals that serve as positive influence on each other & the team as a whole.

Are you going to take this business opportunity with both feet in the playing field? or only 1 foot over the line, dabbling with it on the sidelines?

Guys & gals, great things can happen when you align yourself completely to a singular goal or path and take persistent & consistent action towards that goal.

Take massive action, Not forever, but give yourself at least 90 days.

As human beings we have this awful fear of not wanting to look foolish.

Somehow we feel if we try something and it doesn’t work out, that’ll somehow make us losers & deep down we feel that we’ll let our family & friends down.

So we never fully give 100% effort to it as a protection mechanism.

We make excuses like, “oh I just don’t have the time” but if we get really honest with ourselves here, there is an emotional current of fear underneath.

This is why all the successful AdvoCare distributors talk about the importance of defining your why & purpose because if that reason is big enough, it unshackles and unbinds people of these fears and instills Do Whatever It Takes mentality.

AKA the #winning attitude.

They say, self-awareness is the key to change.

Become a scientist of yourself, & begin to observe your mind and how it works in self sabotaging ways.

It is so hard for us to actually see this because we are knees deep in it.

I learn just as much if not more from failures these days than success, there is a definite component of personal development to this whole journey of becoming an entrepreneur.

& a lot of that is tackling and addressing the parts of self that holds us back.


See it, take full ownership of it, then take different action than what you are used to.

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

Take lots of imperfect action, fail faster so you can learn faster.

Your true enemy is complacency & paralysis by analysis (another forms of fear)

Its okay to not know everything, sometimes the best thing to do is say screw it and jump into it.

You’ll be amazed at how you can simply figure things out as you go.

“Commit first. Figure it out later!” that’s what my mentors always tell me.

& its helped me land some big businesses

The truth is, all people care about is how much heart you have whether you win or lose / succeed or fail. If you give it your all, people will respect you.

Realizing your dreams of becoming a work from home entrepreneur will have its trials & tribulations.

These challenges will rear its head when it seems most inconvenient maybe its external circumstances or your self-sabotaging personality traits surfacing, but those that persevere with grit & hustle, will see tremendous growth in personal character and it is character that shapes destiny.

My suggestion is whether you pick AdvoCare or what I’m doing which is local lead generation laptop business

Pick a vehicle and give it all you got for at least 90 days.

It is a goal worth shooting for.

You cannot fathom the awesome life ahead when you begin earning $10K plus per month without a boss to answer to.

To your success.