How to become AdvoCare Distributor

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So you want to be an AdvoCare Distributor in 2016?

Here is how & some pros & cons of becoming an AdvoCare distributor from unbiased AdvoCare reviewer, yes I’m no longer part of this company because my mentor Dave showing me a new alternative business model, check out his video above.

AdvoCare is still a great company, great people with great energy, if you want to order products from them or begin selling, you need to become a distributor for easy 20% discount

First of all, if you are going to AdvoCare’s main site you notice that you can’t really buy any of their products anywhere…

This is because you can only purchase products through AdvoCare distributors, let me explain.

AdvoCare is a multi-level marketing company that relies on their distributors to market & sell their products for commission / check compensation plan for full idea of how that works & how you get paid.

The AdvoCare business opportunity is what drives their expansion and revenue.

They want to protect that opportunity so any & all products they sell means 1 distributor made some money.

In order to become an AdvoCare distributor, you must purchase the distributor kit

from a sponsor’s webpage…


Distributor Kit is $79 and it comes with some pamphlets, DVD & two products for you try out or sell.

You also get your own webpage where you can begin selling their products at 20% commission

Why would you want to become an AdvoCare Distributor?

The Pros of becoming an AdvoCare Distributor

  • 20% discount on all future purchases
  • support from your sponsor
  • ability to sell the products through your own page for 20% commission

What’s the catch?

  • $50 annual fee

Theirs not much cons of being an AdvoCare distributor, you do not have to sell any products if you don’t want to.

There is no minimum amount of products you have to consume or sell to keep the distributor status, just $50 annual fee.

If you plan on taking AdvoCare products long term, you simply want to purchase the distributor kit early so you can take advantage of the 20% discount on the products.

How to find the right team or sponsor for AdvoCare?

If someone introduced you to AdvoCare locally, someone you know closely, then there good advantages for going with them.

  • They will love you & it might be the right thing because they were the ones that introduced you to AdvoCare to begin with
  • Because they are local, you can get more personal attention & coaching form them
  • You can attend local events together like AdvoNation much easier
  • Other local events you can do together like mixer parties or going to Starbucks meeting together

I have seen successful AdvoCare distributors from all corners of the USA and pretty much most of them built their team locally.

Theirs definitely power in keeping close, face to face, personal contact with your team & potential prospects.

yes you can have sponsors in other states & such, and if they are real pro, they can still support you through phone or skype and if that team leader is super big already like a Ruby, Emerald or Diamond distributor they might be too busy to give every distributor personal attention.

Keep in mind, just because your sponsor is not a diamond distributor, isn’t going to limit your success in this company.

Chances are that sponsor has their sponsor that’s got bigger success & more experience that would be willing to help you as well.

Remember in AdvoCare you get paid for the business volume (sales) of up to 3 generations of distributors.

So your not going to just receive input or advices from 1 sponsor, you can get help from that person’s sponsor and their sponsor.

So my suggestion go Local.

If you don’t know anyone local, you can go to Advocare site and enter your zip code and find local distributors.

Or if you find a distributor that you really like, someone inspirational like Michelle Bishop or Dawn Funk

Then look them up on Google and find their AdvoCare page, purchase their distributor kit & boom you’ve joined their team.

Very simple to do


Then Fill out personal info, & your all set


Pretty Straight forward guys…

Will My Sponsor Benefit from My Sales when I become a Distributor?

This is how AdvoCare works

Theirs two levels of distributorship in this company

  1. Casual Distributor
  2. Business Advisor (gets product straight from warehouse at 40% discount)

When you purchase the distributor kit

You get 20% discount for up to purchases of $500 from your sponsor at retail (since your sponsor who is advisor gets 40% discount, they make 20% commission still off of your each order)

You get 25% discount for $500 to $1500 purchases at retail value (your sponsor gets 15% commission of that order)

You get 30% discount for $1500-$2999 purchases at retail value (your sponsor gets 10% commission)

You get 40% discount when you order $3000 in retail value in 1-3 pay periods (or sell that amount). (then your sponsor no longer makes product commission off of your orders)

When you attain any of these discount levels in AdvoCare, you retain them for life, as long as you pay the annual $50 distributor fee.

So yes, until you become an Advisor either by purchasing retail value of $3000 worth of products or selling that amount in 3 pay periods, you remain a distributor that gets 20%-30% discount on product purchases and your sponsor is making the difference from their 40% discount.


Hope you guys learned how to become a distributor now.

Am I an AdvoCare distributor & can you sign up under me?

No I am not a distributor

Why do I write this blog & make 3000 word article on AdvoCare?

Well my job is to show others there’s different ways to market for your AdvoCare business than hitting up friends & family.

I’m one of those people that do not have large social circles to pool from.

I have struggled for years to find a viable business for myself where I didn’t have to rely on people I knew.

In all my years looking, leveraging the internet was by far the best way to get your voice heard to strangers, generate traffic & convert that traffic into sales.

I now work with some high level online marketers and we do some pretty cool stuff with ranking local websites and generating leads for local businesses and getting paid well for it.

For example, I was able to quit my 9 to 5 job last year June 2015 and now I’m making around $15K a month.

I know how much stress & struggle some AdvoCare distributors are facing because it is just so hard for most of you that do not have huge social circle.

I believe I have the solution for you once & for all, and I’m certain that you will have much higher chances of success by learning ways to get prospects using the internet instead of knocking on doors.

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talk soon