Why you need Impact Magazine for AdvoCare Business & How to use it

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AdvoCare Impact Magazine is a critical component for AdvoCare business success.

This is a major key that all top distributors make sure that their team and new recruits are utilizing in order to grow their AdvoCare business and get more prospects interested.

The Impact Magazine is basically your business card on steroids. This is why I never really recommended AdvoCare business cards for prospecting. Who actually values a business card? It just becomes cup mats or get stuck in a stack with 30 other business cards.

Here’s top reason why you need to keep few batches of Impact Magazine around whenever you go to a meeting, hold a mixer, or go anywhere outside because you never know when you run into someone and have that AdvoCare talk…

#1 Highlights Current Incentive Trips

Who doesn’t get excited by the idea of going to amazing places like Costa Rica that’s all paid for and all inclusive?

Most people out there are over worked and under paid. They are all feeling like they could use a vacation right… about… now…

Hey when Impact Magazine blasts beautiful images of these incentive trips and forms a picture of being able to enjoy somewhere exotic and the comradery you get to experience with other distributors. Its a great intrigue.

We all have that part of us that want to belong in some type of group or be part of something.

Maybe that desire fuels some distributors more than the actual get-away location.

#2 Messages from the President & Founding Father

Nothing solidifies a company as legit as powerfully as being able to see & know what kind of a person the president is & who the founder was.

Impact Magazine shows Richard Wright AdvoCare’s President in great bright picture, with wonderful message by him.

Of course, there is a page dedicated to the founder Charlie Ragus, his vision for the company which was to “make a difference” and the famous 10 guiding principles he laid out for AdvoCare which the company works hard to follow to this day.

#3 AdvoCare backed up by Scientific Medical Advisory Board

The magazine shows that AdvoCare’s products are backed by very influential Medical Advisory Board which is composed of heavy hitters in the scientific community, including Stanley J Dudrick the father of intravenous feeding.

This is solid credibility builder for the premium grade quality of AdvoCare products.

Also there is a page of Commonly Asked Questions answered by the doctors.

#4 Personal Success Stories

This is where things get good.

The reader gets to connect with real life stories of people having success on the products as well as the business.

Stories of people losing 65 lbs, 150 lbs and their life being transformed after they met AdvoCare.

Moving stories of single moms being able to spend more time with her children after she became successful with AdvoCare business and was able to quit her day & night time jobs.

This is when the “business card” begins to come alive in people’s hands.

It actually becomes more powerful than sending someone to a website, because a magazine is a real object that they can touch and stay around that person. When give people website links, who knows where they will end up?

When they hear income success stories, things get real intriguing at that point. Real stories that describe in detail what sort of career these people had before AdvoCare, how much they were making and what their daily schedule looked like. Their pain points of having time debt with their children & spouse. And what their life looks like now because they were able to come home to their family with the AdvoCare business.

The key again with the Impact Magazine is that it not only shows 1 success story, but quite a bit of personal success stories from diverse backgrounds, there is something there for everyone and that gives the chance for more people to connect to it.

Being able to read these stories might be much more exciting than just browsing the internet and reading about AdvoCare Compensation Plan or you run across articles describing whether AdvoCare is a Scam / pyramid scheme or not.

How to Use the Impact Magazine?

It is recommended that any serious distributor looking to grow their AdvoCare business effectively, have at least 3 sets of the Impact Magazine on them at all times.

The way to use these correctly is making sure that you do not leave anyone that’s even semi-interested in AdvoCare empty handed!

Making sure that you always end the interaction by leaving an Impact Magazine in their hands.

All the top distributors tell numerous stories of their Impact Magazine sealing the deal for them.

Often times people are in a run and they only have few minutes with you, what you can do other than trying to get the sparked up, is to point to few stories inside the Impact Magazine, those stories you think will most closely relate to that person, and then just give them the Impact Magazine to take home.

What happens is they go home and begin reading the magazine in depth and they share the stories with their spouse, and for some people that is enough for them to make up their mind and give AdvoCare business a serious try by going in on the advisor order.

How much does Impact Magazine cost?

Its $15 for a box of 10 magazine, so each magazine cost ya $1.50.

Its a worthy cost, even if you get a wholesale or retail customer that buys $150 worth of products or the 24 day Challenge, when you get your 40% profit of $45 then you just turned $1.50 in $45

Where do you purchase Impact Magazine?

Go to your AdvoCare microsite, you know.. your own personal webpage you get when you purchase the distributor kit.

And go to “Sales Aids” and you can get the magazine shipped to you.


So AdvoCare Impact Magazine is basically your business card, in actuality you should never be handing out potential prospect a business card.

You should always hand them the Impact Magazine to take home with them instead, yeah its a $1.50 but all top distributors can vouch that it actually costs your business more to not hand them that Impact Magazine because of its higher rate of being able to turn someone luke warm into someone that’s hot and ready to purchase from you.

I believe what really sells people about the Impact Magazine is the personal weight loss & income success stories contained within it.

I know that’s what sold me about AdvoCare.

I saw all of these ordinary soccer moms and school teachers being able to quit their jobs and make 6 figures working on their own and on their own schedule and I thought, if they can do it, so could I…

Well I was right in the end…

I did become an entrepreneur and was able to quit my 9 to 5 job.

But the catch is..

I didn’t do it through AdvoCare.

I was one of those introverts with very small social circle to begin with, although I tried my best to prospect for the AdvoCare business. After several no show on a mixer party

I decided I need to find other ways to prospect because my warm list was pathetic

One thing I had was pure determination that I was going to find a way

And I did.

I met some crazy awesome mentors that showed me how to make blog posts like these and get leads for days

Hey if you’re struggling to make your business pop

you either need to 10X your Grind & Hustle or you gotta rework your strategy a bit and look into possible upgrading some skills

Remember few mm difference in angle (approach) can make miles of a difference in the trajectory & final target

-Talk soon

-Eli aka #retiredat26yearsold