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Introduction, The AdvoCare Hustler from struggle to success

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Hey everyone my name is Eli and I was AdvoCare to the core hustler, but struggled for a long time, dreaming to make money online and live the laptop career life.

I have struggled with AdvoCare and learned a lot in the process, that I want to share with you all.

I am writing this blog post from a laptop  in my bedroom on a Friday noon to let you know I have finally made it to living the online career life I have always dreamed of, but it wasn’t a result of reaching success in AdvoCare but finding a new avenue, and a new calling in life.

I want to share with you the secret tips about AdvoCare success that the company don’t want you to know about. I have learned great deal about the MLM (Multi-level marketing) structure and its flaws. Is MLM AdvoCare business really sustainable?

I will go over all of this in this blog.

Some questions you may have?

  1. Does AdvoCare system really work? Can you really make great money with AdvoCare?
  2. Is AdvoCare sustainable for the long term?
  3. What model did I find true success and sustainability in?

Let me give you a glimpse into little bit of what my day is like. I wake up early and write content for several websites that I built for local businesses like carpet cleaner, tree service, limousine, etc and then I use some high level online marketing skills to drive customers to those sites that brings real paying local customers to my clients.

Because I bring these local businesses more revenue I am compensated handsomely for my work.

Yes AdvoCare is sexy & it truly is a great product, but how will you sell AdvoCare enough to make a good living off of it?

Who would you go sell to?

Taking into the account the profit margin of AdvoCare products, how much would you have to sell in order to live a life without a real job?

Where will you find all those people that will gladly buy AdvoCare once you exhaust your immediate social circles?

We are all after freedom, a life free from 9 to 5 where we can carve out our own destiny by getting paid for our hustle, being able to wake up whenever we want and make money on our own terms not someone else’s clock. We don’t want to trade in our precious time for dollars anymore, we want to go out into the world and create income for ourselves.

I know exactly what you are feeling as I was in the same shoes for many years joining MLM’s and trying to promote AdvoCare as effectively as possible on social media, youtube, etc But I come to a conclusion after 5 years at this that there is a limit to MLM model and huge draw backs from it.

So was AdvoCare a complete waste of time for me?

Well not entirely, I have gained some powerful friends along the way and learned hell of a lot about online marketing and promoting a brand, and its these skills that I have gained that I come to realize is the skills that your local business owners are lacking and are desperately needing.

I have turned my back to the MLM model and now I am entering a service based business where I go out to the world to serve local businesses with my skills in online marketing.

The great thing is there is untapped market out there for this because of the fact that there is countless local businesses out there in every single city in the US & the World.

Welcome to the blog where I dive deep and speak the truth on AdvoCare and what I truly believe is the more direct path towards your financial freedom and becoming a 6 to 7 figure earner online, all from your laptop.