AdvoCare vs It Works Global, Compensation Plan & Product Review

AdvoCare vs It Works Global, which company has a better compensation plan? which is the better make money from home opportunity for someone brand new in direct selling business?

I am not a distributor for either of those companies so I will give you an unbiased AdvoCare / It Works Reviews on their product, comp plan & business opportunity.

I do have extensive background in network marketing and Multi-level marketing (MLMs) before I got into local marketing quadrupling my income and retiring from my 9 to 5 dead beat job at age 26.

If you want to go the MLM route and market these beauty, wellness & weight loss products, then you need to first understand that AdvoCare is one of the biggest weightloss, health & wellness direct selling company out there, its been around since 1994 and it recently hit the billion dollar in revenue mark, now they are putting in even more effort in their brand marketing campaigns to become a house hold name.

At the same time, its a company with little bit of history so some people wonder if the company is over saturated already or not. the common question I hear is, is it too late for me to join AdvoCare?

Common sense might tell you that its better to join a newer company like It Works Global or Plexus, Le-Vel Thrive, or Beachbody.

All of these companies offer multi-vitamin pills and all natural super smoothie drinks that is designed to increase energy, fill in the nutritional gaps in the modern diet & promote weight loss.

But its difficult to pick which company to join at times especially if you are looking for the business aspect of it.

Well, I can say that It Works has a different product line than anything else I’ve seen thus far from these similar MLM companies.

AdvoCare products vs. It Works products


It Works Global’s top selling item is the body wrap.

It is what most distributors will be trained on selling, as it allows you to showcase the product to your potential prospects during the first meeting, and with its fast acting results, it is a good hook to get someone to try and see the result of the product and let the product do the selling for you.

It utilizes botanical all natural ingredients that improves skin tightness, and the results are seen in as little as 45 minutes.

The AdvoCare counter part product to this is the spark. Spark is small powder packet that you mix into bottle of water and drink, it contains caffeine and other vitamins and minerals designed to give sustained boost of energy. It is a replacement for 5 hour energy drink, coffee, redbull, monster. It is also fast acting product that you can give to potential prospects during the meeting for them to feel the effect of the product.

These products are important for growing the MLM business, as things become much more convincing after you see the demonstration of the product especially on yourself.

yes It Works does provide whole array of other products others than the body wrap including facial cream for toning & cleansing, PH balancing detoxing herbal drinks, essential oils, weight loss / meal replacement / protein shakes, multi-vitamins.

Actually their green drink does contain bit of caffeine so some common question might be AdvoCare Spark vs. It Works Green, I would say AdvoCare packs more of the punch when it comes to the energy levels but It Works Green might be the healthier option because it does not contain the artificial sugar that the Spark have.

What It Works has that AdvoCare does not, is the essential oils which is becoming pretty popular with Dot Terra leading the way, and of course the interesting body wraps.

AdvoCare has the 24 day challenge which is a weight loss program with a cleanse phase and nutrition build up phase that is another great hook for people to try out the company and if they love the results they will more likely become long term customer or distributor. AdvoCare also has celebrity endorsed athletic performance products by the likes of Drew Brees and Rich Froning, also they got the redbull / 5 hour energy alternative that people can try right away.

So both companies come with their strengths, It works definitely brings a unique product to the market that none of the direct selling health & wellness companies have.

Because the idea of getting instant results just by putting a body wrap is so interesting, there’s many people buzzing on youtube and social media about trying it out, and seeing if they got results or not.

With It Works exponential growth in the last few years, the popularity of their products can not be denied.

It Works Compensation Plan Vs. AdvoCare

So in It works, most distributors focus on selling the body wraps.

  1. Retail Commission: 1 box of wraps retails for $99 but you can get it at wholesale at $59, so each rap you sell you can make $40, and you can sell it all online with your page that you get for becoming a distributor
  2. Commission on Loyal Customers: you earn 15% commission, the loyal customers continue to purchase monthly so this is the key to residual income that you want to build
  3. customer gathering bonus: for gathering lots of customers you can get $600 bonus every month, to attain this bonus you have to gather 60 loyal customers, the volume of those customers have to be 3000 in bonus volume, which is 50 bonus volume each. To maintain this bonus every month, make sure you have the 60 customers with you and the 3000 bv is there every month, add more customers and the bonus will come!
  4. Team Commissions: you earn 5% enroller bonus on all distributors’ volumes that sign up through you (your site) and you earn 2%-10% bonus on your distributor’s customers that enroll through them depending on where they are located in your organization. So this is big incentive to keep enrolling people yourself because the 5% adds up. You can also look at this as you are really earning 2%-15% on your team members’ sales.
  5. Fast Start Bonus: this one is a great bonus because you get paid for doing your job. You earn $100 cash when you sign up a distributor and that person gets 2 loyal customers in the first 30 days and they run their 80 bv auto-ship, you get paid $100 on Friday every week each time you do this.
  6. Diamond Level and Above Bonus: After reaching the Diamond rank, you get 2% raise on the earnings of your group volume, you also earn extra 2-9% bonus on the volume of any diamond teams you have under you which is pretty significant and big incentive to get your teammates to the Diamond level.
  7. Leadership level bonus: after you hit Diamond, you earn bonus on any new teams you enroll providing you strong incentive to keep enrolling new distributors, the bonus amount depends on your ranking in diamond
    • Diamond: $80
    • Double Diamond: $120
    • Triple Diamond: $135
    • Presidential Diamond: $145
    • Ambassador Diamond: $150

You earn the leadership level bonus if you earn the fast track bonus with that newly enrolled distributor or if they get a fast track bonus.

8. Last but not least, Black Diamond G.O.O.D (Get Out of Debt) Bonus: when you earn $100,000 per month in commission for consecutive 6 months in a row, you get a $100,000 bonus split up into 25 months payments.


It Works provides exciting product and compensation plan, compared to AdvoCare comp plan its much more easier to understand.

I believe It Works Comp plan’s strength is its simplicity. You get paid good commission on selling the product and enrolling people as distributors, and the bonus is earned by helping that new distributor get customers of their own. I believe the fast track bonus is important and powerful because depending on the sponsor in some of these other MLM’s like AdvoCare, the money is made when you enroll someone with their all-in $2100 advisor purchase, so once they sign up there isn’t a strong incentive to see that person’s success through.

Yes they will earn bonus on that person’s sales, but in AdvoCare your energy & time is better spent on enrolling someone new into the business for another all-in purchase.

This does create a problem of some team leaders focusing too much on enrolling instead of taking care of the new distributors they enroll.

5 ways to get paid in AdvoCare

  1. Retail Sale: 40% commission
  2. Wholesale: 20% commission
  3. Overrides: 7% bonus on BV of your teammembers, BV is half of total retail values sold
  4. Leadership Bonus: 3%-19% Bonus earning potential as you rise up the ranking as you build the team bigger
  5. Rookie Bonus, Incentive trips: Top earners in their first year can earn cash bonuses, top earners each year get to go on all inclusive trips

In a way AdvoCare compensation plan is simple, as this MLM was born in 1994, again one of the drawbacks I see is that in order to earn sustainable overrides & leadership bonus, people have to focus on getting the all-in purchases of $2100 which isn’t the greatest thing for people that sign up and lose on that big investment due to lack of training or guidance from their sponsor

What I like about It works payment plan is that the sponsor is rewarded for helping that new distributor out, so you are more likely to receive personal attention in this company by your sponsors.

Some report taking their new distributor out to their meetings at star bucks and attending other home meetings to shadow their sponsor and get trained personally on how to best demonstrate the wraps and get new customers.


I like what It Works said about their compensation plan, they do not offer any free vacations or cars because they believe in giving out cash bonuses for the hard work their distributors put in so they can decide on going on whatever vacation destination they wish.

Their compensation plan I believe has pretty simple ways for new distributors to begin earning fast cash right away which should definitely help motivate new comers and also they have plenty of great incentives for big time distributors as you rise up the rankings and hit Diamond, it seems your earning potential goes up significantly as well.

Like AdvoCare, it works holds annual events that distributors can go for motivation and additional training, this is same as AdvoCare’s success school, which is also known to boost distributors sales.

The common theme or reason why people’s income explode after they attend these events is that they become more certain and more sold on the company, their product and business opportunity. When you become more certain, your ability to influence others go up exponentially.

You begin to lead by example, and a lot of this is non verbal communication. Just the enthusiasm in your voice is sometimes enough to get people interested.

I am no longer in the MLM scene, but if you are looking to join It Works or AdvoCare, I suggest you first decide if you would rather sell body wraps from It Works or 24 day challenges from AdvoCare, you can even try samples of it you can find on eBay.

The most important thing is you are using the product yourself and you love the product and you truly believe it is the best thing on the planet.

When you have that belief you won’t have any problem selling the product to strangers.

So why did I quit MLMs all together?

It was very difficult for me to sell to friends & family, and my warm contact list dried up quick, I wised up and decided to leverage the internet to run my business and that’s when I stumbled upon a coaching program that taught me how to build simple sites to generate leads for local businesses.

Fast track a year into this coaching program, I’m working with around 20 local businesses, and making $10,000 per month. Retired from my dead beat corporate job at age 26 and now I’m my own boss.

So my job now is to show other people struggling with MLM’s that there’s a different route to your freedom.