Javita vs Organo Gold: Coffee MLM Unbiased Review

Javita vs Organo Gold, which is the better multi level marketing coffee company?? Which company has better compensation plan, which company has better success rate? Javita Business Opportunity Review is better understood when you can compare with another coffee MLM that’s been around bit longer, 3 years older to be exact. (Years Founded 2008 & 2011)

Network Marketing Coffee sector is booming, they are the new kids on the block and threatening market share of long standing companies like AdvoCare International & Plexus, these companies growth rate is scary, like when in 2012 when one of Organo Gold distributor Holton Buggs became the top earner in all of MLM companies combined.

Numbers don’t lie and if you are heavily considering joining, then read carefully because these companies will require serious commitment if you want to be successful.

Beating out elite advisors from Javita and companies like AdvoCare with seasoned distributors going over 15+ years strong.

Organo Gold and Javita are without a doubt very similar, and if you are wondering if coffee MLM is a good idea, consider the billion dollar AdvoCare that’s been around since 1994 came out and said their top selling product is the Spark energy drink, which is their only caffeine product.

In fact in AdvoCare, 60% of their revenue is generated by the sale of their coffee alternative drink, Spark.

Even though Javita likes to market their coffee as weight loss product, the fact of the matter is, most Americans are facing an energy crisis.

With diseases like Sleep Apnea becoming rampant, lots of people are sleep deprived and running low on fuel tank.

Which can have huge impact on your performance at the job, unless you work from home this can be detrimental to your livelihood.

And elite network marketing coffee sales guys & gals like Ms Holton has proven that despite coffee being somewhat affordable you can still make it big time on the business side of these caffeine fueled MLMs.

But how realistic is it? How do you become successful in Javita or Organo Gold?

Javita and Organo Gold Compensation Plan Comparison

This is looking at how you get paid in Javita & Organo Gold, yes in network marketing companies you have the opportunity to become a distributor and sell their product for commission. The reason why its called network marketing is because they also have a comp plan or pay structure to reward you for recruiting people into the business. You will earn bonuses on the performance of the people you recruit, so the bigger your team gets the higher your pay check becomes, perpetually with virtually no ceiling on your earning potential.

Is Javita / Organo Gold a pyramid scheme?


Not quite, even though the structure of the business might take on a pyramid shape… few reasons why its not a scam, and most people that are posting complaints just don’t understand MLM’s and most of them have failed and blaming the wrong people. Here’s some reasons why these companies are legit and do not get shut down by the FTC (Federal Trace Commission)

  1. because you do not earn infinitely down the pyramid, only 3 generations down. A lot of illegal pyramid structure is designed in a way where 100% of the people that join are designed to lose their investment because the system is designed for you to take money from you and go up the pyramid to the crooks that created the sham.
  2. Because there is actual exchange of products taking place: this one is big, when a company takes money from people and only promises things like “you will get rich over night!” but actually when you look at their entire business, every single customer of theirs never made a dime back then the company is duping people into a lie, which is obviously illegal. In Javita or Organo Gold case, even the cost of joining the business there is some sample of product that comes with it, often times called the business starter kit.

Javita has 3 types of starter kits

  • Starter Pack $99
  • Business Pack $499
  • Business Elite Pack $999

Organo Gold has their 3 business entry levels

  • Bronze Pack $199
  • Silver Pack $499
  • Gold Pack $1245

The major difference between the payment plan is that Javita is Unilevel with Compression 3 or more legs, while Organo Gold is One Power leg and one lesser leg, what does this mean?

In Organo Gold, the power leg and lesser leg, means you have to allocate the people you recruit into one category or another and your earning potential will vary depending on which leg you place that recruit under, so there is certainly some concern on many people that feel their business might be limited by others performance certainly not the mindset you want to have as an entrepreneur.

Unilevel seems more flexible in approach, it gives good incentive for people to go fast and earn quick cash right away for good motivation which is really important in direct sales but also it has pretty stable structure in place for you to build your residual income which is ultimately what’s going to set you free from the 9 to 5.

Product Comparison

Both serve pretty amazing instant coffees and rightfully causing an end to people’s Starbucks addiction.

Where these companies are finding the edge with their coffee product is that they have infused it with other herbal remedies that make their coffee drinks supposedly healthy for you and even promote weight loss.

Organo Gold’s big selling point is an medicinal mushroom extract in their coffee, called Ganoderma Lucidum, apparently cultivated in the mountains of China where it only grows in certain special wood. Their videos & testimonials show many miraculous health claims.

Javita is taking on the herbal approach, their Arabica & Robusta coffee containing following herbs.

  • Yerba Mate
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Bacopa Monniera
  • Gotu Kola
  • Green Tea

These are all supposed to contain high levels of anti-oxidants and offer various healing aid to different organs in the body, one of the interesting effect is endocrine regulation and appetite management which aids in weight loss, Javita also has equally compelling success stories behind them of people claiming to lose weight by drinking their coffee, sounds almost too good to be true.

If true, sure beats taking nasty weight loss pills.

As most people need their caffeine fix for the day, regardless.

If you are going to drink coffee, why not drink these which seem like its coffee on steroids, but healthy for you lol

How to become successful in your Coffee MLM Business?

The Javita and Organo Gold success system coaches will often say publicly that one of the keys to success is to get people on auto-ship, and this makes sense is coffee is something people go through on a daily basis, they are already buying it at their local grocery store, why not replace that need with a healthier alternative?

Of course, it makes total sense because coffee is such a big part of our modern culture, I believe this is the major reason why these companies have seen explosive growth since their inception in 2008 for Organo Gold and 2011 for Javita.

And now many other network marketing companies are trying to follow suit by releasing their own line of coffee products.

It turns revenue like no other for these companies, but what makes money for the distributor is different.

Its not actually focusing on the sales of product and making commission from it, its all about building a big strong team that generates the big monthly pay checks that can build over time.

The key to success is recruitment, its the same deal with AdvoCare business opportunity, although in AdvoCare its even more so focused on recruit because they reward even bigger bonuses for getting people fully into the business opportunity. Which I am personally not a fan of because then you get way too many distributors that doesn’t give a shit about the product or the taking care of their recruits, because they get too hungry for the next new recruit.

Thankfully in Javita its much less of that, because the company’s pay plan really rewards those that take their time and help their recruit get their recruits and build the business by increasing the customer base that’s one the monthly ship, 1 customer at a time.

For me if the multilevel marketing business end of it is not closely tied to the product, but more on recruitment then you are going to get some issues, because this is what the FTC dislikes.

Even then lets not kid ourselves here.

Can you become successful in Javita or Organo Gold, by simply selling coffee alone?

Highly unlikely because your margins are simply not high enough and you don’t have the leverage & marketing power, nor a store front like a Starbucks to generate continuous walk-in traffic.

Therefore eventually you will run dry of your warm market and have nobody to sell coffee to, unless you go knocking on doors in your neighborhood, which could work if one is determined enough.

But top distributors will tell you that this is a people you know type of business, meaning that most distributors never really did cold calls or prospecting.

Because the goal is within your warm contacts of friends & family, you want to find at least 2-3 people that will join the business with you. And then you help those 2-3 get their 2-3 through THEIR warm contact list, and then you help those new recruits get their 2-3 through THEIR warm list.

So you see, you are able to perpetually approach through the warm contact list, and any idiot marketer will confirm to you that selling to a friend or family requires no sales training.

This is how these companies grow.

They don’t have the resources to train people to become expert coffee salesman, although top performers will eventually become really great sales people, but most people out there don’t want anything to do with sales, so by encouraging people to not do sales, but simply introduce it to friends & family because you love the results of the product, well that is more palatable for most people.

It almost just seems natural conversation, if you are having great results with a cool herbal coffee of course you would tell your good friends & family so they can enjoy the benefits as well!!

This makes this whole MLM business opportunity seem like cake walk, but the reality is if you check out the income disclosure, it tells a much different story.

Basically 95% of the distributors never make a single dime.

Out of the 5% that do make something, 50% are earning around mere $2000 per YEAR.

That’s enough to go to a movie and dinner every month, not necessarily life changing income… am I right?


Javita vs Organo Gold, if I had to pick I might go with Javita just because their comp plan is more flexible, seems like they got more steam / momentum than Organo Gold as well at the moment, their product line is increasing and because it just began in 2011, it has advantages of not too many people have heard about it yet.

But really I’m not a big fan of MLM anymore, because it has many long term issues such as over saturation of the market, for each distributor to get successful they must recruit hundred, even thousands of new distributors

and the fact that 95% of them will fail, is bit painful to swallow. Distributors know this fact but somehow have to convince yourself that what you are doing is for the good of people.

Well if I spent $500 on a starter kit because I was promised all these wonderful things will happen to me if I join, like checks will just arrive in my mailbox, and I work for a while and don’t see any return on my investment than I’d be pretty upset about it, I might blame myself but I might even blame the distributor for giving me false hopes, not giving me a true picture of actually how difficult a MLM business REALLY is.

Anyway, I’m over it.

done with network marketing for good.

Good thing is I have the skills to rank sites like this online and generate leads, so with this skillset I can cut my own paychecks, be my own boss, never have to clock into a 9 to 5 ever again.

If you’re struggling with MLM’s then maybe jumping ship into another company, and investing few grand into them maybe you should consider investing in yourself.

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