Plexus vs LeVel Thrive, Unbiased Review Comparison

What happens when we pit up Plexus International against Le-Vel Thrive? Which MLM will come out on top?

Who has the better compensation plan?

Is the business opportunity safe & sound? Is it taking proper precaution against the FTC to not get flagged as illegal pyramid scheme?

While there’s a lot of antics out there saying all network marketing companies are scam and then you got the other side of the coin that says the business opportunity at Plexus or uni level earning potential in Level thrive is the best there is?

Read a long for full unbiased disclosure review on both companies and let me give you some sobering dosage of what’s real and what’s not.

Before I take the readers on the difference of these companies let’s explore how much they are alike.

Top Similarities Between Le-Vel & Plexus

They are very similar honestly, its like comparing Natalie Portman & Keira Knightley


#1 Le-Vel & Plexus Both Allow Customers to Become Independent Distributors

This means you will not find any of their products at retail stores, they only sell strictly through their reps, meaning customers that joined the company’s compensation business opportunity, where you work on commission base, selling their products for 20-30% commission. This means you will most likely hear about Plexus or Le-Vel from your close friends or family or one of your acquaintances. This is how these companies grow explosively, they must have a product that’s compelling enough that thousands of people would want to join the company and represent the product and tell to their closest friends & family members about the business.

#2 They both get a lot of bad rep for being a pyramid scheme

Few quick searches online will reveal plenty of articles questioning the legidimacy of either of these companies, why? Because haters gon hate, no… because their business model when you look at it in diagrams looks like a pyramid…

like so:


But don’t be alarmed.

The shape does not tell the whole story, you know what else is a pyramid shape? The corporate world.

You got the boss at the top, second tier executives, mid tier managers, then employees.

But in the corporate world, being able to advance up the rankings is very limited, and your earning potential is always limited by the rank you are in, sometimes out of your control.

At least in a MLM, your income is never capped, the harder you work the more you can earn.

And you can rapidly surpass your sponsors or coaches in monthly income if you begin making more sales & recruits than them.

Another big key to why Plexus & Thrive is not a pyramid scheme is because they actually sell tangible products, a true pyramid scheme dupes people into buying an empty promise, some sort of plan to make more money and people never receive on their promises.

In these MLM’s even if you purchase the entry cost to join the business opportunity strictly for the opportunity to make more money similar to previous example, you still get products, sample product kits for joining the business which categorizes it as real tangible exchange of goods.

sounds bit sneaky, but this is how these companies ensure that they are safe from legal prosecution if someone were to sue them if they tried the business opportunity and failed.

#3 Both Companies Sell All Natural, Herbal Remedies


Herbal remedies are becoming more and more popular and widely accepted path to health. Companies like Le-Vel & Thrive are capitalizing on this as they release products that contain all natural ingredients like “green tea” or “Green coffee beans” instead of synthetic ingredients like some of what AdvoCare uses.

I always felt that this is where AdvoCare was seriously lacking. People love herbal & super foods, and holistic products. Just look at companies like doTERRA selling essential oils having massive success.

#4 Both Companies are Fairly New in the MLM Scene


When you consider the fact that AdvoCare has been around since 1994 and Amway since 1959, Plexus began in 2011 while Le-Vel took stride in 2013, these companies are FRESH OFF THE BOAT.

They are the new kids, with pretty unique products to show. Which might help begin to explain Le-Vel’s ridiculous growth from $8 million to $61 million in sales from 2014 to 2015.

That kind of growth should be illegal.

Just Kidding.

There is a common notion that says its better to join a newer MLM company so that you have a lot better chances of becoming rich, although there is some truth to that, its not necessarily true in my opinion as AdvoCare have displayed that they are now getting distributors to reach success much faster than 10 years ago.

However this common belief regarding network marketing companies, that the earlier you get in the better mentality, I believe is part of the reason why they grew so fast in the first few years.

Le-Vel also has very unique products as well like the nicotine patch like herbal patch that’s suppose to put vitamins & minerals into the blood via the skin.

Pretty ingenious idea for product if you ask me, some of the patches even contain caffeine to keep people more awake & alert. Hey I wouldn’t mind that every once in a while.

What is the difference in the compensation plan?

When comparing these companies to AdvoCare I made extensive report on the pay structure for these companies which you can check out by visiting this link for Plexus comp plan and this link for Level Thrive comp plan.

When you look at & study network marketing comp plans as much as I do, you begin to understand the intent behind each rules within the comp plan. After reviewing both plans, I will say that they are more similar to each others than not. I believe this is partly because they are a newer company and have studied the pros & cons of other comp plans.

What is important in MLM comp plan is to make sure that the new recruits have a quick way to earn cash so that they can taste some success to keep them going, because if the entry barrier is too high and learning difficulty too steep, you run into the notoriously high turn over rates in MLM which is something like 95-99% never make a dime off of the business opportunity.

Both companies do a good job of offering incentives to get going quickly, for example being able to earn more bonus for the first few weeks with the new recruits.

I like that how there is a system in place to encourage you to help the people you recruited succeed. And I also like how product oriented the comp plan is as well in Le-Vel thrive, how clients are encouraged to get on auto-ship. That to me is a good sign because they must have a product so good that people need it auto-shipped to them every month, and never get complaints.

But as most of you already figured, how to really make money in both of these companies is to recruit.

Its only after you have created a massive team below you which is full of other successful distributors which you helped, is the real way to actually make sufficient income from these companies and never work a 9 to 5 ever again like me. (although I’m not in a MLM)


If you are looking for a newer MLM to join, level thrive and plexus are both very attractive options.

They both offer pretty solid compensation plan as well which is very similar, and I personally like it better than AdvoCare’s comp plan.

Honestly if I had to pick, I’d go with Le-Vel Thrive, just because their skin patch product is very innovative and just plain bad ass.

Plexus does seem like great company, but its too centered around weight loss for me and there’s already so much competition for that niche.

AdvoCare does great because of Spark, the energy drink that brings in 60% of the company’s revenue.

I just don’t see the similar strong energy product perhaps the closest thing is Plexus slim.

but their product line to me is looking like two shades off of AdvoCare, Herbalife, Beachbody Shakeology, Isagenix

I want something super fresh and unique like body wraps from It Works Global

and Skin Patch from Le-Vel!

But of course product shouldn’t be your only deciding factor, although it is a major one, because if you are not completely passionate about the product yourself, you will never be compelled to tell others about it, and if you do not have the ability to talk to new people each day about the company & products then you will crash  & burn.

Certainly product is important, to pick a company that you can stand behind and talk to someone till their blue in the face all the reasons why they need this product.

For me another strong factor is Le-Vel’s crazy growth from 2014 to 2015, company going from $8 to $61 Million is no laughing matter.

I believe its a very good sign that the company has momentum right now and maybe you can begin riding that wave as well.

I personally like building my own online lead generation business better because I don’t have to deal with selling to friends & family, and worry about recruitment and taking care of their success.

Also I don’t have to go to bed every night knowing 95%-99% of my downline will fail and lose on their investment on me.


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