Melaleuca Review on Compensation Plan & Business Opportunity, AdvoCare Comparison

Melaleuca vs AdvoCare, which is the better network marketing company to join? How can you really make money in Melaleuca, what’s their comp plan or how can you become successful in the business opportunity?

These are some of the questions you may have when considering Melaleuca vs AdvoCare for your journey towards becoming your own boss.

Before we begin let’s identify some key differences between Melaleuca and AdvoCare…

First striking difference comes to mind are the products.

Melaleuca has been around since 1985 compared to AdvoCare’s start in 1994.

They have almost a decade of head start, and their company took a different approach…

I mean they get this.

They got moisturizers, soaps, Essential oils, dental care, facial care, cleaning & laundry, pet care, hair care…


Its like going to the super market really, they got everything.

On top of vitamins & weight loss solutions which is AdvoCare’s sole focus.

Melaleuca stresses on using only clean all natural ingredients.

So which is the better business opportunity to join?

Breakdown of Payment Structure for Melaleuca

Bit different from AdvoCare compensation plan but functions are very similar.

  • Organizational commission: you earn 7% of all purchases of customers you bring in, and the customers they bring into the their organization up to 3 levels
  • Product Introduction Commission: for the first month customer joins Melalecua you earn 20% bonus on top of 7%, so you can earn 27% on their purchases for the first month
  • Quality Customer Bonus: you earn special bonuses on customers that sign up with you every month, which gives you incentive to keep recruiting
  • Personal Enrolled Customer Commission: The customers you personally enroll you get to earn more percentage of all their purchases the more people you personally enroll
  • Value Pack Commission: you earn extra bonus on value packs purchased by customers within the first 2 months
  • One Time Advancement/Pace Setter Bonus: When you advance to new rankings, you earn one time bonus (specific to that rank)
  • Leadership Development Bonus: Your downline that’s director or above you earn 50% of their advancement / pace setter bonus
  • Director Minimum Commission Guarantee: guarantee commission if you have at least 8 downline

So what the hell does all of this mean?

I’ve been studying MLM’s especially AdvoCare business for the better part of all last year & more.

So I pretty much know how these companies operate.

How you really make money in Melalecua is through consistently referring people into the business.

This is also how AdvoCare distributors really grow the business.

This is why its important for these individuals to go to conventions and live events such as success school 2016 so they can get excited about the company and opportunity so they can go out and recruit more people into the business.

Yes in each company there is opportunity to earn commission on the products you sell, but think of this profit like pocket change you can use towards going to the movies and go out to a restaurant few times a month, don’t look to retail or wholesale product sale commission for your livelihood because you are not going to get very far.

Remember you can earn bonus on other people’s purchases and their sales for up to 3 levels down.

When you get 3 generations of hungry people that are all busting their butts and making this business grow then, you finally have the potential of having a huge tree underneath you that does very large business volume for you to have a chance at monthly pay check good enough to quit your job.


Unless you got internet skills like myself,

then your only path to build a organization that big is to really extrovert yourself to an insane level and get out there and literally talk to everyone you encounter about the Melalecua or AdvoCare business or you’re simply not going to make it.

Did anyone ever tell you that MLM is one of the toughest and most competitive business models out there?

Because its all people you know basis mostly. Most distributors are encouraged to make a list of everyone you know including all relatives and neighbors, from hot to cold, make that giant list and start going after them from day 1.

There will be a lot of funny conversation with long lost relatives whom you haven’t spoken to in years, all of the sudden you are pitching them a business opportunity in the name of fulfilling your duty as network marketer.

Ultimately this is how MLM companies grow, through hungry & desperate distributors that will spread the products to all of their friends & family. Because they understand that going after people’s warm market is the very best referrals and you don’t even need super strong TV ads or brand recognition.

If a family member or best friend can get to the potential customers, then you already have them won over just by the association.

& you pay them a commission for their efforts at helping the company expand, and with that commission they get driven to expand even beyond their warm contact list. and the company becomes successful on the shoulders of their distributors.

Its really a brilliant business model.

Is it evil?

Is it a scam?

Is Melalecua a pyramid scheme?

These companies have been standing strong for several decades now, they are certainly not pyramid scheme as they have all cleverly made sure they are not one.  or the FTC would have shut them down a long time ago

For it to be a pyramid scheme they have to really just sell nothing but the business opportunity and not offer any tangible products to the end user.

As long as there is exchange of goods & services taking places for money. Then its legit.

So the business opportunity all-in purchases in AdvoCare is tied to the products, you don’t just pay $2100 to go all-in but you purchase $2100 worth of products to become an all-in person.

Meaning even though most people just purchased that for the “business opportunity” because there is actual product transaction that took place, then it is safe from the FTC thinking its a pyramid scheme.

Like I say, these companies are smart and they didn’t get to 2016 without not knowing how all of this stuff works.

The Downside of multi-level marketing Melalecua & AdvoCare

The biggest gripe I have with these companies is the fact that their business opportunity is presented as if everyone can become a success. In fact this is not really true, just checkout their income disclosures and you will see an overwhelming 95%-99% failure rate of all those that invest in the business opportunity.

Yet it is presented as something that is sort of easy, like you can build residual income that will keep growing and growing and you can go on vacation, ,drive fancy cars and live in mansions.

Or some will even say if you work hard you’ll be fine.

but if your only option in the beginning is to go after people you know then it puts people at way different starting points because some people are simply more connected in the community and know a lot more people than others.

After shedding blood sweat tears & lots of money in network marketing, I realized that It would be much faster for me to start making money if I begun my own business

and that’s exactly what I did and I couldn’t be happier for it.

Why would I join another company and work towards someone else’s dreams again?

The sole purpose of wanting to quit my 9 to 5 was so that I didn’t have to work for anybody else.

Why should I endure social isolation to promote products for a company that I didn’t even have 100% faith in?

Also can I feel good about a business where 95% of the people I recruit end up failing?

If you feel the same way or if you are just plain struggling with AdvoCare or Melalecua, do yourself a big favor and explore other means to make money from home. Because there’s but loads out there and the probability of your success is much better in some of these other opportunities.

I chose local lead generation, which allowed me to quit my 9 to 5 job inside 9 months.