Michelle Bishop AdvoCare Diamond Distributor, Secret to her success


Michelle Bishop is the youngest diamond distributor in AdvoCare, why is she so dang successful?

What can her success teach us about how to properly run AdvoCare business?

How to run a business period?

Success leaves clues, if you are looking to start your own business study those that are at the level you want to get to and emulate what they did to become successful.

I personally love studying about success.

As I own my own business working from home using nothing but a high speed internet & computer.

Let me tell you, it was my continual studying of successful people that kept me on track and able to achieve monumental goals in my life, one of them was being able to quit my corporate 9 to 5 job at the age 26. I began to study and implement successful people like the diamond distributor Michelle Bishop and my mentors like Dave and Tom.

For me success is about

  1. Mindset
  2. Strategy
  3. Massive Action

Let’s reverse engineer that awesome lady Michelle Bishop and how she was able to hit AdvoCare diamond distributor so we can get some killer insight, & you may learn a thing or two about how to sell AdvoCare online like the top dogs.

Michelle Bishop


The ridiculously photogenic Michelle Bishop has been killing it in AdvoCare since February 2013, in roughly 2.5 years she has become a Diamond Distributor won various awards for being the top producer from the day she joined. How did she do it?

Well one thing you have to understand about Michelle is that she got her head right, she treats AdvoCare like a business not a hobby. She takes massive action and knows how to brand herself effectively.

Michelle has been self-employed since she was 19. Before joining AdvoCare, she was doing 6 figures as a personal trainer.

That’s already quite impressive in its own right. She didn’t get there by accident, especially in a competitive niche like personal trainers. You best believe she knows how to hustle, she knows how to get clients by pulling on their heart string not in manipulative way but in an authentic way that empowers people, which is what becoming an effective seller / marketer is all about. She is a woman of influence.

One of my business mentors Grant Cardone, has a book called Sell or Be Sold in which he explains that selling is not some manipulative thing that everyone has negative feeling towards, but its something everyone is doing naturally, and being a good seller is vital to success in life, relationship & business. It is about getting our way or not. You see in any given human interaction someone is doing the selling and the other is getting sold. In order to convey our ideas & vision to another, you have to sell that person on the idea first, you have to become an effective communicator or seller.

I don’t care if you’re trying to build AdvoCare business online or offline, or trying to start any other business because you want to quit your job.

You have to be able to communicate your product, offer or service to the person and be able to paint the picture for them where they can imagine owning or having your service / product and seeing tremendous results down the road that enhances every aspect of their life.

There is no way Michelle could have developed a 6 figure income as personal trainer without being able to communicate well with her potential prospects about what her guidance and coaching can do for that person, You also have to come across as an expert in the field, the authority figure.


With her body building background, its easy to see how she came across that aspect.

You see we all want to do business with an expert, someone that’s great in their field.

This does not mean you have to be a Diamond Distributor in AdvoCare, but the difference is, you have to talk and act like you are.

Michelle was introduced to AdvoCare when she thought she didn’t really need AdvoCare. She already had a 6 figure business, however she was putting in lots of hours to accomplish this and she couldn’t see herself having any kids any time soon, so the thought of AdvoCare business freeing up some time by building a residual income peaked her interest.

You see that’s another thing, you have to understand as AdvoCare distributors, not everyone has the same reasons for wanting to join. We all have different issues we are trying to remedy, different pain points. As effective sellers, you ask questions to uncover what does are, these are called qualifying questions. For the most part, people that are still working the 9 to 5 have similar pains of working on the clock and less than ideal relations with co-workers and bosses. The biggest one I’m sure is the fact that trading in time for money consumes the majority of your life and there is a ceiling on your earnings. Even then people will have different Why’s which is what motivate and drives people. For Michelle it was the possibility of getting the time to have a family one day with kids. For you it might be to get a new house and spend more time with the family. Or you may be single still and want to travel the world.

Discover people’s Why’s and you may discover that people will begin telling you all kinds of problems they are trying to resolve, offer solutions to those issues with your service or offer and you may find that selling becomes whole lot easier.

Michelle Bishop started her AdvoCare with already 10,000 people following her on instagram, built up from her personal trainer business.

In 1 pay period which was a 3 week pay period, she generated $49,000 in PGV

AdvoCare diamond leader, Greg Smith reached out to her “Your charts are off the charts.”

Greg was the youngest Diamond in AdvoCare, he hit it when he was 24 years old. He saw potential in Michelle and started mentoring her, “raising her to be a champion” as they say, again mentors are so effective because they give you insights that can cut years off your learning curve and they hold you accountable, so you begin working 10 times harder so you can impress your mentor.

Greg urged Michelle to take massive action so she can win the all inclusive 5 star trip the Venetian Voyage AdvoCare Incentive Trip 2013, that’s the first year Michelle joined. Couple months before the deadline of the trip, she was 130th in the rankings and she had to get to top 10. She explains this story in one of her youtube videos My AdvoCare Journey – Michelle Bishop Feb 2013 – Jan 2015

She drops insight #1

“I put my head down and I started building a business”

She started getting on phone calls, doing mixers & webinars.

She won the trip at first place by over $40,000

In 1 year since joining Michelle Bishop earns over $200,000 with AdvoCare, getting her Emerald title.


In 2013 she earned 13 Rookie Bonus, which is up to $6,000 every 2 weeks if you are the highest earner in your first year with AdvoCare. She was the #1 distributor new comer for the Venetian Voyage trip and #1 as well for the second trip, Greenbrier Trip. Her big Why for second trip was to take her dad who sounds like has been through a lot and was sober for 2 years, and before even the contest began she knew she was going to get it. Because she had a big enough Why she knew she was going to put in the necessary hustle to get it.

Michelle has the work ethic and great mindset already but to win the Greenbrier Trip, she had to reach new breakthroughs perhaps she began to exhaust her massive warm lead list she developed as a personal trainer. She had to go out there and learn just like rest of us, how to effectively market AdvoCare.

Michelle admits she did damage with social media, her followers saw that she was using AdvoCare and making all this money with it, so she was signing up distributors under her left and right, but for a while that’s all she really knew was to post on social media, telling people “I love this product, get it” and people signing up under her thought that’s all you needed to do so they began duplicating her strategy but it was not working for them. Michelle did not yet know how to build a solid team below her of advisors.

For one other people that signed up under her did not have her track record of being a personal trainer and professional body builder, and having all these followers that look up to you as an expert in health, fitness & peak performance.

Michelle began shifting her focus from recruiting new distributors to working with the people that already signed up with her and building a relationship with those people, by doing 1 on 1 which is the first step in the AdvoCare success system and then get them on 3 way phone calls, then do mixers with them, get them to biz ops and success school.

She says she started digging in deep and getting into people’s messy stuff in their life.

And she really began uncovering people’s purpose and their why.

During this time, Michelle was going through personal development. She was learning to become a person that can shape her destiny, she was learning to become an effective marketer and a person of influence.

Her leader Greg asked Michelle what would you do if you had to go on vacation and couldn’t do your retail sales? because at this time majority of her earnings was retail sales, because she has not yet created an AdvoCare team of advisors under her yet that can generate her residual income.

This opened her eyes to the necessity of becoming a leader.

She says the easy part for her is being a good person and connecting with people.

The hard part is becoming a leader.

It is a path of champion that we all must walk one day, a right of passage towards fulfilling our destiny as empowered human beings.

I truly believe we are all leaders, but somewhere along the way we become conditioned & socialized.

Michelle loves the quote “your life isn’t going to change, the only thing that will change is the people you meet and the books you read.”


I once heard a quote that said that your finances are reflection of your personal development.

The average american read 1 book a year while top CEO’s read 2-3 books a month. Warren Buffet spends most of his time reading and learning.

People it is important to spark your mind once everyday with personal development material and learning from successful people. We have to all get our mind right before we get our money right, and Michelle leaves us yet another key that unlocks the blueprint for her success.

But the biggest lesson and breakthrough of all

She admits that she kept getting NO’s the rejections, even as top distributors she went through a period of struggle.

Then one day she came to a realization that the only person to blame for her struggle was herself.

There had to be a reason that she was getting turned down over and over again.

She had to take a moment to self reflect, to get insight on how she was approaching people, how she was presenting herself.

She decided to change her approach to focusing on helping and serving people and speaking from the heart instead of worrying about if she was going to make money off of that person.

She opened her ears and started listening.

She started listening for their cries for help. And having the genuine intention to talking to them as a friend to help and support them, talking straight from the heart. When she started doing that…. “Nobody could say ‘No’ to me”

Michelle says her business really started growing when she decided to stop talking and chose to listen instead, allowing people to talk to her heart and learning about people’s pains in life, “the messy stuff” and when the time was right she would talk to theirs and offer them solutions and how she could help them. And when she started doing that, she earned that Greenbrier trip.

During that trip she proceeds to announce that she was going to let go of her personal training business because she realized she could help more people with AdvoCare and she was finding a new purpose in life, her new why. Which was through AdvoCare helping to empower others, to give people hope and inspiring others to live their dreams and possibly find their own spirituality along the way or so she believes, she can help people find relationship with God through AdvoCare.

I personally am not big on spiritual side of things when it comes to my own online business of helping local businesses even though I do consider myself a spiritual person and I think faith is key component.

I can see how having that type of purpose to impact the world on that level is a very powerful Why that may propel one to greater heights and new found strength, clarity & drive.

Now she does AdvoCare with her husband John Bishop, averaging $32K a month and becoming the youngest Diamond Distributors in AdvoCare.

She has been able to give her parents $11,000 in few months, they are Advisors under her and she was able to fulfill one of her goal to take care of her parents which is very inspirational as that is one of my own personal Whys in life, is to one day retire my parents.

I love her quote at the end of her Youtube video My AdvoCare Journey, “If you want what others don’t have, you have to be willing to do what other won’t do”

That really is the key quote of an entrepreneur.

Jordan Belfort, the motivational speaker also formerly known as the wolf on wall street says “The definition of success is those that are willing to do what other people won’t do so that they can have the lives other people don’t have tomorrow.”

There is tremendous amounts of golden nuggets in what Michelle Bishop shares with her journey with AdvoCare. Personal lessons that is applicable to all that is aspiring to own their own successful business and live life on your own terms.

These are similar personal development lessons I had to go through to finally be able to quit my 9 to 5 job and work for myself. Which is a lifestyle that is better than I could have ever imagined. Where making money becomes joyous activity instead of a chore. And boy let me tell you making money is great fun especially when you know what you are doing is helping better people’s lives.

In my case it is not through AdvoCare but local lead generation where I help local businesses like carpet cleaners, tree service, limousine rentals, plumbers & more.

I too had to find the right mentors to guide me and give me the strategy.

Then I had to consume personal development material to give me the right mindset.

Then I had to dig deep and find my Whys in life. The stuff that keeps me going when the going gets tough.

I love the quote “Success is about going through failures without the loss of enthusiasm”

When you cover your purpose or why, you will begin taking massive action.

And then you work on your mindset and have the right strategy & mentors.

You will be able to accomplish things you never thought was possible.