AdvoCare Network Marketing Is Dead?!

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Are you looking for network marketing opportunity and thinking to yourself, should I join AdvoCare?

Is AdvoCare a fad? maybe you heard rumors about network marketing companies being old news..
AdvoCare has been around since 1994, is it too late to join?
Trying to join in 2016?
Do you stand a chance?
let’s set the record straight…

First lets define MLM, Multi-level Marketing or Network Marketing

What it means is that these companies distribute their products by recruiting customers into their business opportunity and have their customer base promote & market their products for them by giving them incentives and a compensation plan… they become those wonderful AdvoCare reps that you might see on youtube, that are 100% ALL-IN Heart, Mind, Soul!! hey that’s dedication! I commend it, applaud it & salute it anytime I see it! as an Online Entrepreneur myself, I appreciate those people & have tremendous respect for them.

AdvoCare has been known to give up 60% of their revenue back to their independent distributors.

Distributors can make decent money in these companies by building a big network of other distributors below them, as all these companies give multiple pay incentives meaning you get to earn bonuses on the sales of distributors you recruit, this is why it is called Network Marketing basically. You are always working on your team or Network.

So in these MLM’s or Network Marketing companies, to be truly successful, you are not suppose to be sitting there with your shop trying to sell your product to as many people as possible.

Gotta Build that Harem like Hugh


The real money is made in building a big team or network and profiting on the volumes that your big team does in total. This is why in these companies the importance is always recruitment over product sales, if you are trying to make this a serious business for yourself.

Here’s where things can turn sour in these companies.

When people begin to solely focus on recruitment as their #1 objective, you begin to get away from the model of real value exchange.

You see for a business to be legitimate, there has to be real tangible value exchanged for customer’s dollars.

If all you’re doing is selling people on the “promise of making money” and you are making money from all these people, but all that the customers are getting is overly hyped up promises that causes most people to lose on their investment, then you got a real problem on your hands.

Then the company is teetering very close to a pyramid scheme scam.

And so that’s always the #1 concern for all network marketing companies, because a lot of them tread that fine line and if the FTC decides one day that a company such as VEMMA is illegitimate & claimed as a pyramid scheme.

Then the whole company is bust, shut down along with all the distributors that worked so hard for years to build their business & income.

It can be taken from you over night.

And that is a horrible thing I don’t wish for any soul

Man it doesn’t mean network marketing companies are evil or that they don’t work, its just that you have to look at the clear risks involved in these opportunities.

Not trying to be a negative nancy, but every year few MLMs are getting busted.

Some fade away like the tide as their popularity dwindles down due to many reasons like lack of integrity, lack of innovation, etc

I remember when I joined the biggest network marketing company back in like 2013, it was called Empower Network and they had facebook ads and thousands of testimonials and all the sexy videos that were so good, I joined on the program.

I didn’t succeed in it and now when I try to look up that company, its like completely a ghost town.

Props to AdvoCare…they smart…


Now I will give AdvoCare big time props for being so relevant for all these years.

They do a fantastic job of keeping their product line interesting by continuously adding new products or adding celebrity endorsers.

They have stood the test of time and I don’t think anyone should be worrying about them being shut down by FTC for illegal practices anytime soon.

They seem to be much smarter than that.

For one, every purchases including the all-in advisor order to join the business opportunity at maximum benefits which is $2100 is still tied to a products. Its not like you just spend the $2100 and get nothing. No, you get $2100 worth of products at $3000 retail value.

That you can consume yourself or begin selling to others.

So again they have all those protections in place to keep their company from being flagged by the FTC.

Its smart and any MLM company that doesn’t do this, is at high high risk.

As Dj Khaled would say.. “they smart”

Whats incredible about AdvoCare is that its popularity is getting even stronger as of late.

They are now a billion dollar company and they have their goals set on making AdvoCare a household brand.

Despite AdvoCare’s growing popularity and its longevity since its inception in 1994, people are still very wary of joining a network marketing company like AdvoCare…. and for good reasons.

Top Fears of Joining Another MLM like AdvoCare

  1. over saturation: As more people join, its going to get harder for new recruits to become successful in the business… Yes this is always true for all MLM, but it doesn’t seem like AdvoCare is at that saturation level yet, in fact they are getting faster Ruby, Emerald & Diamond Distributors than ever before, people becoming successful faster in the company than 5-10 years ago.
  2. Will the company be around in 10-20 years? Again another big worry for most people looking to invest considerable time & resources into these companies, this is why its highly advisable to join a MLM that’s been around for at least 10 years, AdvoCare passes that test since they are now going into their 22nd year, and I don’t think the need for weight loss and supplements aren’t going away anytime soon so you can bet that AdvoCare will still be around for another 10-20 years easily as long as they keep innovating new products like they have been
  3. My friends & family will look down on me… Unfortunately Most of these MLM companies will push on you to sell to friends & family. hey some people are successful at that, I was not one of them. You can do it but be prepared to face some criticism. Sometimes its those closest to you that will run the biggest anti-supportive campaigns. I have found that sometimes you gotta accept things and move on, you can’t control other people, you can only control yourself. If you believe in what you do then let it be known, whatever reaction your peers may have, that’s got more to do with them. Some people don’t want to see others being successful or reaching for success and you may face some alienation at times, but that’s the road for every entrepreneur
  4. I’m not extroverted enough to be a network marketer: hey I feel you on that, I’m someone that has always sided on the side of being shy & introverted. but now I do sales for my own business daily and I believe I’m becoming better & better each day at this like I am a natural extrovert. I have found that sales is nothing to do with being extroverted or introverted. People care more about your heart. What matters more than anything else in becoming a network marketer or just plain good at sales is your ability to get excited. If you can get excited about the product, service or opportunity you are offering then that emotion will transfer and you will get other people excited & interested as well. Its a very simple way of explaining but it is the truth. Do not allow your preconceived notion of who you think you are, stop you in your tracks. Most likely those “notions of you” isn’t the absolute truth, but was heavily distorted over the years. Check your self.


So is network marketing opportunities like AdvoCare dead?!


But I think sticking to the old strategies of selling to friends & family is dead for most people out there.

Yes there’s some people that has huge social circle, they are well connected in the community and not only do they have tons of family members but they are part of church or other organization where they have many opportunities to prospect for the AdvoCare business…

Well that’s not the case for most of us and its partly why 95% of the people that join AdvoCare fail

They still only teach the same method that was applied in 1994, well guess what internet wasn’t even around back then!

Now with social media and blogging, there are more ways to prospect even if you have no social circle…

You need to cut through the obscurity and it is possible for anyone with the internet

If you need to produce more results than the average, you need to know additional skills than the average

how do you think I make this blog rank for all the AdvoCare keywords?

I learned some skills on top of just cold approaching strangers & doing mixers.

Quit struggling and learn to become a skilled network marketer

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