AdvoCare vs Plexus: Unbiased Reviews on Product & Business Opportunity

What’s the difference between Plexus vs AdvoCare International?

Here’s an unbiased review from someone with great background but not a distributor for either of these companies.

Plexus worldwide began in 2011 while AdvoCare was founded in 1994, plexus seems to be on the rapid rise but so is AdvoCare in recent years with the company reaching billion dollar status, they are putting some focus into more marketing of their brand name by using celebrity endorsers like Drew Brees the New Orleans Saints quarterback and Crossfit undisputed champion Rich Froning. AdvoCare has their goals set on making their brand a household name.

But can you grow faster with the newer Plexus slim?

Both of these companies offer weight loss solution as their emphasis and health & wellness products incorporating vitamin, minerals, probiotics, essential fatty acids for optimal health. More and more people are realizing the importance of supplementation in this modern age of depleting nutritional content in the regular foods from less than ideal urban agriculture methods.

They both offer business opportunity as well, which could be the main attractive point for most looking for work from home solutions.

There is pros and cons to both AdvoCare and Plexus, for one AdvoCare is great because they have stood the test of time since 1994 to show that they are a sound company that’s not going anywhere fast, however anytime you are trying out a brand new company like Plexus there is always concern of the company’s future as you spend countless hours building the business.

But brand new companies like Plexus is great because not too many people have heard about it yet, and they seem to be on the cutting edge of science and constantly expanding their product portfolio, such as using natural sweeteners instead of artificial ones and using various rare herbs that is now becoming identified as having potent beneficial effects on the body.

AdvoCare products on the other hand seem quite generic, it is the things that have been around for a while now and there’s many counterparts available at local stores like GNC. But their products are claimed to go through extraneous testing to ensure highest of quality also some of their popular products like the MNS (metabolic nutritional support) contains proprietary blend of nutrients that seem to get glowing reviews on enhancing health by providing highest grade nutrition in supplement form.

Both companies encourage healthy lifestyle habits of good diet and exercise, and testimonials of weight loss and increased feeling of well being and energy is abundant for both companies.

If you are looking to earn some extra income from these companies, read below for breakdown of their comp plan.

Plexus Products vs AdvoCare Products


Plexus offers variety of weight loss supplements, their most notable one being the Plexus Slim which is a dietary supplement containing vitamin & minerals, and things like Chromium which has been shown to satiate appetite and reduce cravings for fat also natural caffeine from green coffee for bit of energy boost

They also have daily capsules like

  • Accelerator Plus that modulate reduction of body fat
  • Plexus Boost contains natural herbal ingredients that control appetite and energy
  • Plexus Block that contain seaweed blend that inhibit the absorption of starches and sugars by up to 40%
  • Mega X contains complete essential fatty acid that are derived from plant no from fish (containing omega 3,5,6,7,9)
  • Plexus X Factor multi-vitamin capsule also comes with family chewables
  • ProBio 5 provides 5 strains of probiotic & enzymes that help replenish internal flora and help digestion
  • Bio Cleanse: helps the bowels
  • Plexus Ease: Formula gives the body tools to quite everyday flare up and discomfort from stress or strenuous exercise
  • Plexus Ease Cream: Soothing topical relief cream with pleasant scent
  • Plexus Nerve: special blend of vitamin, minerals, herbs, amino acid to help support healthy nerve cells and nervous system
  • Plexus 96: protein drink enhanced with vitamins and minerals (chocolate & vanilla flavors)
  • Plexus Body Cream: skin revitalizer filled with ingredients like Aloe, sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil, grape seed oil, lavender oil, moroccan rose oil, spirulina algae, activated charcoal
  • Plexus breast check kit: patterned kit that allows home tests for breast cancer


AdvoCare also has weight loss supplements, as well as they are big in the energy, physical performance & recently added skin care products.

Their core product is the 24 Day Challenge, that’s how most people start their journey in AdvoCare.

It is a 24 days worth of products & specific directions on exercise & healthy eating, with a cleanse phase for the first 10 days and nutrition build up phase afterwards, designed to take inches off your waist.

Their second core product is the spark. Its a simple packet that you put into water and it gives sustained energy boost, a healthier alternative to monster / redbull / coffee believe it or not, this energy product along with other lines like slam is their biggest market share.

They also have whole range of muscle building supplements and health & wellness products like your multi-vitamins, essential fatty acid supplement the Omega Plex, probiotic supplements & skincare just like Plexus slim.

AdvoCare does seem to offer wider variety of products than Plexus, especially with their emphasis on the energy boost products and using celebrity athlete endorsers like Drew Brees & Crossfit Champion Rich Froning, they seem a lot more attractive to people that go to the gym and or play sports.

I do think the 24 day challenge is a clever bundle of product package that they sell because people love taking on challenges and sharing it on social media just like the ALS ice bucket challenge. Its also fun to take the before and after picture of the challenge and showcase it to others.

AdvoCare Spark is a very popular product for energy, Plexus Slim might be the closest thing to the counter part for that product as it does contain traces of natural caffeine for the energy boost but the Plexus Slim is obviously used as weight loss management drink as it contains minerals that curb appetite and fibers that helps one feel full.

Some of the critics against AdvoCare spark is its use of artificial sweeteners sucralose that make people say Spark is not healthy for you, while Plexus Slim uses natural sweeter stevia which has been been tested to not cause any of the bad stuff that sugar does to the body.

Plexus Home Business Vs. AdvoCare Business Opportunity

They both offer an opportunity to make money with these companies by selling the products to friends & family and to also recruit other people into the business.

Let’s take a look at Plexus Compensation Plan: 11 ways to earn income with Plexus

  1. Business Building Bonus: when a new ambassador joins your team, they have to purchase the welcome pack that’s priced between $99 to $199. 50% of the purchase price becomes a bonus for you and your sponsors above you. So 50% of that bonus you earn, and the other 50% of the bonus goes to 3 qualified ambassadors above you.
  2. Plexus Points: Plexus gives you points for every qualified ambassador in your organization, within the pay structure, and with these points you get to earn a certain paid bonus (profit sharing) of the points your team accrues on a monthly basis.
  3. Achievement Bonus: one time bonus as you rise up the rankings within the Plexus Comp Plan ($100, $250, $350, $500 and $750)
  4. Fast Start Achievement Bonus: if you make it to Gold, Senior Gold, Ruby & Senior Ruby within 30 days of becoming Plexus Ambassador then you get to earn bonsues
  5. Personal Volume and Retail Profit: you get to earn commission on product purchases customers make on your Plexus website which you get when you become ambassador
  6. Personal Volume Override Commission: you earn certain % on the product sales your team makes
  7. Preferred Customer Program: receive bonus earnings on the purchases of preferred customers, clients that make monthly product purchases from you
  8. Emerald Pool Bonus: For those that qualify, company shares 3% of total payout to all ambassador to all the emerald ambassadors that qualify, you also qualify for $500 per month to be used for a new lexus
  9. sapphire pool bonus: Sharing 1% of company payout among the ambassadors that qualify
  10. Diamond Pool Bonus: sharing another 2% of company payout every month with ambassadors that qualify, also $100 per month towards your second lexus
  11. Earn a diamond re-entry position: when you become diamond ambassador you have the opportunity to re-enter yourself for a second position that is at the first level with your original position.

AdvoCare has 5 ways to earn income

  1. Retail Commission: 40% of retail orders
  2. Wholesale Commission: 20% of wholesale orders
  3. Overrides: 7% of business volume of your team, business volume is half of retail value sold
  4. Leadership bonus: Additional bonuses earned on the business volume, as the team grows, this bonus eventually becomes the biggest percentage of the earnings in AdvoCare
  5. Incentive Trips / Rookie Bonus: certain top performers and top rookie performers in the company can earn incentive trips and cash bonuses

I wrote about how to go from nothing to $80K a year in AdvoCare by working their payment plan, you can read about it here.

Also for those that think they will make great money just by selling supplements, think again. True money is again in the recruitment. What you are primarily selling is the dream of being able to spend more time with family and earning greater income. AdvoCare compensation plan exposed article tells all about that.

Both companies offer incentives to earn steady income as you grow your team, how you make true money in AdvoCare or Plexus is through recruiting people into the business and helping your distributor or ambassadors recruit people of their own. Because you get earnings up to 3 levels deep, you can build residual income by building a solid team. You can earn more than simply selling the products yourself.

In Both companies, your sponsor will tell you that your warm contacts of friends & family will be the first group of people to market to, some of the common practices to build your business include

  • 3 way calls
  • home parties or mixers
  • attending success school or other events
  • prospecting through social media

the goal for home parties is to try to get distributor or ambassador sign ups of course but not just that, its to also expand your contact list, if someone is not interested at the time, ask them if they know anyone that might be interested. It is all about the warm referrals in these companies.

This is how distributors in other direct selling companies have built their business, unless you know how to generate leads online, you will have to stick to these face to face, people you know contacts. It is a people business.


Selling any product to people, the most important thing is that you are sold on the product yourself. It is your absolute certainty in the product and your enthusiasm behind it that tells the whole story and will influence others into buying from you.

Therefore it is important to first try out the product like the Plexus Slim or AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, and see for yourself if it works for you and if you get great results then you won’t have too much trouble getting excited talking about the products.

Plexus behind more sole focused on weight loss, someone like myself that is 26 years young without any weight issues might not be the best option. I would opt for AdvoCare and tryout their sports performance and muscle building products to see if I can get great results.

I feel that only after you are convinced on the products yourself and your taking it as well, can you really become an effective distributor or ambassador for these products.

Maybe you’ll love the way Plexus Slim tastes and make you feel, but you can’t really enjoy the AdvoCare spark.

You won’t know till you try, however as mentioned previously AdvoCare does seem to carry a lot of momentum ATM, with their annual event getting bigger and bigger, and more well known faces backing up the company, and their commercials beginning to appear on TV, its hard to look away from the big elephant in the room that is AdvoCare anytime you are comparing between two health & wellness MLM companies.

I also did review on Beachbody that sells wholefood smoothie drinks the shakeology, and Isagenix & Herbalife which are other two strong wellness supplement companies that is growing and have been around for a while now.

For me, that’s been around in the MLM scene, I will say the business opportunity is going to be difficult regardless of which company you join. If you want the chances for most success you might want to take a look at what sort of products & prices your current social circle would be most open to buying?

For example Herbalife is most affordable but contains less of the goods than AdvoCare, Plexus is great for peer groups looking for weight loss solutions but perhaps AdvoCare will be better for those interested in energy and sports performance…

As these businesses are people you know type of business, your ability to expand your prospect list by going through your friends & family, and organizations your involved in locally such as sports teams, church, etc is critical and the easiest way to do that is not appear to be selling people for your profit but simply sharing with people your enthusiasm because the products worked for you and you are feeling great about it.

People appreciate positivity because the world is surrounded by negative atm.

What is AdvoCare / Plexus Business Alternative?

If you want to find out about alternative business to AdvoCare or Plexus, then go here to find out how I went from salary paid $2200 a month to $15,000 a month in a year now working from home and retiring from the corporate job at age 26.

Now I cut my own pay checks, I don’t rely on a corporate job or multi-level marketing companies.