Why I quit AdvoCare & Now generating leads for a plumber?

As my readers would know why I built an AdvoCare review blog but I’m not really a distributor trying to get anybody to join my team?

Well, I quit multi-level marketing and now doing local lead generation. If you are feeling the burn out like I was, then this blog post might serve you well.

For me the shift from completely abandoning MLM’s to start doing local lead gen was very simple.

This video helped me make that shift:

Let me first say that I don’t have any secret vendetta against this company like some people out there who post AdvoCare complaints.

I’m just a guy that was hopelessly struggling with MLM’s and I finally found success not by joining another different MLM company, but leaving that whole model behind.

All I did, was follow & copy exactly what my mentor Dave was doing, whom I respected & trusted.

Dave was a multiple 6 figure earning MLM blogger by ranking for Empower Network which was a very popular network marketing company around 2013. I knew Dave was a real pro because I had some interest in Empower Network and I was doing little bit of research about the MLM opportunity and compensation plan and all I could see was Dave’s site killing it in the rankings.

I followed his blog on and off for few years, and one day I realized he closed shop.

Meaning he was no longer selling Empower Network.

Part of me thought that the company went out of existence and Dave was out of business and maybe going back to employment, but I was curious enough to really see what he was up to, because another part of me knew that someone like Dave that was already living the blogger lifestyle of waking up and working from home, by his backyard pool wasn’t going back to any type of cubicle work anytime soon.

So my research led me to finding out that he had partnered with a pretty advanced local marketer called that sought out Dave for his elite ranking skills.

By this time, I personally had a blog of 80,000 visitors and I was able to monetize it for around $1000 per month, and I was already studying a lot about making money with blogging. So I knew that Dave’s skills would continue to pay him even if Empower Network was no longer there.


The Mentor is an interesting guy, he used to be a car salesman that simply got burned out with the grind and broke out into doing local marketing for local businesses around his city. First he did some email marketing for restaurants like leaving drop boxes where people can leave their emails, he also created a pretty successful local coupon website and then he started doing lead generation by ranking websites which is what I do now.

Tom was making $30,000 per month through his local lead generation business, before he started his coaching business.

When I saw that Dave and Tom had partnered up and I kept my eyes open to what they were doing but didn’t join right away.

Meanwhile my blogging business was growing slowly but at only $1000 per month, not enough to replace my 9 to 5.

However more and more I was realizing that ranking websites and monetizing it was the way to go for me.

This is why I could truly understand how local lead generation could work for me, as some case studies starting coming out.

You see I was making $1000 per month with 1 blog but that was just 1 very specific niche, with local lead generation it allows you to join hundreds of other niches either building a site for a tow truck company, tree service, roofer, dentist, chiropractor, etc and hundreds of different cities to choose from.

I was on the right path already making $1000 per month from 1 blog in 1 niche, I knew at that point that I just needed more sites, ranked in more niches and I could slowly but surely multiply my online income and eventually replace my 9 to 5 job which was my dream and top priority.

So I followed Tom & Dave from a far for a while, probably 3-4 months.

And as I began to see some of their successful students, that were ranking the most simple looking websites at the top of Google and making pretty good commissions off of it, I knew that even if the program allowed me to rank few sites, I would get my money back and I will at least then have the skills to quit my cubicle job for good.

Top 10 Strength of Local Lead Generation


  1. When it is possible to rank in any city and in any type of industry or niche, it gives you so much opportunities to succeed without competing with cut throat competition like it is with a MLM like Empower Network or AdvoCare which requires you to rank & compete nationally. I mean you can choose to generate leads for a plumber, AC & heating company, tow truck driver, dentist, orthodontist, physical therapist, list goes on and on.
  2. In the local arena, ranking sites is much much easier (ranking in a city of 80,000 to 150,000 population is pretty darn easy compared to ranking nationally, duh)
  3. once the site is ranked it really doesn’t require much more time from you ever, & it can continue to generate leads & make money for you. So this allows you to really scale your business to great heights without ever needing to hire a huge staff of helpers
  4. You don’t have to sell to friends & family members: does this need any further explaining?
  5. Feel proud about what you are doing, you are essentially becoming an expert marketer for local businesses, an advertising agency if you will. And everybody understands the value & need for great advertising. You are delivering real value to people, no gimmicks or empty promises
  6. you get paid directly from local business owners, not by some large corporation you don’t have control over & that could be participating in illegal pyramid activities like VEMMA that got shut down by the FTC and everyone lost years and years of hard work down the drain.
  7. Internet is not going anywhere neither is local business so this business model is here to stay, can’t say that to every MLMs out there
  8. Its pretty darn easy to set up a sites & rank, it can be broken down into few steps
  9. Most of the time, you provide results in advance for business owners so you are talking to people that want to talk to you, versus cold calling or cold approach
  10. work from anywhere: all you need is a laptop and internet

I personally have my own reasons to believe that local lead generation is much easier than succeeding in AdvoCare, and I do believe the business is much more scalable to larger income levels than AdvoCare.

In AdvoCare recruiting people into the business opportunity is the core of their sales & revenues, not the actual products.

In local lead generation, the actual product which is the ranked website is the actual generator of revenue.

There comes a certain point in your AdvoCare Career where you realize that 95% of your downline will fail, and lose on their investment.

Then you have to continue recruiting knowing this fact if you want to continue achieving success inside the company.

This is why I love my local lead gen business 10x more.

I do not work for anybody else but myself.

I know what I’m selling to business owners is 100% beneficial for them and it is leading them to success.

Getting txts like this knowing you are making a positive difference to all the people you do business with is a great feeling.

diontxt IMG_7622

This coaching program has allowed me to quit my 9 to 5 and run my own business where I get to grow my annual income everyday, 1 website at a time. I have now become one of the program’s success testimonial, and the coaches Dave & Tom has given me a chance to bring other people into the program for a small commission, I’m all about having multiple streams of income plus I get to help few burnout MLMers and AdvoCare Distributors along the way.

But I will say 90% of my income is my very own local lead generation business. So I practice what I preach. The knowledge you learn inside this program is deadly effective and I feel 100% confident in sharing the opportunity with others.

& because in local there is so many cities and so many different niches out there, I’m not really worried about competition, there is more than enough to go around for more people.

Go here to check out some of the testimonials and schedule a 30 min call with the coaches to see if you would be a good fit for the program.