Rich Froning AdvoCare & CrossFit Affiliate Opportunity?

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AdvoCare’s New Endorser, Rich Froning stood on stage during 2015 Success School promoting the products, does this symbolize AdvoCare distributors soon joining hands with CrossFit Affiliates? Is there big potential for new business for MLM’s merging with the CrossFit culture & audience?

Rich is a pro CrossFit athlete that won first place in Cross Fit games from 2011 to 2015, winning the title “Fittest Man on Earth”, he is the face of CrossFit and recently became AdvoCare endorser and appeared on stage during this year’s Success School 2015. Rich’s entry into AdvoCare brings up interesting opportunity for CrossFit affiliate, the independent gym owners to look into AdvoCare business as potential supplemental revenue stream.

I’ve been a big fan of Rich and the CrossFit training for a while, If I was still doing AdvoCare then I would be very excited about Rich Froning endorsement move as there is definitely potential for big warm market of CrossFit enthusiasts to crack down on. That is before I found few mentors that taught me a sexier way to make money online.

If you found this article, chances are you may have some of the following questions looming…

Is Rich Froning a true user of AdvoCare products?

What the hell is CrossFit affiliate?

Is AdvoCare business opportunity right for me?

Rich Froning Endorses AdvoCare on 2015 Success School Stage

In early august of 2015 which was few weeks ago, Rich Froning went on stage at the 2015 AdvoCare success school in which he claims he is a big fan of the supplements, and when Rich was asked in front of thousands what his favorite products were, here was his answer:

“Rich, why do you think people should use AdvoCare supplements?”

“Why wouldn’t you, its the best.” -Rich

“Every morning & Afternoon, I take half a spoon of Spark, 1-2 scoops of rehydrate, arginine extreme, Mass Impact.”

“Then Muscle Gain & Post Work out throughout the day”

“Night Time recovery at night.”

“During Competition, I take Muscle Fuel & O2 Gold.”

then he goes off to do a little competition with himself on stage

Rich Froning joins the ranks with Drew Brees as top athlete endorser of AdvoCare.

He demolishes his record and does 30 reps of 225 lbs clean lifts in 3:78 min

and then exits the stage saying the AdvoCare slogan “Use it, the pros do.”

I am a fan of Rich Froning so naturally I was interested in his move to join this company and putting his face on it.

He has been dominating the crossfit individual competition since 2011 as the fittest man on earth, destroying the competition in series of grueling, intense exercises pushing the individual’s physical endurance & strength to the limits. It is truly a spectacular competition to watch and for last 4 years no one has been able to figure out Rich Froning, many top athletes have tried but Rich always prevailed in the end.

This super star athlete is now becoming the face of AdvoCare?

I was intrigued…

I saw a video of him in 2013 in which he claimed he hardly believes in any supplement like creatine or arginine, which is contained in the AdvoCare products Max Impact and Arginine Extreme that he proclaimed that he uses.

Some people say you don’t need AdvoCare supplements to be healthy. Just good old fashioned proper diet & exercise. “There is no short cut to health” although I agree with these views, to maximize peak performance like Rich, I do think supplementation do play its role.

Is he backing up AdvoCare because he is getting paid to do so, or is he actually using these products on a day to day basis? because he now has access to them?

There is no question that AdvoCare as a billion dollar company paid their way to acquire Rich Froning who is a complete winner to endorse their company.

I do see this move by AdvoCare as a way to get into the CrossFit Market, as their community & culture grows in popularity.

Will it be a good fit? Only time will tell…

I don’t see any issues with Rich joining or AdvoCare going after him. I would of done the same thing in either of their positions.

Rich has always been known in his interviews as someone that takes pride in the work ethics that made him the champion the first time, and after 3 wins he stated clearly that he doesn’t believe he need to change anything because who he was and what he did before made him a champion why does he need to incorporate anything new?

I don’t think we will ever clearly know if Rich Froning actually takes AdvoCare supplements or not, but for those of you still on the AdvoCare business journey this is great news as it provides another solid point of credibility for the company and its products.

But I see something else rising in the horizon.

CrossFit Affiliate Business Supplements Multi Level Marketing AdvoCare?

What is CrossFit Affiliate?

It is a for entrepreneurs that want to start their own gym and personal trainer / fitness coach business, by paying CrossFit $3,000 annual membership fee, you can use their name to represent your gym or trainer business.

Then it is up to you to engineer a gym with a shoe string budget, many have done just that, redesigning various barns and garages into gyms and turning their passion for training into their primary source of income.

Rich joining AdvoCare means a whole new world of possibilities for AdvoCare distributors? to possibly go after the CrossFit market as Rich Froning establishes strong credibility and raises interest.

A successful crossfit gym owner and well known trainer already has big circle of influence of ideal audience, people interested in fitness and already taking muscle gaining supplements. These individuals are dream prospects for AdvoCare distributors. When you have a massive circle of influence it definitely helps your odds of succeeding in the business opportunity.

AdvoCare’s core products involve weight loss regime and muscle building & athletic performance supplements that utilizes things like Amino Acids (protein), Creatine, Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins & Minerals. And the famous Spark which can be used like No-Xplode, a stimulant that helps people push harder during workouts as caffeine as one of its core components.

There is a whole business aspect to AdvoCare.

  • For $79 (distributor kit) you can start purchasing products at 20% off retail and start selling it for 20% comission
  • For $2100 Fee or ($3,000 worth of product purchases) you can become a Advisor in which you can purchase products at 40% off retail and earn up to 40% in commission
  •  You can either sell products to people or recruit people into the business, you earn small percentage of product sales of each people you recruit, so the more people you recruit the more leveraged income you can earn (making money off of other people’s efforts)

So you are definitely incentivized to recruit more and more people, and ideally people that are hungry and not shy about going out there and promoting AdvoCare to as many people as possible.

Or people that already have large circle of influence of relevant potential buyers like fitness coaches & personal trainers.

Oh yeah, Crossfit Affiliates!

An AdvoCare advisor would be happy to recruit any and all CrossFit Affiliate because that gym owner has strong credibility with their clients, and at the very least he/she will be able to sell the products to few people that he trains and works with, and possible much more overtime as he continues his CrossFit business which continues to bring prospects to him.

Each CrossFit owner is a cash cow.

Even if they generate $500 worth of business a month, every little bit ads up for the Advisor.

But if you want to make sizable income with AdvoCare, is promoting the products to just your clients enough?

If you own a gym and you got like 10-15 clients, then you may be able to make few extra bucks in product sales, but in order to build good size-able income of $2,000 a month and up, you actually have to begin recruiting people into the business opportunity which will require that you talk to much more than 10-15 people, maybe multiple that by 10x and you might get close to the actual number of people you will need to talk to.

I estimate people that will actually succeed in AdvoCare, have to be prepared to approach anywhere from 200 people and up before they can legitimately say that they gave it their honest try.

Like any business, the survival depends entirely on the rate of acquiring leads or prospects to the business.

Which is a number that is way outside most people’s comfort zone, and so people have the wrong expectations which sets them up for failure.

That is one of the major issues with all MLM’s, the business opportunity and company is represented by anyone and anybody so the marketing behind them becomes a bit too hypey.

And you also get legions of people that are clueless about sales, that go out disrupting everyone’s day about the company and those people will have a sour taste for that brand name for life, whether we realize it consciously or not, our subconscious will link the messenger with the company.

Over saturation is a serious concern for all MLM’s as entry into some of these businesses is so low, only $79 for AdvoCare. And that certainly has its pros & cons.

It is awesome that people that are in bad spots in life financially, can join and hustle really hard and pull themselves out of it with only their will & determination alone.

Starting a local business like any brick & mortar business (restaurant, pub, barber shop, etc) or service based business like Limousine Service requires decent bit of investment up front. So its hard entry for most people, which is also protection…

If I was to invest the next 10 years of my life building a business, I would want that niche to be the toughest entry as possible.

Either its the capital investment that makes it so, or its a very specialized skill that no anyone can learn.

Those are some key questions to ask yourself when entering business for yourself, you want longevity.

Not something that will be here today and gone tomorrow.

AdvoCare Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

A lot of MLM’s walk the fine line between legal business model to illegal pyramid scheme.

The best way to understand this is to realize that at the end of the day, if the company is generating revenue by actual exchange of product / service that has tangible value for the customer then even if that product/service is distributed on a multi level basis by use of independent distributors, it is completely legal.

MLM companies like AdvoCare has simply chosen to use their customers to distribute their products by offering commission incentives and not the commercial distribution channel that Nike or Reebok might use such as retail stores.

This is why AdvoCare stresses on their message that their business is a product driven business.

An illegal pyramid scheme is a company that dupes people into their “scheme” or “business opportunity” but they don’t actually provide any real business or value that they offer to people, just false promises.

In AdvoCare even the business opportunity of distributor kit for $79 or the $3000 initial investment to go all-in comes with wholesale products that person can turn around and start selling for commission so in this way they protect themselves from the FTC because there is actual exchange of products taking places.

Yet there are people that still challenge AdvoCare.

Saying that if the company is truly product driven business, why aren’t they selling their products in every distribution channel they can? such as retail stores like Wal-Mart, Vitamin Shoppe, Wal-Greens, Etc?

And why do they restrict independent distributors from setting their own price? Just like how Wal-mart can set their own retail prices.

How is it truly owning your own business when you can’t set the price of your products?

The simple answer is that if distributors can set their own price, it will destroy the business opportunity for majority of distributors because this whole system relies on moving products to end user at full retail price so people in between can earn their 20% to 40% margins.

What would happen if a big player comes in, and sets up an online AdvoCare store with prices much cheaper than retail, then why would any new prospect buy from the sponsor that approached them when they can buy the products much cheaper online?

eBay is already hurting some of AdvoCare business as the famous 24 day challenge is sold $80 cheaper there than retail value.

This is why price is heavily regulated in AdvoCare and people that messed with this matter has been sued for large penalties. AdvoCare don’t play around.

This is the more benign way of looking at things, the malevolent view by people that despise all things MLMs is that AdvoCare does not sell in retail stores because their true way of generating revenue is recruiting people into the business opportunity and these individuals purchase the $3,000 all-in investments in which 95% of the people has shown to fail, their claim that its a product driven business is a mere cover story.

Some people tend to focus on the negatives & sometimes over exaggerate it… I try to take an unbiased stance, however the statistics remain as facts.

Then the question is, the high failure rate is that the fault of the company? or the fact that most people simply aren’t cut out to be their own boss?

AdvoCare is a volunteer business, meaning there is no boss to report to or any corporate pressure that says you have to perform. For the most part, one has to be self-motivated and self-driven to succeed. Most people are simply not ready for that level of responsibility.

There’s some shady MLM’s out there but for me AdvoCare appears as one of the more legit ones…because their product do actually seem to work for people. So there is actual value that people are getting as seen by the individual testimonials of people losing weight from the 24 day challenge. (not from their DVD’s / paid endorsers, but from various online forums.)

When the MLM leans too much towards relying on recruitment to generate dollars, then you step too far to the wrong side of the line like Vemma.

If products produce good results for people, and it is money well spent for these individuals, then what is the issue of independent distributors getting their friends & family on the products and making a commission for their efforts to help people with health & fitness.

Quality of AdvoCare Supplements

AdvoCare products are marginally more expensive then its counter parts, they claim that their products are superior grade and its individually tested by third party labs to ensure its premium quality.

Some people do not totally agree with this, there are several forums of people that are against Rich endorsing AdvoCare like below post titled “AdvoCare is being crammed down my throat!”


One could argue that Rich joined AdvoCare out of necessity, not out of pure support & love of the products, after all Rich was always known as the guy that didn’t really believe in supplements and his recent announcement to retire from the individual competition means he won’t be winning those $275,000 checks anymore like he did in 2014 for placing first.

No one will argue that Rich’s success came primarily from his crazy work ethic of working out 7 times a day, 7 days a week.

CrossFit gym owners and gym goers will have to prepare for AdvoCare distributors approaching them about their products and the business opportunity.

“Hey did you hear Rich Froning is taking this product?”

I personally think AdvoCare products are good, clean products. Various clean amino acid combination which I believe does help with muscle recovery and building. Compared to a lot of the other junks out there that contains filler, unhealthy calories, I am a fan of some of the more clean muscle building amino supplements that AdvoCare carries.

But if you are going to be purchasing for long term basis, you would want to get the distributor kit at least for $79 so you can get the products at 20% discount, and you don’t have to do the business opportunity if you don’t want to.


I think there is potential for CrossFit and AdvoCare to work together and a lot of people will have their own opinions around this.

I think why a CrossFit affiliate is such a great candidate to become a high earning Advisor is not because of their existing circle of influence which could be 10 if that person is just starting out or it could be 100.

I think its the fact that these individuals will have a entrepreneurial mindset that will treat the AdvoCare business opportunity as running any other business. It cannot be treated as a hobby with one foot in and one foot out, and expect to make any headway with it. Even at 100 people in your circle of influence, you will have to venture forth outside your circle and prospect new people like your life depended on it.

The cool think is, you have few services to offer the same audience.

  1. Business Opportunity with AdvoCare
  2. AdvoCare supplements (Spark / Muscle Enhancing)
  3. Membership at your own CrossFit Gym
  4. Personal training service

if you can incorporate AdvoCare as just another option for people to explore and you are filling people’s needs and offering solution to people’s financial & fitness issues then I think it is possible for the CrossFit affiliate to merge the two business together.

When I saw testimonials of stay at home moms and college students make substantial residual income with AdvoCare, I thought I could do this if they did it, and I joined. But it was really challenging, first of all I do not have much family in the US and I really did not like trying to sell to friends…

In my struggle I found a few mentors that taught me a new skill set of ranking websites for local businesses, and how to get paid well for it.

Now I run my own business in which I do not have to sell to friends & family.

A business in which I own 100% and have full control over. No worrying about the FTC. or whether the company will be around few years from now.

Its a business I can feel good about, feel proud telling people what I’m doing, a business that allowed me to retire from my 9 to 5 job at age 26 and now passionate about sharing this opportunity with others that are still struggling with MLMs.

It is a beautiful feeling to wake up and do what you love, and realize your dreams of working for yourself has become a reality.

Check out my mentor that showed the way