How to sell AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge like a diamond distributor?

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Let’s take a look at all the different ways of selling AdvoCare 24 day Challenge & review all the different tactics that top distributors are using out there.

Did you know that for most AdvoCare advisors get 80% of their prospects by first having them try the 24 day challenge?

It is a critical product to get people in the door to your AdvoCare business.

so lets get right down to it.

How to sell the 24 day challenge easily and as much as you possibly can!

We will talk about the direct selling method that has been practiced by nearly all the distributors in the company since 1994, as well as more passive ways of selling AdvoCare leveraging social media & the internet that not too many distributors are turned onto quite yet.

Because A.) it is not taught and B.) it is assumed that the internet is too challenging for most people to learn so sponsors don’t even bother

if you’re looking into the business opportunity, you better know all the different ways to sell AdvoCare including the conventional ways the top distributors swear by as well as unconventional ways that some diamond distributors are using as their secret go-to!

Direct Selling Approach

direct selling approach yields the fastest results in the shortest amount of time possible, but it will also require more grunt work as well.

At the heart of most AdvoCare business, its sales.

& As Jordan Belfort (The wolf on wallstreet) will tell you, sales is a numbers game.

Yes you can increase the odds to your favor over time as you perfect the art of 3 step process of AdvoCare selling, but you’ll never get sales if you don’t put yourself out there and be willing to get rejected from others

3 step success is this

  1. prospect
  2. lead to your sponsor (book a 3 way call with your sponsor to provide 3rd person credibility & get someone with more knowledge & experience on the phone with new prospect)
  3. Follow Up

It’s simple enough for anyone to remember.

The more prospects you get and consistently is the operative word here, the more likely you will succeed with AdvoCare.

Now this prospecting part is the challenge and where I struggled with the most.

With direct marketing methods, you have to actively pursue people (again its the fastest way to results, but more uncomfortable for most people)

Different ways of direct selling or marketing as practiced by top distributors and seem to produce results

  • call up friends & family
  • create a mixer event in facebook and invite your friends list by actively sending them a private message “Hey I’m having a mixer party this weekend, about a new weight loss company I’m involved in and I would love for you to come!”
  • carry spark and bottle of water everywhere you go, and start making the drink in front of people to peak their interest & start a conversation. This is called “Sparking Up” in the community
  • if you know coffee drinkers at your work place, gym or other places, give them a spark already made in a water bottle and ask them to try it out as caffeine alternative, even hand them a pack to try
  • always asking people at your mixers if they know of any friends & family that might be interested in AdvoCare products or business opportunity, (from Jenny Donnelly aka diamond distributor training) “a mixer is a precursor to another appointment, you never want everyone to leave the mixer with you having another person you’re talking to” again the famous sales saying “always be closing” comes to mind but for distributors it should also be “always be prospecting”

Again the sparking up tactics is what the diamond distributors are doing to this day, just ask Dawn Funk

AdvoCare’s official training is their success system, which is different strategies that has been proven to work over the last 2 decades since Advocare’s conception in 1994.

In it the top leaders of the company state that AdvoCare is a people you know business, the ones that become successful weren’t shy about tapping into their current social circles, and asking if they would like to join or seeing if they had referrals to introduce them to.

AdvoCare does not advocate approaching strangers on the side of the street or open up table booths in Wal-Mart to build the business.

This may be relief to some, but for younger generations that do not have that much established connections in their community yet, it can become almost impossible to follow their paradigm of going through people you know.

this is why I looked into becoming a master at passive forms of marketing and this including learning the ability to rank for AdvoCare keywords in Google, which is how you found my proud AdvoCare blog computer knacks.

I had very limited social circle, so I had no other option but to try to sell AdvoCare products to strangers. The fastest way to get strangers to know about you is through the internet

its a strategy I don’t hear too many distributors talk about, as it is not part of AdvoCare’s official trainings, I do believe their sales methods have carried on since 1994 and that’s when the internet was non-existant

Today you really have to learn how to use the internet effectively for any business, especially social media

Just ask top distributor Michelle Bishop with 250,000 followers on instagram if social media helped her AdvoCare biz

Passive Marketing with AdvoCare

Using the internet to brand your business is considered the more passive approach because you are not actively going out and hunting people down. Instead you broadcast your message (similar to what I’m doing with this blog) and you allow people to come find you.

Although this method takes more time before you start seeing the results, it can become extremely powerful down the road when you become successful at it because you then have the potential to generate leads or prospects for your AdvoCare business without you actually having to go get it yourself.

You allow the blog or articles to do the work for you 24/7, Monday through Sunday.

I am able to get people interested in AdvoCare, to visit my blog all day everyday, although interestingly enough I am not selling AdvoCare anymore, more on that later…

So lets take a look at all the ways you can passively market your AdvoCare business

  • Wearing AdvoCare apparel
  • Leaving AdvoCare business cards everywhere you go
  • Posting Facebook status updates
  • Posting images on your Instagram about 24 Day Challenge & AdvoCare product reviews & Working out, getting fit & Sexy
  • twitter! (although I would say I see most distributors having success with facebook and instagram, because its more engaging with audience especially with pictures)
  • Building your own AdvoCare blog: A blog can be powerful because it allows strangers to get to know you without you having to speak to them. Also when you build a great blog, all the different pages you make will begin to pick up traffic from all corners of the internet
  • Posting youtube videos about product reviews, AdvoCare business opportunity review, compensation plan review, 24 day challenge journey before & afters, & more. Other online marketers are capitalizing on this to get traffic for their own business, why not you? The big advantage of course is that it builds instant connection & rapport because people get to see your face

As you would guess I am a big fan of blogging, it is how I built multiple sources of income online with one blog that gets 80K visitors every month and this blog becoming bigger and bigger every month.

Blogging is all about getting traffic and converting that traffic into dollars by having a great offer, for distributors it would be a link to their store to try out the 24 day challenge or spark. Your blog could be centered around lifestyle and fitness

People will overtime fall in love with your writing and viewpoints so don’t be afraid to let your true colors show

is it as simple as writing a blog post everyday?

I get this question all the time

the answer is yes & no

for example, my first blog that gets 80K visitors every month has been built just by writing blog posts consistently for several years about something I was passionate in

Overtime you build great big articles that pick up long tail keywords and as more visitors visit your site, your site gains credibility and if you have quality blog posts, people will also link back to your site which also boosts you in the ranking.

When I built this site about AdvoCare, I didn’t want to wait around 2-3 years before I saw good traffic so I had to incorporate other tactics to sort of speed the process along

I got to the first page for many strong keywords like “AdvoCare Compensation Plan” or “AdvoCare Scam”

in 6 months instead of 2-3 years like it would normally take for most people

In order to get those kind of results, you need additional training

luckily for you I am making available a coaching program that will show you exactly how to rank like the top 1% of the internet

my mentors make multiple 7 figures on the internet ranking sites & articles, yes you heard that right. Multiple Million Dollars by ranking sites.

Learning this skill is what took me to the next level in business and allowed me to finally quit my 9 to 5 job that I despised

What they teach is local lead generation which is the business model I transitioned into, but the skills will absolutely work for your AdvoCare business as well. Take a closer look of this coaching program here and schedule a free strategy call with one of the coaches here.