How to make money selling AdvoCare online?

Okay, now let’s talk about making money by selling AdvoCare on the internet, shall we?

Exhaust your warm contact list? introvert? or no time for house parties? Don’t worry, you can still be successful by learning to market AdvoCare online.

Hi my name is Eli, and I am self-employed because of my skills in online marketing that allows me to generate income while I sleep, if you want to sell more 24 day challenges and get more advisors, you could be missing out on tremendous potential if you only rely on offline marketing methods.

This site is dedicated to those that are looking to become their own boss. Those that want more out of life. Those that aspire a lifestyle of working from a laptop anywhere in the world whether that’d be in your PJ’s at home or by the beach whilst traveling the world.

Here’s the facts: 95% of AdvoCare distributors fail.

Majority of these people are overlooking one crucial factor in building their AdvoCare business.

& that is utilizing the greatest prospecting tool of the 21st century: The internet

Maybe you’re researching about AdvoCare and you hear about becoming an advisor or distributor, What’s the difference? How much do AdvoCare Advisor make? The difference was outlined in this blog post.

At the advisor level you make 40% commission and AdvoCare monthly consumption cost for 1 customer is about $130, so your monthly commission from that customer is $52 and hopefully they keep using the supplements.

So as you can see you have to sell at retail price to a lot of people if you ever think you will replace your full time job income with AdvoCare. You need far greater reach than people in your current immediate social circle. Now AdvoCare does give you bonuses like Overrides & Leadership Bonus that allows you to earn a percentage off of your team member’s sales so it is possible to get 3 really kick ass advisors below you that just kill it and hit it out of the park and you become wealthy off of other people’s sheer hustle.

But this is unlikely.

The problem is the ratio of these people that can successfully make it with AdvoCare is very few & far in-between. Because in order to accomplish the volume great enough to make AdvoCare a successful business, most do not have social circle big enough unless you are some celebrity or public figure.

So as the leader that needs to train your own team of advisor to become successful, you should be educated in all the different means to market AdvoCare in far more creative ways than being the pushy friend or relative that’s going after their limited pool of warm contacts.


Check this out, AdvoCare has been around for a while. In 1993, people didn’t have the internet so the offline or local marketing strategies of mixers, 3 way calls & making the list of friends & family was really your only options.

I am not saying these strategies don’t work, but to reach Ruby level to earn $81K a year income level you need to get a 39 advisor level team that are hustlers generating $1K in sales or consumption every 2 weeks.

I’d guess that for most people its pretty hard to find 39 driven people in your immediate circle of influence.

Could you sell 10 Adidas Sneakers in 1 week if you go knocking on enough doors and calling people up? sure.. But how fast could sell those same sneakers? Maybe 40 min?


AdvoCare’s youngest diamond distributor Michelle Bishop, made a YouTube video titled My Advocare Journey – Feb 2013 to Jan 2015

In which she chronicles her journey of two years, breaking records as the fastest growing distributor in AdvoCare history.

What was her secret?

Yes she did lots of mixers, 3 way calls and got out there and go to work, but 1 crucial key to her success was the fact that she already had a pretty large social media following on twitter & other platforms.

Previous to AdvoCare she was a self-employed 6 figure income earner as a personal fitness trainer.

She started taking the products & starting sharing her results on her twitter account, and her followers chewed it up probably because as a fitness coach she has already established herself as an authority and built a lot of trust.


Here’s a picture of her Instagram page taken in July 2015, she’s got that incredible 241K followers.

My business mentor Grant Cardone says “Your network is your net worth”

Human beings like other people like us, or people that we aspire to be.

Here’s what I see working really well for Michelle.

  • She is courageous enough to put herself out there on different platforms like YouTube and share her personal stories
  • She uses social media like Instagram to promote a fit, successful lifestyle that we all want
  • She holds a vision for a better life and gives people hope

People are willing to give their right arm and a leg for a vision, because they do not have their own.

James Cameron, the director & creator of Avator had to raise a billion dollars for the movie, that feat was only possible because he sold investors on a vision for a new world, a new reality. Having a strong why and a purpose, is what compels people to buy into your vision.

As an aspiring AdvoCare distributor, you have to market much more than just “health supplements”, you have to inspire & motivate others to take action for their future. Who doesn’t want a better life with no office or a boss to report to?

Now do you have to become a public figure like Michelle Bishop to see success in AdvoCare?

No, but like in any business whether its an offline brick and mortar business or online multi-level marketing company like AdvoCare, you have to get your business known to as many people as possible & ideally to those people that are already halfway interested in either consuming or selling AdvoCare products online or offline.

When we are talking about the biggest return for your time & efforts, to get that massive reach & the sheer volume of people to take notice. There’s simply nothing comparable to the internet, specifically ranking pages in the search results.

Lets recap few basic ideas & questions.

Can you sell AdvoCare products online?

Yes of course. when you sign up as a distributor you will get an email with account info, use it to login at the AdvoCare site and go to Manage My Marketing Site to edit your story and picture. You now have a 1 page store which you can direct people to and have them buy the 24 day Challenge, Distributor Kit, Advisor Level, or bundle of AdvoCare products and you earn commission automatically or get your team of advisors & distributors.

Each sell is all tracked, so really your online store is already taken care of. All you have to worry about is generating traffic, or getting people to find your store.

It’s like you now own a McDonalds store in a remote location and no body knows about it. You need to start building street signs and big billboards next to the highway and begin redirecting some of that traffic to your store!

Let’s again recap, Why you should sell & market AdvoCare on the internet?

Here’s some pros

  • Internet has much bigger reach!: There’s only so many people you can meet face to face, and only so many house parties or mixers you can do every month. Yet there’s thousands searching online about business opportunity from home or about AdvoCare everyday. Many People that hear about AdvoCare will do research about it online before they join. They have many questions like is Advocare legit? is AdvoCare a pyramid scheme? Is AdvoCare a scam? When you become an effective online marketer, you can take advantage of this traffic and capitalize on it. When you begin getting distributors to join you from all across US and not just locally, & virtually around the clock, now you’re really going somewhere.
  • Get leads without talking to anyone face to face: People buy stuff online more and more because we all have scarcity of time. When you have a compelling story, people will invest in you, yes face to face contact is powerful but you don’t absolutely need it to sell your AdvoCare distributor kit online.
  • Get new advisors & distributors while you sleep: perhaps the greatest benefit of all, by leveraging the internet you can multiply your time. A page that took you only couple hours set up can potentially go to work for you for the next 10 years, generating you leads and growing your AdvoCare business while you sleep, eat & lounge. Welcome to the definition of: Leverage
  • You can sell AdvoCare without being pushy: one of the main AdvoCare complaints is that people feel awkward or simply don’t like approaching their friends and family to sell them something that they know will not be a great fit for them. I’m sure we can all relate, not all of our family members are into health & wellness or becoming an entrepreneur. By marketing online, you can just share your story which holds value and people that are attracted to that will follow you and can eventually sign up, so its more passive form of marketing than the more active cold calling or door to door.

Keep in mind, I am not knocking on the active form of marketing, as that does have few advantages that the passive form of marketing does not. The active form will get you faster result initially.

Look when you buy the distributor kit for $79 and you can get AdvoCare supplements at 20% off retail, and you are really strapped for cash. Take those products and approach strangers at the mall, gym, yoga classes and offer those products to them at retail.

This kind of active hustle takes a lot of guts but in the beginning its going to be the fastest way to get some cash right away.

Your upline or sponsor will tell you to take the active approach, because that’s something anybody can teach or do.

But its not that difficult to learn the online way like most people think, in my opinion the offline way in the long term is much more difficult and time consuming.

If you found this article, chances are you have come to the same realization I had years ago that the active form of MLM business is not sustainable long term due to the following issue

  • In order to grow the Advisor business to $30K a year income and above will require you to market to way more people than people expect (the warm list will get exhausted)

AdvoCare promotes that you only need 3 advisors and help them get 3 advisors below them and help those people get 3 more, etc till you build a Ruby Level Organization of 39 people, and this is easy to see for explanation sake, but this is assuming that all those advisors are doing $1K group volume every 2 weeks.

You don’t just get the advisor and you’re all set, these people have to stay active and motivated for the long haul. You realize 80% of new gym goers after New Years will stop going by February when their excitement drops.

To get 1 great advisor you may have to sign up 20 advisors. And I believe this is why most people fail in AdvoCare. They are greatly underestimating what it takes to actually make it.

If you think you can make it in AdvoCare after you sign up 3 Advisors you might be gravely mistaken. This is not a get rich quick scheme no matter how much some AdvoCare promoters like to harp on how “simple” it can be.

Climbing Mount Everest is “simple” you just have to place one foot after the other in 1 direction, but its not easy in any stretch of the imagination. You also need lots of gear for support and having a guide that has already climbed the mountain will greatly help.

So this is why I make this blog, as someone that has finally climbed that mountain of successfully making money online and stepping off from 9 to 5 mouse wheel for good at the age of 26.

Biggest tip for aspiring AdvoCare diamond & ruby distributors

If you’re thinking you could potentially make it with your your warm contact list and doing more house parties, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

It is possible to succeed offline, but again this is about 3-5% of the people that join.

How to successfully sell AdvoCare online?

Mixers & House parties do produce results, and this guide is in no way trying to convince you to stop doing those proven methods but perhaps you want to explore other possibilities. If you could even get 1-2 extra sign ups every month online with your AdvoCare site, that requires little to no time on your part than why not learn everything there is to learn about making online AdvoCare sales to maximize your results?

Here we will cover every online marketing strategy for AdvoCare which by the way a lot of the top earners are using.

Sell AdvoCare on Facebook

  • Post on your timeline about your experience with the 24 day challenge, you can post a link back to your blog (more on this later), or you can simply tag some of your friends by using @Friend Name and challenge them to the 24 day challenge, and give them a link to purchase it from your store. Make it fun and exciting like the famous ice bucket challenge for ALS, people love challenges and seeing before & after pictures.
  • Join different social groups about fitness & wellness. Send friend request to 10 people everyday, don’t have to directly market to them but if they accept you as a friend they will begin seeing your posts about success with AdvoCare. If someone likes your post, that post will become visible to all of their friends. So in this way, your circle of influence in Facebook will get bigger overtime as you continue to take action.

Sell AdvoCare on Twitter

  • Remember people are attracted to those that are like them or those that they aspire to be. Create a twitter page and begin following influential people in fitness, see what kind of tweets they make. It’ll be fun, playful & interesting. When a tweet makes us feel inspired, motivated or laugh these posts all hold value. We are all attracted to value, so don’t just tweet about AdvoCare, tweet about your awesome life and people will begin associating your awesomeness to your AdvoCare business.
  • Tweet often, get the app on your smartphone. If you really want to kill it with Twitter you have to be consistent and constant. Re-tweet people so that they will notice you. Get a conversation going with prominent fitness (or other) figures for all their fan base to see. You really can’t fail at a tweet, the only way to actually fail is to not tweet at all.
  • Every now and then drop a little comment or two about your success with AdvoCare with a link pointing back to your personal AdvoCare store page with biography.
  • Post your twitter account on Facebook or sites, to get people to follow you.

Sell AdvoCare on Youtube

  • People love watching testimonials on Youtube when doing their research as society becomes more and more reading phobia.
  • Tell about your compelling story of why you joined AdvoCare, even if you have not succeeded with it yet. Speak about your determination to succeed or even your success with 24 day challenge. Speak from your heart, & people will admire & respect you. Put a link in description for your store.
  • Take massive imperfect action: human beings have this awful fear about looking foolish or not doing things perfectly, and it stops us from progressing in life. Sometimes you have to look foolish in the name of progress. What’s more important with Youtube marketing is quantity over quality. Take videos and even if its not to your standards, post anyway, and then keep posting. Look if you try to make just few “perfect” videos, it won’t matter because people will not find you anyway. Consistency is the mother of all skill. In the beginning especially, quantity will trump everything else.
  • Make your title relevant to what your audience is searching. Like “should I join AdvoCare?” not “health products”

Sell AdvoCare on Instagram

  • Instagram is catching serious popularity lately, its basically twitter but with pictures only. If you love sharing your photos on instagram already, start sharing some of the results or take photos of the spark box and say something like “I replaced my morning coffee with this”, make the posts interesting and you can put a simple description with a link back to the store like “you can buy this here”
  • Strategy of growing your instagram is very similar to twitter. Consistency and be interesting! & I’m convinced all of us have things happening or going on in our lives that’s very interesting to other people.
  • Just the fact that you are someone with goals & vision in life makes you very interesting! remember that! Marketing AdvoCare is just as much about Marketing yourself as it is about the products & business opportunity.

Sell AdvoCare on LinkedIn

  • Start treating AdvoCare as a real business, put the link in your LinkedIn page because when you reach out to more and more people online that didn’t previously know you. They may search your name on Google, and so it would be nice to have a LinkedIn page show up, where they can get more info about you and an opportunity to join your team with a simple link.
  • Because LinkedIn is a big site, your profile page should come up on the first page when people search for your name.
  • The more different places you are seen online, the more credible and authoritative you appear to strangers and they will rise in confidence in joining you.
  • Maybe in your LinkedIn page you can post more background info about your previous careers that you previously were not able to express on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Sell AdvoCare on eBay


  • People do go on eBay to buy AdvoCare for discount from retail but they don’t want to bother with distributor kit. For example, people are creating their own custom 24 day challenge selling herbal cleanse, MNS, Spark, Omega & Catalyst online on eBay at discount without the official guide or DVD, so people are able to get it cheaper than the $200 retail price. You could take advantage of this and put a listing up with long duration and it could be an avenue for you to generate some sales & potential leads for advisors & distributors. (the above picture shows over 20 people watching the items so it is getting attention)

Sell AdvoCare on Amazon

  • You can put up your AdvoCare products on Amazon for sale as a independent seller, the trick is to set up different bundles and creating different listings.
  • Don’t expect result with 1 listing, put up multiple stores and try to cover up more spots over your competitors
  • Even if customer is interested in just getting the supplements, its a great way to get a potential lead to follow up on

Sell AdvoCare on Craigslist

  • Craigslist is free, so this is an area where you can experiment with different listing and you can get some leads although it will not be targeted like a blog, we should not count out any avenue for exposure & chance to let more people know about your business.  Talk about business opportunity with AdvoCare (supplement company), and how you can get people started for just $79 and receive quality products at 20% discount and make the difference in commission.
  • Remember you can create more than 1 listing to target different key words people could be searching for.
  • Not a long term strategy due to the fact that craigslist listing becomes non effective after few days, where as a blog post will only grow in efficacy as time goes on.

Sell AdvoCare by Blogging

  • What do a lot of people searching for AdvoCare online want? They are after secondary opinions & perspectives. They want to get educated. We can say majority are after quality content. Something that is not copy & paste duplicate content from AdvoCare main site.
  • You can still write about AdvoCare compensation plane which will disclose the same facts that’s outlined in the main site, but you can express it in your own voice, and we all have our unique perspective and spin on things. It’s that personal element that people want, they already seen and read the generic copy now they want that story & explanation from the ordinary Joe (someone that’s like them)
  • People follow blogs not because the information is so unique it can’t be found anywhere else on the internet… They follow those blogs because they love the way that particular person explains and rehashes the subject, and when that person blogs enough, they appear to the reader as the go-to person, the authority in the field. And we always want best advice & opinions from the pros.
  • Become an authority blogger about AdvoCare, or begin writing about other MLM companies and offer alternative which will be your link to your personal AdvoCare store page. Again like Twitter, Youtube & Instagram consistency is key. The more content you have out there the more traffic you will begin to capture over time especially when you have fairly unique content & style.
  • Have fun & get creative, write about AdvoCare as a function of your passion, write about your goals as an entrepreneur, write about personal development, there’s endless related niches out there that have an audience that would be interested in such an opportunity to become one of your top advisors.

You don’t necessarily have to become a public figure like Michelle Bishop, putting your life on public display in order to make it online. I am running my own successful online business and do not have social presence like Michelle, My Facebook is still mainly personal.

Although social media is a valid means to promote your business, I still do not see it replacing ranking website when it comes to continually get targeted leads for a business month after month for the long haul.

For example the content you write on Facebook & Twitter is not ever lasting like a blog post that can continue to pick up traffic. And eventually social circles do get exhausted so you have to go on massive friend invitation campaigns which has its own challenges.

I prefer the path of creating a blog like this site as the primary means to sell AdvoCare online because all that is required is to continue to build the blog and each post has the potential to get traffic from all different parts of the internet.

Even if a post about certain obscure topic gets me 10 visitors per month, when I make 10 more other posts like that that’s already 100 visitors per month. Let’s say 1% gets converted, that’s potentially 1 new advisor to your team every month that will continue to come without you ever doing anything more with those posts. Therefore you finally get in the realm of creating hands free residual income.

Which means automatic AdvoCare pay checks that will only increase as you get more stuff out there on the internet. Overtime the authority and power of your site will go up meaning each blog post will become more impactful and higher yielding.

As far as what we should write about for an AdvoCare blog that makes residual income? I think there is a lot we can learn from Michelle Bishop.

We are naturally drawn to people that are authentic and positive.

Own your story and share it, sharing your story is providing value for others. Giving people your witty perspectives or your unique sense of the world because we all have different views IS providing value. And when you give value to others, we as human beings feel compelled to give back.

Do house parties & mixers, but take pictures and share about it online on social media or blog post!

Let others see a glimpse of what it would be like if they signed up under you and began working with you.

Stay away from blogging just for the sake of marketing because that will not last, you may make couple 300 word blog post and not feel compelled to continue.

Promote AdvoCare online through a personal blog because you enjoy the process of sharing. When you are having fun with it, it will translate into your words and capture people’s attention & imagination.

You will begin to build a following overtime and create a snow ball effect. This is how you begin to become an influential person online and build your network which is your net worth.

To promote and sell AdvoCare online:

Become a producer of content.

Because content is value.

People pay money to those that give value.

And those with unique voice.

Find out how I built a $15,000 per month, 6 figure business in 1 year and retired from my 9 to 5 career at the age of 26 by following the same principles of producing content. Go here