How to sell AdvoCare Spark? Sparking someone up!

AdvoCare Spark is the company’s biggest revenue generating product. It is responsible for 70% of their sales and it is often used as the go-to sample taster to give to potential prospects as a way to build stronger rapport & connection with the company & its product.

As expert marketers you are always looking for different means to make contact with your audience.

Although I’m doing more online marketing stuff & not out on the streets selling Spark for AdvoCare anymore, the marketing strategies taught by top guys & gals in this company is smart & effective.

If you can get people to see, touch & feel what you are offering, then you are leagues ahead of all the other tele-marketers & novice sales people out there.

The key is to nail as many human senses as possible.

& push your message to be relevant, real & raw. The 3 R’s of Marketing Rule.

AdvoCare spark is the perfect vehicle for this because upon taking a few sips, the effects will be felt and as you do your presentation & short story, the person your talking to may even find themselves having sharper focus & alertness to your message

Its a double wham combo

Elite diamond level distributors like Dawn Funk call this..

The Art of Sparking


Here’s the rule of selling AdvoCare by sparking like a champion

  1. Have a case of bottled water in your car & a box of sample spark packs on you at ALL TIMES
  2. If you are headed to some event or any public gathering, put a few water bottles and spark packs in your back pack (AdvoCare Apparel preferred!)
  3. Start making spark drinks in front of people and if someone looks curious, tell them what it is you are doing!
  4. hand out free spark drinks to people say “omg this is so much better than coffee”

The key is to get spark in their bodies! as they say in AdvoCare

With this approach, you are allowing the product to do all the talking & selling which is really the best way of market any company or business opportunity

sometimes we get ourselves in trouble with the words we speak

I have done this and I know it works, sometimes it pays to just be that cool guy or gal that simply will not do what all the 99% of marketers out there are doing which is to pitch. Sometimes its cooler to just hand out free samples and have them come after you for more info.

Remember at the end of the day, people are people. We all enjoy quality conversations. Not too many out there enjoy the experience of being talked at especially when you know its a sales pitch

The diamond distributors speak about this all the time in their rising star speeches, they all had to transition from putting the focus on them and not yourself.

You must engage in a conversation with people.

Not be so trigger happy to pitch.

a good conversation requires that you are curious about other people, you ask questions & you listen because you are genuinely interested in their life.

How ever surface level it may seem, people appreciate others that pay attention & listen to what they have to say.

Spark can be the bridge.

That conversation starter.

Not to mention its fast acting effect will soon begin doing all the heavy lifting for you (persuasion)

if that person enjoys energy, which is most everyone these days.


Its kinda cool turning water into spark every where you go. Like Jesus Did with Water & Wine

lots of people are addicted to coffee or energy drinks

5 Hour Energy was one of the fastest growing company to the billion dollar mark

Energy crisis is the biggest problem of United States

Its what drive the most revenue, not weight loss

just think of how successful Starbucks is and how many people go there like its their religion

Coffee vs Spark, Is Spark Safe?


Spark contains caffeine no doubt about it, how does it compare with cup of coffee

Starbucks latte / Frappucino can cost you $4-5, its loaded with more sugars & calories (200-500 calories) depending on your choice to get whipped cream toppings, etc

while AdvoCare Spark 45 calories, & because of the much reduced sugar of cappuccino, less of that sugar crash. Spark is known to provide 3-5 hours of sustained energy & mental focus with key vitamins, minerals & nutrients

less jittery buzz but more stable focus is what spark promises to deliver

there’s a lot of selling points there for people to hop off the starbucks train and get with the spark program

There are some people out there though, that claim spark is not safe or its unhealthy

a lot of the hate comes from one of spark’s ingredient: sucralose, which is a fake sugar that is known to be harmful to the body

I personally am not a big fan of that ingredient because I’ve done bit too much research on the harmful effects of processed sugars & fake sugars.

But we are talking very small amounts here because the spark drink is not too sweet

its still loads better health wise than red bull or monster in my opinion

If I had a lot of studying to do, and I was falling asleep, I’d definitely use Spark as healthier alternative to a can of Monster or god forbid adderral


There’s plenty of reason why lots of people out there would love spark as alternative to their current energy junkie habbits.

#1 big reason is that it can save you lots of money when you stop going to starbucks

& if you have a bad habbit of ordering creamy sweet drinks, you’ll probably start to lose some weight and feel whole lot better as well.

Compared to the massive amounts of sugar in some of those drinks, the small traces in Spark is nothing!

I think Spark is a big part of AdvoCare’s reigning success

Drew Bree likes it so you should too!


If you want to grow your AdvoCare business, make sure Art of Sparking is big part of your strategy

its simple, hand out spark samples and you let the product do the talking!

The key to success with that method is to make sure you always have spare bottled water & spark packs on deck

If people are off to a rush, just hand them the spark pack with your number on it and tell them to try it at home!

You can’t go wrong with handing everyone you meet a spark pack

yes it costs money but all serious business owners out there understand that there is always a cost for marketing

sparking someone up or giving them sample packs just might be one of the most cost effective marketing tools available for you in AdvoCare

I’m a big fan of generating leads from the internet though

After I learned how to rank sites for local businesses like below


I sort of lost the need to go out into the world outside to try to sell AdvoCare sparks

I just sit at home and rank & bank

I say I like my¬† new profession bit more and I feel I’m able to earn more than when I was struggling with multi-level marketing

what do you know if I had to do it all over again I would of done local lead gen from the start but you always learn something from every experience.

if your stuck in network marketing, you should try local lead gen, imo way easier