AdvoCare Success Stories: Inspirational Advisors that kill it

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Browsing through online looking for AdvoCare Success Stories that you can reference for continual motivation & inspiration?

Maybe you find that a lot of so called Rising Stars have pretty crazy stories of being in the darkest places before AdvoCare found them.

Almost life or death situations.

Do or die.

If someone had a gun pointed to your head, would you go out and prospect?

The secret to success is mastering your own psyche…

There’s internal motivation for these people that are in very desperate place in life.

But what if you’re kinda in a position where you feel sort of like trying AdvoCare but your not really that uncomfortable in life either.

Can these people succeed?

Well statistics will show that it will be extremely difficult for you.

If you’re not in a particularly dark spot in life then you have to find a purpose that means something to you, and it doesn’t have to grip you quite yet but find something you want to accomplish whether that’s earning $1000 extra income per month or finally ending your job or whatever.

Make a goal of what you want to accomplish in 90 days, and make the commit to take on the challenge of working on the business for 90 days.

In 90 days you can realize becoming an entrepreneur.

Hey I did it.

I went from earning $35K a year to $10K a month in 1 year, ending my job and running my own business from home and I wasn’t particularly in desperately dire situations.

& one of the biggest challenge was to generate that internal motivation.

You can look at your will power like a fuel.

You need just enough to get out of the atmosphere, to leave the gravitational force of what has always been and into space, and then your off to the stars.

Kayla Backlund


What’s up with all these good lookers in AdvoCare? anyways…

Began Jan 2012 as product user.

Fiance & Her just booked a trip to Hawaii and wanted to lose some weight.

She committed to the 24 day challenge, and she lost 5 pounds and dropped two pant sizes.

She experienced increase in energy, & thrilled with the results she saw the financial future with AdvoCare and started sharing with family & friends.

Her first month in AdvoCare she earned little over $500.

In Oct 2012 (9 months after) she was earning $4000 per month.

By July 2013, her and her fiance quit their corporate jobs.

By Nov 2013, they are making significant 6 figure income, and helped 12 families earn at least $1,000 additional per month with AdvoCare.

Jason and Tori Cuevas

This couple became a diamond in 10 months before they were even selected as a rising star.

Their message can tell you lesson on work ethics and crawling out of a dark spot in life.

They have a very powerful message.

AdvoCare has been the answer for them.

Freedom from alcohol addiction.

Freedom from debt & time restriction.

When advocare products the 24 day challenge begin to save Tori from alcohol addiction and eating disorders, and even began saving their marriage, they realized they found something that they wanted to share with the world and that they did with great passion because it has been so life changing for them.

Amy Perrin Success Story

She presented as rising star at the 2015 success school

She became diamond on April, 2013

She graduated as Dental hygienist in 2010, and she worked for 3.5 years

When she was 25, she was deeply unsatisfied at her job, she didn’t get a raise or bonus in 3 years

golly sort of sounds like exactly my story….lol

She signed up under Michelle Bishop

She made $850 in her first 6 weeks of AdvoCare

She had just gotten back from her honeymoon and she made a commit to surround herself with people that had what she wanted.

(again this is exactly what I did for my success, surrounding myself with mentors)

She made that first $850 without tryin, so she asked herself “what if I gave it my full effort?”

That effort got her an incentive trip with her Diamond leader Greg Smith and that was her defining moment

Greg says “Amy where do you see yourself in AdvoCare?”

Amy said “Greg, I would love to be a 3 star gold.”

“Really, that’s all you want?” -Greg

Greg challenged her limited mindset and told her the truth which was she will never be a diamond because she didn’t believe she’ll ever get there.

This is what a great mentor does, not coddle you and tell you everything is going to be okay, but to slap you around a bit.

I went through the same process…

What I appreciate about Amy is that she shares her success with passion but also shares her struggles and the hardships that she had to endure

Like when she turned in her resignation for the job, and she had no show after on show, she invited all her friends & family to a mixer and no one showed up.

She sat on her couch and cried.

Her husband kept telling her “your never going to get to 3 star gold, or diamond, AdvoCare is a pyramid scheme”

and through dedication, hard work & persistence she goes on to prove all those doubters wrong

she definitely has the entrepreneurial mindset & the no quit attitude that makes success inevitable.

that fire that gets ignited in the belly & heart that turns no I can’t to yes I can


Something I developed over the past year, trust me when I say that I didn’t always have the rock solid confidence that the rising stars seem to have on stage and I’d guess that they too had many days & nights where they faced immense fear for the future and self-doubt that creeps in to rob you of your willpower

Some advice

take out all the negative influences out of your life for 90 days

highly recommend getting rid of the television all together

inundate yourself with empowering business programs like Grant Cardone, Jordan Belfort, & others

I high recommend listening to 10X by Grant

Transition from the Employee to Entrepreneur

There’s many other worthy success stories in AdvoCare to mention from Brian and Cari Schlauch, Ashley & Tomiel Peebles, Joe & Chana Navarro, Kaylin & Tanner Mee the list goes on of endless motivational sources.

You can watch Rising Stars videos on youtube until you are blue in the face but unless you get up out of that seat and take action you will be in a realm of…

mental masturbation.

It can be difficult when your life is a train wreck, actually it’s more difficult when your life is … okay…

because you don’t have that motivation of pain driving your ass

but here’s some practical steps to get you to move and transition from employee mentality to an entrepreneur

Because this is a shift in behavior & thinking

What you need to do is commit to it for 90 days.

We need at least this period to demonstrate to ourselves that we are capable of earning income on our own.

Once you get your first sale you can as sure as hell get the next one, but the first one is critical.

Because it gives you the realization that through effort & hustle muscle, you can set yourself free


  1. Make a 90 day commitment to AdvoCare or the Local Lead Generation Business
  2. Make your daily commitment to prospect a certain number of people each day (3, 5 or if your feeling real gangsta 10!)
  3. Follow the Success System

Becoming successful as entrepreneur is not about being ridiculously talented, super extroverted, or some special Tony Robbins mindset of success…


Ok I know it sounds too generic

but take an honest look and see all the areas of life where you are being consistent, whether its for the good or bad

and you will see consequences of that consistency in your life

most people that dive into beginning their own business do it out of hype

so when they face some difficulties they do not have the discipline to stay consistent

Its really about being able to be go through failure after failure without the loss of enthusiasm

In AdvoCare they talk about the importance of defining that purpose.

because having that big why translates to becoming consistent

We only believe it is simple to be consistent when we are hyped up or jazzed

but what happens 2 weeks later when that initial enthusiasm comes down a bit and you get all the doubters telling you, you can’t do it.

By making a 90 day commitment to yourself, you will persist through all of that

It tricks the mind into thinking there is a destination point where all of the struggle can end

so it fervently works towards that, at times it may even not be motivated by your vision of helping others

but simply to end the pain of working on your business at some point and being able to relax again

“if it doesn’t work in 90 days I can finally quit”

Now what will happen is, prospecting consistently for that length of time has consequences

this is what we are after

Not results

but Consequences

by doing the causal activity that inevitably bears fruit, we can demonstrate to ourselves what it means to be an executer

one that consistently does the activity that moves their business forward

You have become an entrepreneur

Prospecting is that ONE thing that by doing it all others become easier or unneccesarry

but its not enough to read this in a book or a blog post on some badass AdvoCare blog

You have to have to integrated experience

Experience is true wisdom that can enhance your life







And you need to prospect daily, at minimum of 3 people.

I don’t care what you are selling, if you do this, you can get out of the trap we call corporate jobs.

& you can go on to stand on stage as the great rising stars of Advocare like Johnny & Weslynne Loper, Sandy, Moss, Eddy & Toma Saldivar, Jeanne & Gabe Oubre, Jason & Meghan Herrera, Josh & Rachel Witt, Ricky Magen Reaves

The Defining Moment

There is always the defining moment, when you are transitioning from employee to owning your own business.

For me it happened when I generated my first lead for a local limousine company.

For those that are still part of AdvoCare it might be getting that first check in the mail.

What a defining moment is for me is one moment in time where something clicks inside you, there is an opening and a realization that occurs, where it permanently shifts your perspective, which changes who you are.

Rising stars Jason Ty Miller didn’t always have that self-belief but there’s that defining moment when Jason went to a mixer and saw the vision of making a difference and making money with it.

I for one do not have a success story with AdvoCare, I hit the pavement and did my fair share of prospecting but I just couldn’t catch enough steam to get the momentum going with it. I was pulled back into the atmosphere, but I never gave up on my dream of quitting my job and working for myself.

There is more than one road to Rome.

Many experts say now is the greatest time for new millionaires, there is tremendous amounts of opportunities out there.

But that is also a risk for information overload.

Paralysis by Analysis.

You have to just pick one opportunity that speaks to you and run with it.

The big takeaway of this article is this.

Whether you choose AdvoCare as your vehicle or local lead generation

Commit to 90 days of straight hustle, take it on as a personal challenge, maybe a journey of discovery of your own capabilities.

And in that time frame, key is to prospect daily as your one and only important task.

Within that time frame, things will occur as a consequence of consistent action and you will realize a whole new reality where making money is possible for you without a job.

See you in space.