AdvoCare Success System: 3 way phone call, Mixers, Impact Magazine & Spark Sample

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AdvoCare Success System is the practical fundamental strategies that has shown to produce successful results time after time for over 20 years in building the AdvoCare business for new distributors as well as veteran advisors.


If you are a new, expect to learn these strategies & take action on it if you are serious about making money with AdvoCare.

Fundamentals = Freedom

I learned a lot from this company’s success system, some of their principles hold relevance not only to growing AdvoCare business but other businesses I’m currently involved with like the local lead generation model my mentor Dave in above video showed me, click here to find out what that is.

With the right system and plenty of hustle, you can crush it in just about anything. AdvoCare which is now a billion dollar company definitely has powerful systems of sales & business in place that has allowed it to become what it is today. I look up to what they were able to achieve so far, and so their success system is something to behold & learn from.

If you are on the fence about joining another MLM company, by learning about AdvoCare success system, it should give you a better idea of what type of daily actions you need to take to grow this business and then you can decide for yourself if you’re cut out for it.

Importance of a Success System

McDonald is where it is at today because they have a winning system, which allows a high school kid to successfully run the business.

Warren Buffet says the type of business he likes to invest in are the ones with a system in place that is so good, that even an idiot could run it.

System is a duplicate-able series of action steps that is designed to produce the consistent results.

Since AdvoCare’s inception in 1993, there has been many top leaders that has come before you and paved the way for success.

Success System is the product of distilling what the top producers have done to become successful and getting down to the bare essentials, finding the commonality among them, and turning it into a system that can be repeated by others to produce similar successful results.

“Techniques might evolve over time but fundamentals remain the same.”

For example, social media wasn’t around in the 90’s but the need to communicate in compelling ways will always remain the same.

Of course AdvoCare wants you to succeed, they probably want you to succeed more than your mom or your friends. So they are going to come up with best strategies for direct selling that is the most effective they have found over the 22 years in business without extra BS. That is powerful, given their longevity & level of success today.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of some of the action steps in the success system by AdvoCare.

It is not to be taken lightly as these are the true & tested actionable steps that has made literal millionaires in this company many times over.

Studying successful people in business, the commonality you begin to find out is that its not about being the smartest, bravest, or most talented. Its more about being consistent & persistent. Believe it or not, the money is in the repetition of daily activities (sometimes mundane) that has been shown to produce results that is taught by a mentor. What makes you special is the ability to follow through, which is almost a talent in itself. In this day & age, someone some where has already figured it out and has a course on it or a book. Don’t feel bad because you feel you’re simply following directions, it is the same way in any other business out there. Again what separates the wheat from the chaff is not whether you come up with brilliant new ideas, but how well you can model after other people’s success.

Jordan Belfort, the wolf of wall street, struggled for years with his firm in wall street which they didn’t do a good job depicting in the movie, the sales force he hired that were mostly high school dropouts struggled to sell to the top 1% affluent population of the nation. Jordan who was naturally talented in sales since young had no problem closing the top 1% but he wasn’t going anywhere fast because his team was failing, out of pure frustration he came up with a system of sales, persuasion & closing he called the Straight Line System, which was basically Jordan reverse engineering his own success and breaking it down to the fundamentals & then turning it into a system that can be duplicated by anyone.

It was this system that allowed Jordan to train anybody into a master closer in sales regardless of race, creed, gender, socioeconomic background or even personality types. (Shy or Extroverted, he has trained them all into killers on the phone)

After this system was created & implemented, his firm blew up… suddenly he had more sales people in his firm than he knew what to do with, and they were all producing massive results. (if you made a million a year in that firm, Stratton Oakmont, during those days, you were considered lowest producer and no one respected you)

His system of sales was so powerful and so effective, he eventually started selling faster than he could keep up with production, so he started selling junk which led to his downfall.

Jordan among many other entrepreneurs reveal the power of a system.

It is the system that allows a company to soar to the highest levels.

AdvoCare is now a billion dollar company, and they too have their own success system designed to get every new distributor to silver, gold 3 star, ruby & beyond.

AdvoCare 3 Way Call Strategy

The goal of any new distributor in AdvoCare is to get people set up with appointments like 3 way call or 2 on 1 meeting with the upline or sponsor.


In the beginning most people will not have enough knowledge & confidence to educate people properly about AdvoCare & close the deal.

Well the good news is, you can leverage the experience of your sponsor to close the deal for you.

Your sponsor will happily do this because their success is tied to your success, as the compensation plan rewards the sponsor in overrides & leadership bonuses from your earnings.

This takes the burden off of new recruits shoulders, and keeps the process simple which is key.

Even if you are a shy person, with the 3 way phone call success system, all that is required for you is let them know what you are up to, and ask if they are interested, if so tell them you want to introduce them to their friend (sponsor) that has more experience and can tell you more about it.

Even if you studied & know a lot about the company already, it is still recommended that you sort of play dumb and get people on the 3 way call as fast as possible. Part of the reason is that it builds 3rd party credibility.

Some effective strategy for getting people scheduled for 3 way calls or meetings

  1. Give people sample of Spark
  2. Show the Impact Magazine (study the material & share with them snippets of what fascinates you)
  3. Ask them “hey my friend has been doing this for a while and they are really successful, if you have time I’d love to introduce you to him/her and they can tell you more about AdvoCare”

Getting someone on the 3 way phone call on the spot is ideal

but if that is not possible, you will have to get their contact and schedule a different date & time to do the 3 way phone call with your sponsor.

Some key takeaways from the leaders & successful distributors

  1. during a three way phone call, just allow your sponsor to do all the talking, while you go on mute because if both of you are talking, that prospect will feel like getting talked at and sold to
  2. say little as possible to get someone on the 3 way phone call, because the more you talk the more that person will build pre-conceived notions & ideas about AdvoCare and feel like they are just going to be sold something, so the wall already goes up

Less is definitely more for new distributors.

So you are not expected to be this expert, extroverted marketer. You can be someone that is just interested in sharing about what you’ve been up to, which is something you might do naturally anyways especially if you are excited about the results from the products like the Spark for energy or weight loss from 24 day challenge. Many of the top distributors tell a story where they weren’t even thinking about the business in the beginning, they were simply naturally sharing their story of weight loss or energy with others and people bought products from them and they made their first monthly commission check.

The key take away here is to keep it short & simple!

Which leads us to next important lesson

Importance of Packaging Your Story

Why you should package your story

-So you’re armed at all times with confidence, to share AdvoCare in any given moment with a compelling story that has impact

-So you don’t over tell your story “Less is More”, people don’t know what they don’t know, they haven’t seen the things inside AdvoCare that you have & they are not on the same excitement level as you, tell enough to get their interest but too much can work against you because as we said previously people will begin to draw conclusions & opinions before you can bring in that third party credibility


Your only goal should be to tell enough to get that appointment for a 3 way call

The 4 points to packaging your story (what you want to talk about in your short impactful story)

  • This is where I was… (What were the circumstances in your life when AdvoCare found you? Were you working 2 jobs? Were you in financial debt / time debt?)
  • This is what I saw…  (Why did you become interested in AdvoCare? Be concise, to the point, very specific, and relevant)
  • This is what I did…  (What were your product results? You don’t have to have weight loss story. It can be energy.. the spark, also how much did you earn your first month? how long did it take to become an advisor? how much did you earn to date?)
  • This is where I’m going…  (Painting the vision of where you’re going. What is your preferred finish line in 1 year? “By this time next year I’m on track to be earning X amount of dollars”)

The biggest mistake most novice people in sales & business make is that they think rapport is built by talking on and on about life & things that don’t pertain to the business, but this is incorrect. People want to do business with someone that’s sharp, so this is why keeping your story concise & to the point is so crucial. You build credibility by being on top of it, not by talking to prospects about your son’s baseball game.

The Key Points when Sharing your Story…

  • Keep it to 45 seconds, 2 Minutes maximum
  • Repetition is key: The more you tell it the better you will get
  • Stick to the core meat, leave out the fluff
  • Leave out AdvoCare lingo… Advisor, Sponsor, Upline, Etc (refer to your sponsor as a friend, it feel more welcoming)
  • Do not make medical claims, simply state that products produce excellent results and produce changes, but never claim it can cure anything
  • Smile, even when you are on the phone

If feasible show your potential prospect a clip off of the AdvoCare DVD that comes with the distributor kit, or you can always purchase more or get a DVD copying machine and make lots of copies ready to hand out! Investing in one of these towers is recommended highly by one of the diamond distributor, you can find some at Amazon (click here) They go for like $250

Remember on the DVD’s there’s plenty of testimonials that’ll fit anyone’s background

You and the DVD is preview for the movie

Your sponsor is the actual movie

What has been seen over and over again in AdvoCare is that those that do not utilize their sponsor by doing 2 on 1 meetings or 3 way call, struggle and get frustrated.

But why?

It will take a whole separate blog post to explain the reason behind why bringing in your sponsor is so vital, AdvoCare says it brings in third-party credibility which was identified by the founder Charlie Ragus as one of the most important thing you can do in sales and I do agree that it is powerful, but there’s still a lot of other dynamic at play here

For one, your sponsor who has already had success in the company and who has already attended live events like AdvoNation and success school, already has the rock solid confidence in the company and products, which comes across in their body language and tone of voice. They say most of the communication happens on the subconscious levels so this is something that is difficult to fake, so when you actually bring your prospect in contact with someone that is already reaping the fruits of their labor then that comes across authentically and that person will begin to think “wow it IS possible, and this opportunity is legit”

How to conduct 3 way call or 2 on 1 meeting in AdvoCare

Your job as a brand new distributor is just to get the appointment and then you just let your upline take the reigns. This is more for the actual sponsors that need to lead the call or meeting, of course there’s guiding success fundamentals for that critical first meeting.

  • Be prepared for the meeting: Have DVD ready, bottles of water with spark on standby, Impact Magazine

With the impact magazine one of the thing that your sponsor will go over is the guiding principles of the Company. Why Charlie Ragus built the company, this is to establish credibility in the company.

People will only buy products from a company that they can trust.

Impact Magazine is a powerful sales tool that can help establish this trust. Here’s some more ways to utilize it

-Read some of the bios of the incredible scientists and their credibility to show them the type of people putting together the products

-Show pictures of Drew Brees and other famous athlete endorsers

-You can read some of the testimonials in the magazine, people that earned amazing income and changed their lives

-Then show them the plan to get paid, people need to know how they can get paid, show them the compensation plan & 5 ways to getting paid

The End Result

We want one of two things to happen after a 2 on 1 meeting or 3 way call

Either they get on the products or they join the business opportunity

but you also want to connect the dots to an another meeting, this is what the true pros do

They invite that person they just had a meeting with to an another meeting

-Rookie Bonus Call


-Business Opportunity Meeting

What this does is to establish another point of contact which strengthens credibility

This is written about by many successful entrepreneurs, it usually takes a lot more points of contact to finally close the sale with someone than most people realize. Most people follow up 1-2 times and this is why they struggle, the success rate goes up exponentially after the 5th contact. Some of today’s top diamond distributors in AdvoCare like Jeremiah Captain or Dawn Funk was followed up for a whole year before they joined.

Getting the All-in Advisor Sales

When you come into contact with the prospects let them know about the Rookie Bonus and 5 ways to get paid, that only becomes accessible when someone becomes an Advisor. And let them know that the $2100 is not out of pocket expense but its an investment for their future.

According to statistics

People that go straight to advisor from the beginning tend to go the fastest. As a leader, you have to be that person that encourages people to move fast, you have to represent unlimited possibilities and becoming advisor right from the start with $3000 investment in product and then $900 profit once you sell the products, is the fastest way to the money for someone that is serious about the business. You have to educate people on that.

For one you don’t have to worry about the obstacle of qualifying for advisor, which requires worrying about when the pay period ends and whether you are meeting the required PGV every pay period for 3 consecutive pay periods.

And one of the other powerful benefit of going straight to advisor from the beginning is that it then becomes part of your story, when people ask you 5 years from now, if you went all-in, you can say with enthusiasm YES and if they see that it has paid off for you, then that will be a compelling story to get more people to go all-in with you

You are now leading by example.


AdvoCare is a people business that is built on relying heavily on already established social connections of your friends & family members.

As a beginner, all you are required to do is to get people connected with your sponsor with 3 way calls and 2 on 1 meeting

Then people can start doing mixers, team meetings, rookie business plan meeting, etc when they actually begin to get other distributors on the team, and you will have to become more of a leader down the road.

You never want to end a meeting without getting a definitive action on something, whether that’d be getting them on products, joining the business opportunity, or setting them up for next meeting.

Remember that even if that person is not interested they may know other people that are.

In AdvoCare you need to be always thinking about growing your contact list and getting them to attend the various meetings and conference calls you do. What begins to happen overtime is that all those people you share AdvoCare with are entering a funnel, and there is a time lag so you will not see the results right away but over time as you continue to follow up there will be people coming through the funnel that become your product customers or business advisors. Remember some people joined after they were followed up for a year straight.

You are always working with people in this business and expanding the people you know. If you go through your entire warm contact list, you need to work with people on your team and their people that they know.

And so after experiencing this company and its success system, success school & just looking at their business model as a whole.

I would say the #1 critical component to their own success system for the company as a whole is that this business is a “Who do you know” business.

It relies on word of mouth referrals through warm contacts, family & friends.

If you have a huge family or friends list that might be interested in health, fitness & side income you are an ideal prospect for AdvoCare advisors.

For someone like me that didn’t have that huge fat warm contact list, getting leads or prospect into a funnel was extremely difficult.

My other options were extremely uncomfortable like approaching strangers in Wal-Mart, setting up booths, etc

My upline and success school was telling me that I just had to man up and do whatever it takes, that the variable was me, and the reason I was struggling so much was my fault only.

I took responsibility for my results and begin researching online on how I can get leads for AdvoCare and then I found my mentor Dave, that showed me how I can make money online by creating simple websites, ranking it in Google, then generate leads for local companies and get paid handsomely for it. Because its in the local arena, the competition is weak or non existent.

What started as a pursuit on finding ways to generate business for AdvoCare, ironically got me out of AdvoCare because of the new skillset I learned from my mentor allowed me to operate my own business by working with local business owners, thus no more need to sell to friends & family or grow a warm contact list! I had finally solved my problem, albeit not in the way I had expected.

Fast forward a year later, and now I’m earning over $10K per month and climbing, all from just a laptop with internet connection. I quit my 9 to 5 job, and life is getting super groovy, my passion is to share this opportunity that may be in the same shoes I was in, struggling with the MLM or direct sales model, and show them that there’s other ways to becoming your own boss & cutting your own pay checks.