How to reach 3 Star Gold in AdvoCare, Success Training

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AdvoCare 3 Star Gold is the leadership level where you earn $2,000 to $3,000 monthly income, its one of the first major breakthrough for AdvoCare Advisors where you are earning at least $100 in overrides from 3 different legs, or 3 different groups you have built for your organization. To be able to reach this level in your organization, shows that you are a person of inspiration & influence.

It takes dedication & effort to battle through the doubters inside your head and outside to get to this breakthrough so you can say “I told you so”. Only the select few will make it. If you are serious about owning a business for yourself, then you have to take full responsibility for your success or lack of. You are the only person that will make or break it. When you realize you are the only variable in the equation, you will understand that investing in yourself with additional training becomes even more critical.

In my own journey of successfully transitioning from an employee to running my own online business, I too had to go through plenty of self development and AdvoCare 3 star Gold training lays a solid foundation for success not just in AdvoCare but in ANY business.

Below I will go over the critical points that your success in AdvoCare depend on.

Identify Purpose

All journeys begin with a purpose and its important to get clear on that. There is desire to better yourself or your life circumstances, or you would be reading this blog. Asking yourself why you want the things you say you want.

Why do you want to go into business for yourself like AdvoCare?

More time with family? Financial Freedom?

You see the toughest challenge of AdvoCare is that it is a volunteer business, meaning there is no boss to answer to, no metrics or measurement on your performance or progress, it is up to you to get yourself to take action consistently, the key is training yourself to discipline yourself.

One of things that helps with discipline is to identify & get clear on your purpose and why you’re doing this.

& On one level you have to be uncomfortable, when the discomfort of your current life situation becomes great enough it will push you to take action and maintain discipline.

Work from home with AdvoCare? Stay at home moms become successful in AdvoCare because there is children attached to their why, which means they will get to work.

In my experience, I have found that part of creating a strong purpose or vision in life is to also include something you would like to do for others in the future. You can start by picking a family member or close friend, and get clear on something specific you can do for them after 90 days after you accomplish what you set out to do.

When I started my AdvoCare business & later transitioned to local lead generation business, I had a vision of retiring my parents & sending money back to grandparents and this really kept me driven, motivated & focused. It is a vision I am still working on, and since I successful quit my job for good and started running my business full time I have been able to help my parents with my sister’s rides to class & back while my parents were at work.

So you want to get to 3 Star Gold in AdvoCare?

Tie you purpose to your children, or your family.

you will be surprised by the shift in attitude and the increase in productivity.

Goal Setting

Pro Tip on Goal Setting, here’s what I found worked for me when I was first getting started.

Set a goal for what you want to have accomplished in 90 days. Get specific to the very date.

What sort of income will you be earning? How many is on your team? What kind of prospects are you talking to?

What new things will you be able to do for your family?

I write my goals down daily and also put it somewhere where you can easily see it. I put it on my phone.

You FOCUS on where you want to go in life, as humans we are hardwired to look at our problems.

But with enough diligence, you can break your old patterns.

What begins to happen when you focus on where you want to go, we have what’s called the RAS (Reticular Activation System)

Its part of the brain that brings into awareness things that you are focused on and filters out things that you are not focused on.

There is simply too much data out there for the brain to process all at once, so this filtering system helps us function in the world.

For example, in your room right now there could be various noises. Perhaps its the hum of the air conditioner, the ticking of the clock, birds chirping outside, or calm noises from the crickets. Notice when you focus on one sound, you lose bit of awareness of the other noises. You simply can’t hear it all, when you actually feel like you are listening to everything, it is the brain shifting focus from one sound to another at lightening speeds.

Have you ever had an experience where you get a new car or you found a new car that you really like, all of the sudden you see this car everywhere on the road? Did people in the city get the same idea as you, and suddenly start buying this car over night? or was this car always there but it is now entering your awareness because of RAS?

It is the same thing with Goal Setting, when you begin focusing on where you want to go in life, the opportunities that you weren’t seeing before will begin revealing itself to you.

Be Willing to Exchange Time

Its very simple when transitioning from full time job to running a side business that can one day replace your main job, you have to be willing to give up some of the consumerism activity at night when you get home from work because that’s the time you need to be working on your business.

For the next 90 days:

– Give up TV or limit considerably (Average American watches 33 hours of TV per week, this activity will kill your business)

-Give up pointless browsing of the internet

We live in a society where we have more distractions than man has ever experienced ever before. It is crucial to discipline yourself and build awareness around all the different activities you are doing each day that is destroying your productivity.We all have habits that dis-empower us and rob us of valuable time, my journey that still continues today is to become aware of when I go into auto-pilot habit mode and begin to shift that habits to more empowering ones.

One very empowering book that I love is The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg, in which he explains the best way to stop one habit is to not try to stop it completely but replace the habit with a different one.

So if you have a bad habit of watching mindless videos on YouTube, shift that habit to watching empowering, self-help videos. I know I was guilty of this before and when the opportunity presents itself to go into that dis-empowering habit, I make the conscious decision to watch some inspirational videos instead and it has worked to keep me focused and even help increase my productivity as I find new energy from getting inspired.

One of the great tips, my business mentor Grant Cardone talks about is to become a master of time not a slave to it. One of the exercise he recommends is to make a note every activity have done for the day, including all the meaningless tasks or activity and record how much time you spend on each activity. This helps to bring into awareness all the time you are wasting throughout the day. And by improving yourself with these behaviors by establishing new habits, you essentially begin creating more time for yourself each and everyday.

Who knew humans can be masters of time and create time?

Take Massive Action

Strategies & Mindset is crucial but what’s even more critical is for you to take massive action for the next 90 days.

The multi-millionaire Grant Cardone says “If there was one thing I had to define that was responsible for my success, it would be massive action

He makes interesting points about this concept of massive action, doing 10 times more than what you thought you needed. If you thought you need to 1 prospect a day, his point is that you really ought to go for 10x that, so 10 prospects which will force you to operate on a whole different level.

I agree with his following point that most people underestimate what they think they need. In business plans, most of us are underestimating how many prospects we need to talk to or the target quota for the month, because in life, accidents happen and things don’t always go according to plan. Which is outside your control, but what’s in your control is your commitment to take massive action. The more action you take, the more opportunities open up for you and you won’t be so desperate to make one thing work and your goals won’t be crushed from one person rejecting you.

Massive action in my humble opinion is what is missing in most everyone that attend self-help seminars and they have all the right strategies and knowledge about how the mind works and how to set goals, but when it comes down to it, these people are lacking the determination to go take action and lots of it despite the resistance you face internally & externally.

If you are uncertain about how to get to 3 star Gold, it is great that you are doing research on this subject but Grant will tell you to just pick a target and take massive action you will find out for yourself how to become successful in AdvoCare and what strategies work best for you because with massive action you also get massive feedback which will be its own teacher.

When you take average amounts of action, you get average results, and you are robbing yourself from getting excited about the opportunity and your drive will dwindle and energy goes down, the old habit patterns begin to kick in and you are already on your way out.

You think taking massive action is a lot of work, but whats more work really? spending the next 10 years of your life doing something you can’t stand or taking massive action now and then establishing a business for yourself that you are excited about every morning?

Another wonderful insight by Grant is that we think this massive action thing is this foreign, unnatural behavior but he makes the point that as children taking massive action was our natural state. & I tend to agree, I can remember times when I would become completely obsessed about an art project or a particular video that I had fallen in love with and I would spend all day and night doing that one activity, I was certainly taking massive levels of action,  & nothing was stopping me.

Now if I can begin to put that kind of dedication to a business that makes good money, I will be stinking filthy rich!

We treat the word obsession like a bad thing, but when you look at all the greats in the world from Steve Jobbs, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, Nicholas Tesla… etc all of these individuals were very obsessed about their craft & vision.

“Obsession is not a problem, it is a gift.” -Grant Cardone

The Game Plan to 3 Star Gold

Now its time for identifying real practical road map to 3 Star Gold.

For this level of leadership, you need a organization that generates $15,000 in personal group volume every pay period (2 weeks)


Now the best strategy to get to $15K is to get 3 legs with $5K PGV, and this is a significant number because at $5K PGV from your leg, it creates $100 in override from each leg.

Some common mistake lots of AdvoCare advisor make is that they spend too much time & energy in one leg and fail to work on building their second & third leg.

The problem is you begin to lose out on the override & leadership bonuses that can come from each individual leg. We’re talking about missing out on $2-$3K from your check every pay period by not establishing 3 legs. Its also less risks that way because if something were to happen to one of your legs and they fail to meet their target, you still have other legs in your organization that’s generating the volume for you.


Here’s how your earning is calculated at 3 star gold.


Overrides and bonuses are calculated based on business volume which is half of PGV.

Override is straight 7% of BV.

You earn silver bonus by earning at least $100 in override.

Next bonus up is Gold which is reached when you have $500 or more in overrides, and this is done by having $15,000 in volume through your advisors.

Bonus after that is 3-Star Gold Bonus, which is reached by having the same criteria as gold ($500 in override) but 3 separate legs have to contribute at least $100 in override.

This $150 bonus from three star gold may not look like much but it begins to add up and grow, so AdvoCare definitely has incentives built in for you to grow the width of your organization, which means you will have several teams & different groups of people you must get to know and work with. Like a CEO of a company that has different branches / stores.

At the bare minimum level of earning at 3 star gold, you are earning $1,050 every 2 weeks for the monthly income of $2,100 which can be life changing for some of you.

Understanding Your Target Audience

I have been reading various books about Essential-ism, which is the idea that less is more. Instead of doing more tasks each day and outputting less per task, get clear on that ONE thing that will make you successful and focus on that ONE thing. In AdvoCare its very simple.

You have to move products, & you have to move people.

First understand the core products of AdvoCare so you can intelligently fit your potential prospect with the right products (this is the job of your sponsor to teach you about the products), and from then on its just a matter of talking to your target audience and getting them on the products.

One core target audience for AdvoCare are people that are health conscious, people that are on the bike at the gym and talking about weight loss and getting in better shape.

Another core group might be athletes that are interested in muscle recovery and peak performance.

Another group might be coffee addicts, these people are facing energy problem and they could use some Spark.

This is the art of prospecting intelligently because when you approach the wrong crowd all day long, that keep rejecting you and saying objections like “the price is too high” you begin to get demoralized. You think your bad with people and at sales, and the real danger here is that you are getting the wrong data, because you are pitching to people that shouldn’t be pitched in the first place.

With any product, there are three groups of people.

  1. People that are desperately looking for solutions, and they are ready to purchase something to alleviate their pain or resolve an issue right away
  2. People that are interested in what the product can provide, but they aren’t actively looking for it
  3. People that have no interest at all in what the product provide

You have no business talking to the third group, these people were never going to buy even if you gave them the best pitch in the world. So don’t waste your time, a good way to do this is to ask non-sales qualifying questions and get to know the person little bit before decided to present them AdvoCare. Ask him about their hobbies, does he play any sports? does he exercise / ride bike for hobby? If this is a over weight person you meet at the bar that’s drinking heavy and smoking cigarettes, perhaps that’s not the person  to talk about AdvoCare lol… just my guess.

How do you actually sell AdvoCare?

Whether you are trying to sell someone on a product or on a business opportunity to book a 3 way call with your sponsor, you have to sell people on what the product or the business will do for them.

If you want to convince someone to go to success school, make sure you paint the picture for them on what going to success school will do for them.

When you want people to try the 24 Day Challenge, don’t focus on the science behind it but sell them on how they will feel & look once they are done with the 24 Day Challenge.


In the past, AdvoCare distributors will drive around and do presentation in people houses, similar to Cutco where you bring your sample of kitchen knives to people’s homes and present the products to them.

But a mixer allows you to do the presentation to many different people at the same time, which saves you lots of time from going to each individual person’s homes. Also there’s more people gathered in area, there’s more movement, noise & excitement.


  • Start with people you know: You already have established credibility with this crowd, its okay to make mistakes, if they ask you questions you don’t know the answers to simply tell them “I’m not sure about that, let me get back to you” and you can call your sponsor or AdvoCare to find out.
  • Share your story with excitment
  • Keep it simple (talk to people that are interested in looking, feeling & performing better): Learn to be straight forward with people “hey if you are looking to looking, feeling & performing better, I got the products for that No question, I lost this much weight…” When you are honest and up front with people, they will respect you. You will also save needless time trying to beat around the bush with people that have no business being pitched AdvoCare.
  • Rely on the strength of the company: Leave all the technical data out of your pitch and simply tell them the facts that you do know which is that AdvoCare tests their products by third party and professional athletes use the products so it can not test positive for anything. Most buyers are closed when they love the product and they feel they can trust the salesman and the company. So it is important to establish credibility for AdvoCare in the prospect’s eyes.
  • Rely on Sponsors: Have your sponsors with more experience dealing with common objections handle the tough questions. One pro tip is to close 3 way call appointment with your sponsor and have them close the deal for you instead of you doing everything in the beginning when you don’t have that confidence yet.
  • Listen & provide solutions: When you ask questions and listen, people will talk and they will tell you all the keys to the kingdom, every pain points they are dealing with in life which allows you to effectively offer solutions to those problems whether its an health or financial issue or both, asking question is crucial in sales, because it brings those pain points in the fore front of their awareness.


Reaching 3 Star Gold can be life changing for a lot of you, you earn anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 per month at that leadership level and when you have the right mindset with compelling vision & purpose combined with the right strategy coupled with massive action, you can reach that three star gold level in 3 to 6 months.

AdvoCare is not a get a rich quick scheme, it is a supplement company that relies on its customers to distribute its products and they have a compensation plan that rewards leaders building a organization / team of advisors.

Your organization is going to be a web of people similar to you that are going after their dreams & visions, as well as people that are simply on the products for health benefits. First goal is to get to 3 star gold is to get 3 solid advisors below you and helping them build out a team for themselves.

By working with 3, it will give you focus on putting time & energy into activity that matters most, such as helping your advisor close a new client by getting on a 3 way call.

In AdvoCare you are entering a business for yourself, where you have to now become self-disciplined and self-motivated and driven because no one is going to make you do it, you have to make yourself devote the time & energy into building this business.

It is a vehicle for all the stay at home moms and everyone else that is sick & tired of going to their 9 to 5 or perhaps people that are looking to supplement their income on part time basis.

I personally learned a lot about running my own business and all about effective marketing through my exposure with AdvoCare and I am grateful everyday for that, but for me I found a different vehicle that finally allowed me to accomplish my goal of quitting my 9 to 5 for good.

What I do now is I rank websites and help local businesses get more phone calls from customers.

I am working with limousine, tree service, carpet cleaning, garage repair companies and I get paid handsomely from each client because I invested in myself in learning the skills that allows me to go into any city and niche, and rank a website at the very top of the search result.

If you are interested in learning more about his program, click here.