What is AdvoCare? Down & Dirty Facts

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What the hell is AdvoCare?

AdvoCare is a multi-level marketing company that sells energy, health & sports performance products.

In this raw Advocare review, I’m going over the whole company, its products & business opportunity. How you can capitalize by becoming a true digital gangsta.

The OG, Charlie Ragus started it in 1993… he was originally part of Herbalife which is another MLM company selling similar weight loss & muscle building supplements.

Charlie Ragus Vision of Advocare: 10 Guiding Principles

  1. Honor God through our faith, family & friends
  2. Respect & strengthen the family
  3. Believe in dignity & importance of the individual
  4. create a standard of excellence recognized as superior by the direct sales industry
  5. believe that honor, integrity and principles are the foundation of a great life & company
  6. commit to mutual loyalty and trust between AdvoCare and its Distributors
  7. establish and continually improve the vehicle of opportunity and the pursuit of financial freedom for all Distributors
  8. Commit to ongoing personal growth and development through professional training and educational programs
  9. Build self-esteem by promoting a sense of personal worth among all people
  10. Continually expand our market by proving the most effective and highest quality products and service available

AdvoCare Products


AdvoCare has 5 different product lines

  1. The Well Line: Sleep works, herbal cleanse, multivitamins, joint care
  2. Active Line: Spark, Slam this is your energy products that can replace monster, red bull & starbucks, the energy product is their biggest market share
  3. Performance Elite Line: For those into sports or working out, pre-work out, post work outs, night time recovery
  4. Trim Line: 24 Day Challenge, products designed to cleanse the body, suppress unnecessary appetite & rebuild proper high profile nutrition. The effect is to lose weight and increase energy, products like slim help suppress appetite
  5. Skincare line: self-explanatory here, skin moisturizing & other skin care / beauty products

AdvoCare pride themselves in paying a independent company called Inform Choice to test all their products for 500 banned substances to ensure all products are of the highest grade & quality.

If you are going to sell to your friends & family, or independent distributor that lives & breathe selling these products for a living then of course you want to know that you are handling the best stuff out there.

AdvoCare also has a scientific & medical advisory board with over 200 years of combined knowledge & expertise in the science of proper nutrition including the first doctor ever to successfully grow a human child through intravenous feeding for several years, showing that proper nutrition can be fed through the veins without consumption of real foods.


Yes the future world where all of our nutrition is derived from pills & powdered formulas may not be too far after all…

AdvoCare’s prized product the MNS stands for Metabolic Nutrition System, is a formula that contains their proprietary blend of nutrients, vitamins & probiotics. Their top distributor Jenny Donnelly says its like “dumping a bucket of the best nutrients into you filling you up”

Hey maybe Wachowski Brothers that made the Matrix was onto something…

What is MLM?


It is a direct sales model that allows you to earn income on multiple levels, so you can make money selling AdvoCare products or you can earn bonuses on the sale volumes of people you recruit into AdvoCare.

5 Ways to Make Money in AdvoCare

  1. Retail Profits! Make up to 40% on the products you sell
  2. Wholesale Comission: Sponsor different distributors and earn 5 to 20% on the products they sell
  3. Overrides: Earn bonus on your entire team’s sales volume
  4. Leadership Bonus: Earn additional bonus on your team’s structure (rewarding those that nurture successful team members)
  5. Incentive Trips & Pay Period Rookie Bonus: Meeting certain criteria to win all inclusive trips with fellow AdvoCare distributors & if its your rookie year, you can earn bonuses when you are the top 10 highest producing rookie of that year, AdvoCare gives out $20,000 every 2 weeks to the top 10 distributors, pretty cool if you kill it your first year you can rack up serious bonuses

How to grow your AdvoCare Business?

So how you grow this business is completely up to you.

No one keeps tabs on you, you’re essentially running your own business and you have to be self-motivated.

Most distributors are told to make a warm contact list of all their friends & family, and then doing house parties called mixers where you invite everyone that you know that might be interested in the products and you do a quick presentation about the company, product & business opportunity.

It does help that you are on the products yourself and you’re liking the results.

Some have gotten great result from the 24 Day Challenge so they chose that as part of their story to tell others or some didn’t have any use with weight loss products but regularly use the energy supplement or muscle building ones, so that’s what they share.

“AdvoCare is for everybody”

is their motto and really this is because they do have whole array of products that most everybody could use.

If you have an experienced upline or sponsor, then they can help you recruit people into AdvoCare because as you grow your team and sales volume, it only helps your sponsor.

This is where what’s called a 3 way call comes into play.

A smart sponsor will tell you to simply book appointments with people and let the more experienced one of the two, walk through the new prospect on how they can join AdvoCare, it provides third party credibility which is one of the core principles of sales that Charlie Ragus whole heartedly believed in.

Success System of AdvoCare lays out a plan on how you can become successful in this company by many others that has done it before you.

One of the most important thing is to get yourself and your team members to success school, which is once a year annual live event of all things AdvoCare at the Cowboy stadium in August / September.

Why it is so important is that it is an opportunity where you can convince yourself & your team that AdvoCare is the vehicle to financial freedom.

It is hard to face the tough times in the business if your heart is not 100% all-in on it.

It is difficult to convince anyone to join you or purchase your products if you’re not 100% sold on the opportunity yourself.

Reading about it can only go so far.

When you actually immerse yourself in the experience, you get the energy transference & get to experience a full visceral mind, body, emotion & soul experience, then it sticks much deeper in your mind and can create that shift in thinking / mindset / perception whatever you want to call it, where you begin seeing a whole new world before you full of opportunity.

That shift alone can be worth millions and it could be the catalyst for a whole new direction in life.

Remember that over 86% of people in AdvoCare that make money, have attended success school or AdvoNation (which is like a smaller version regional success school held each year in various states)

So growing your AdvoCare business is all about prospecting new leads by asking for referrals & holding mixers.

Sharing your opportunity with lots of people you meet, yes this involves strangers.

And encouraging all your recruits to attend success school.

I have heard of many people tripling or quadrupling their income after success school in 1 pay period, that’s 2 weeks!

One thing to note about here as I gained experience in sales is that you do not need to be 100% confident or super charismatic to succeed


I made excuses like maybe if I was a hot girl or something I will have more success in sales

But that’s not the case

All people really care about is your heart

If you give your best effort even if you stumble and appear nervous, people will respect you

Trust me when I say, that no one can do expert presentation their first go.

Sometimes you have to look foolish in the name of progress

When you exercise courage over comfort, and put your ego on the line

You will be rewarded with immense personal growth

& the cash will soon follow~

Is AdvoCare a scam or pyramid scheme?

pyramid schemes are illegal because it is a business model that doesn’t actually provide any tangible value to the customers.

It’s only revenue is generating by duping people into a opportunity of making money.

AdvoCare on the other hand requires one to purchase products to even become qualified to sell / distribute the products.

So there is always an exchange of product & money taking place.

Distributors like Nike also use middle man such as distribution wholesalers & retail stores, that handle & sell their products to the final customer.

In much the same way, AdvoCare gives people the opportunity to become the distribution channels for them, therefore they do not use any commercial traditional distributions.

This is why you will never see AdvoCare products at GNC, Wall-Mart, Vitamin Shoppe or any of the other retail chain supplement stores.

Part of the reason is that AdvoCare has to protect the price of their products at all costs or it will spoil the business opportunity for all of their independent distributors / advisors.

Can you image if price was not fixed then one giant distributor with lots of capital, buying products at 40% discount, and then building a big online store selling the product at 10% discount from retail price?

Then everyone will migrate towards that person and the business opportunity is ruined for the rest.

Some argue that how can you even state that AdvoCare is like owning your business when you don’t have the ability to set your own price on products, but when you look at AdvoCare interest from larger perspective it makes perfect sense why they would want  or need to keep the prices under control.

They have been already known to file pretty serious law suits against distributors that break this rule and decide to sell at the discount they pleased.

How Do I Join?

Pay $79 to get the AdvoCare Distributor Kit, now you get all products at 20% off retail and you can sell it as well at retail price for 20% profit.

You can then become an advisor by purchasing $3000 worth of products, you will get discounts so your actual cost will be $2100

At advisor level you get all products at 40% off retail and you also unlock few more ways to get paid with AdvoCare which are Overrides, Leadership Bonus, Rookie Bonus & Incentive trips.

From there its all about hustling & “putting in the work”, this involves becoming a person of influence, connecting with new people, inviting people to your mixers, setting up as many 3 way call appointments as possible with all those you come across daily.

Be prepared to go out and meet lots of new faces.

How to sell AdvoCare on the internet?

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - NOVEMBER 17: Conor McGregor poses for a portrait during the UFC Time Is Now press conference at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts on November 17, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Ok so now I will be going into how to become a true OG and stand out from the rest of the distributors in a way that causes new prospects to seek you out instead of you hunting them down.

This is generally not talked about in AdvoCare Success School because well it is assumed that most people will not be able to handle all the technicalities of using the internet.

But seeing that we are not in 1993 anymore it now seems disadvantageous to not use the internet.

Granted there are many successful distributors out there that do not use the internet but in my mind it always looms as one of the greatest way to generate leads for your business because the internet can prospect for you 24/7….

Let me show you what I mean, this innocent little blog about AdvoCare business opportunity gets tons of hits each day and thousands of visitors every month, from all the different articles I’ve written and this traffic will continue as long as I pay my hosting fee of $3.50 per month.

Now what you do with that traffic is entirely up to you, I’m now promoting a new type of business that’s helped me finally become financially independent without a job and countless others, it is a business model where we generate leads for local business owners… read my about page to get the full scoop.

Of course traffic at the end of the day is dollar signs for you and its truly leveraged income because once you have an article that ranks high and gets leads, you don’t have to lift another finger on that ever again but it will continue to get leads for you day in and day out.

This is why your active form of marketing like cold calling, knocking on doors, mixers, 3 way calls, etc should be mixed with more passive forms like writing a blog, dominating social media or ideal both.

With the active form of marketing you are always going to see the fastest result.

You can’t just start a blog today and expect to generate traffic tomorrow, these things take time.

But Google always rewards sites with great content, this is why Wikipedia ranks high for a lot of keywords.

So as you continue to express yourself and blog daily, (having fun with it) you will begin to pick up steam and you will generate the traffic that can supplement your current prospecting or it may have the potential to completely replace your job alone.

There’s many pro bloggers out there that make well over 7 figures, like my mentor Dave.

Here is what I would recommend to anyone, looking into AdvoCare opportunity.

-Be the most equipped & ready person there is in both forms of active & passive marketing.

  • Learn to blog (create your own site and blog about your AdvoCare journey to become an authority in the field)
  • Publish youtube videos regularly
  • Get signed up with all the social media out there, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and dominate it, release content regularly and begin building your followers
  • Publish a book

Look, people want to deal with the expert.

Not some noob.

People make the misconception that you have to be an expert to write blog articles, or make youtube videos or publish a book.

But its the exact opposite.

You become the expert, BY publishing those things and repeatedly executing & releasing content.

Right now no one from AdvoCare is really dominating the internet space because I feel its partly due to their training or lack there of.

So there is big opportunity for people to come into the space and truly establish themselves as the expert by releasing content.

Become the producer.

Just educational videos of all the questions people may have, blog about your journey with the 24 Day Challenge, instagram the hell out of your first success school experience, and after few months to a year, write a book about your path to success in AdvoCare and publish it kindle style on Amazon, very easy to do by the way!

I tell you this is what the greats have done like Tomny McTomiel

wrote a book called Believe on Amazon, granted they don’t teach this but you have to emulate success

The McTomiel’s are now platinum distributor because they have established themselves as the experts in AdvoCare, & how can strangers to AdvoCare able to tell?

Their content, youtube videos, blog posts, articles, book on Amazon…

Do not underestimate passive form of marketing because once it catches steam it can out do and overtake your local active marketing efforts

Your audience becomes nationwide and that’s how you can really go to the top

but the road will not be easy and if you think you will quit your job and go write blog posts full time, don’t do it.

You will go flat broke real quick.

If you need money NOW, you need to do a little bit of active marketing

but for the long term strategy, you definitely need to establish yourself as one of the top leaders in AdvoCare and you get their by dominating all the free forms of communication available on the internet.

Some skills that will help you along the way is knowing how to write content online and making that content rank higher in the search engines.

This is essentially what I do now with my own business after I got tired of peddling supplements to my friends & family that weren’t interested

I now do business strictly with local business owners and provide my services of ranking sites & generating phone calls for them

Each client that acquire sends me hefty checks like these every month


What is great is once I rank the sites, I don’t have to touch it hardly ever again and it just keeps making me money so I can scale up indefinitely.

Started from $3000 per month to kill my corporate job then grew that to $10,000 per month in 3 months after that when I started doing this full time.

There’s lots of potential here because this works for any business in any cities, so there’s literally thousands of potential niches you can go into.

I think I said enough, I now recommend this vehicle over AdvoCare.

To me it was much less head aches than trying to convince people to join another money making opportunity which got really exhausting to me real quick.

If sitting at home, building websites and closing deals with business owners that love you because you give them more business, sounds groovy to you, then…

Take a close serious peek by clicking here