Where to buy AdvoCare? Find a local distributor, Why GNC will not carry AdvoCare…

Where do you buy AdvoCare?

You have to buy AdvoCare from distributors, they are ordinary people like you that decided to join the business opportunity of AdvoCare and sell AdvoCare for side income or the top 5% make enough to replace their careers.

You can find distributors near you by going to AdvoCare.com and hitting the “find a distributor” at the top right.

Hey but I will give you a tip on this…

Although I do not sell AdvoCare anymore, because I found something way easier to do online to make money

I have been passionate about the MLM business for a while now to know the common mistakes most people make

If you’re going to buy AdvoCare products, try sourcing your products from distributors that are successful in your state.

You can look up each distributor’s profile and see if they list their current income level, because when the distributor is successful and still in the game of selling supplements and getting fit, their passion will carry over to your motivation

This can become even more important if you are trying to start the AdvoCare Business

As good coaches can go a long way, once you purchase your distributor kit, then you are locked in to that sponsor.

And some sponsors or team leaders provide a lot more comprehensive support for their teammates.

Just ask leaders like Dawn Funk who’s teaching her team the simple 3 step to success….

Where to buy AdvoCare in Stores?

inevitably people ask this questions, where to buy advocare spark energy drink, 10 day cleanse, herbal cleanse, catalyst or other products in stores? can you buy them at GNC?

The answer is No

You will not find any AdvoCare products at wal-mart or GNC anytime soon…


Because AdvoCare is a multi-level marketing company, meaning all of their revenue is generated by the independent distributors that join the company for the business opportunity

The business opportunity allows a distributor to earn 20%-40% commission by selling the products.

You can join by purchasing the $79 distributor kit and begin earning 20% commission

or you can go “all-in” and purchase $2100 worth of products and earn business advisor status where you can earn 40% commission and unlock few more ways to get paid, based on your recruits sales. You can read more about their compensation plan here.

The reason why you will never find AdvoCare products at retail stores is because they have to protect the profit margins of their distributor, if they allow a big player like GNC and Wal-Mart to purchase AdvoCare products in bulk and begin selling them at lower prices than what a brand new distributor can do, then the business opportunity of this company will get trashed.

This is why AdvoCare is very strict about price setting, they will absolutely not allow anyone to set their own price on the products.

Again one person setting whatever price they please and setting up an online store or selling them on eBay can jeopardize the opportunity for many people out there.

Despite their hardest efforts, they cannot stop sellers from selling the 24 Day challenge on eBay cheaper than retail price, which is bad because now some people may not buy the kit from you after doing their research and finding it at a cheaper discount on eBay.

my suggestion

if you are going to buy AdvoCare products like omegaplex and other mult-vitamins, you can try it out at retail price a few times, but make sure you get the distributor kit to get at least the 20% discount, if you really love the products and plan on being on them long term, then you definitely should become advisor at that point to get the 40% discount even if you don’t want to do the business

I wrote about how AdvoCare product prices compare with other GNC products here, going over the importance of advisor discounts


Where can you buy AdvoCare?

Well if a friend or a family member introduced you to AdvoCare, chances are they are also hoping you would join with them.

Even if they are not entirely successful yet inside the company, their sponsor, or sponsor’s sponsor will most likely be successful, and because AdvoCare business opportunity will reward your team up to 3 generations deep.

You can receive plenty of support from not just your friend but the team that she joined under.

The advantages of purchasing Advocare products from a local distributor is that you can get more personalized support from them, whether that be job shadowing them prospect, go to meetings with them at Starbucks or attend their mixer parties and hangout with other distributors, there is something to be said about immersing yourself with other like minded individuals towards your own success.

If you are serious about making money online though, there is another way

Its what I’m doing now after failing hard with AdvoCare and other MLM companies.

just wasn’t for me

I hated selling to friends & family

I generate leads for local business now and its my job to show other MLM addicts and AdvoCare distributors that there’s an easier way to financial freedom

5 week coaching program that teaches you how to rank websites and get paid for the leads you generate for local businesses

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