AdvoCare vs Zija Unbiased Review from Non Distributor

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Zija international vs AdvoCare, which company offers better compensation plan & business opportunity? How are they different and how are they the same? Get your unbiased review here from a non distributor.

Find out why I believe Zinja is bit more product oriented than AdvoCare. & Which company would I pick?

Also find out what I discovered about AdvoCare that other distributors don’t want you to know about.

Let’s just say I’m no longer with the company but now I’m making much more money with less struggles.

Before I get to that, let’s take a close look at these two companies & see if it calls to you.

Well first things first, they are both health & wellness network marketing company.

Zija began in 2005, while AdvoCare began in 1994.

Zija was started by Ken Brailsford, who was happily retired until a friend called him a showed him a documentary on the Moringa tree, which is a special tree that lives in hot parts of the world, the Thai people use it for all sort of medicinal purposes.



It is very high in vitamins and minerals. Moringa leaves gram for gram contains:

  • 4x the calcium of milk
  • 4x vitamin A of carrot
  • 2x the protein of yogurt
  • 3x the potassium of banana
  • 7x the vitamin C of oranges

Utilizing the ingredient of moringa tree, Zinja has come up with a product line of:

  • SmartMix: Nutritional drink
  • XM+ (Nutritional energy drink)
  • Weight loss & management system
  • Gen m innovative skincare system

Derived from the tree’s most nutritional parts: the leaves, seeds & fruit

Russ Bianchi was the mastermind behind packaging the natural herb into Zinja marketable products.

The plant supposedly has the highest nutritional value of any other plant, and it fills the gap of many of the deficiency present in today’s modern diet.

Zinja Compensation Plan vs AdvoCare

Zinja comp plan is pretty simple to understand

Basically you are working with two legs in your organization


Which ever is your smaller leg, you get 12-13% of the volume generated from that side, and you get paid every week.

So if your weaker leg did $10,000 in revenue in 1 week, you will earn 12-13% of that, so $1200

What you focus on in Zinja International is to get two recruits and help those recruit get 2 more recruits of their own, and this is how the business or your network begins to build.

AdvoCare’s payment plan is bit more complex because the bonus percentage of payment goes up and fluctuates as you go up the rankings. But the basis is similar, you are going to build sustainable business not by selling the product yourself full time but by recruiting other distributors below you and having them build their business and you get to leverage from building a large team or organization.

Yes if you look at some of the AdvoCare Reviews, they all say you can make 40% commission, which is true and it sounds sooo wonderful, but actually that’s not really the top distributor’s major source of income. Its actually from what’s called overrides & leadership bonus that you earn (which can range from 3%-19% of business volume (half of retail volume) of all the sales of your organization. Up to 3 generations of advisors & infinitely wide.

Now do you get why its called a network marketing or multi-level marketing company?

The “business opportunity” / money is earned by multiplication of sales volume by recruiting people that will help generate their own volumes which counts towards your volumes.

And these companies will happily compensate you for that because you have helped expand the company.

Obviously it won’t go till infinity but your recruit, their recruit & that person’s recruit. You will get credit for. Hence… 3 Generations.

First Order Bonus & Cost of Business Opportunity

Anytime you introduce someone new to Zinja products you get a quick bonus.

There’s few different product divisions, the weight management, liquid nutritionals & skincare

You can pick between two options, the personal pack or business builder pack

Personal pack runs around $200

Business Builder Pack runs around $500, all-inclusive & gives people more aggressive opportunity to build the business

There is 2 more option called Balance Builder Pack 1

Still runs around $500 but has little bit of all product lines

Balance builder pack 2 runs around $1000, and contains all the products of zinja & some other benefits including sample packs to hand out to other people,

First Order Bonus can get you $35 to $100 depending on what order your new prospect came into the company with.

However the big kicker is you have to first qualify for First Order Bonus & other compensations by first having two people whom you personally introduced to the business and they remain active with minimum monthly PV or personal volume

This sort of forces you to get off your ass and get to work right from the start if you plan on making any money in Zinja

AdvoCare seems bit easier to enter the company, with only $79 to become a distributor and you can begin making 20% commission on any product you sell. And there is no minimum requirement to keep the distributorship or no minimum recruits you need to earn your commission.

In Zinja there is also this thing called Auto Reorder, its a monthly configuration of product order that comes every month.

Its a big deal in this company to get people on the auto reorder because you need it to get the commission…

You can go 75 pv or 150 pv auto ship

at 75 pv you earn 10% on first order bonus

on 150 pv you earn 20% on first order bonus, making 150 pv auto ship the only viable option for people starting the business.

Auto-reorder is for your personal consumption & because you are required to keep 150 pv every month, you will generally have some products that you can share with others because well you will keep ordering and you will need to go through it one way or another.

This gives you the product as prospecting tools to share and spread the word of zinja.

This approach seems much more product oriented than AdvoCare

Don’t get me wrong AdvoCare boasts having scientific board that ensures high quality athletic performance, muscle building, weight loss & energy products. But in AdvoCare the emphasis is on getting the all-in advisor order of $2100

& you do this with sharing the product (giving a sample of spark) then getting people on a 3 way call with your sponsor.

Both network marketing companies are very similar in approach in that they both rely heavily on your warm contacts.. aka friends & family.

I personally didn’t like MLM approach of selling this way so I prefer local lead generation where I sell my services to local businesses.

So lets recap, some key differences in payment structure of advocare & zinja

  • In AdvoCare you earn smaller percentage on your entire organization’s sales. But they have the big ticket item of all-in advisor order of $2100 ($3000) retail that boosts sales volume
  • In Zinja the big ticket item is the Balance builder pack 2 for $1000, so you earn bit less on getting new recruits but there is higher chances of making consistent, long term income from more members you enroll because the comp system sort of forces people to be on autoship status of 175 pv
  • In short AdvoCare comp plan causes distributors to be more focused on recruiting new distributors
  • Zinja distributors will focus bit more on products itself because people will need to continue to get zinja products & consume them, & that habitual routine will gradually build your monthly income as your sales volume rise with each new recruit that you put on auto ship

Auto Reorder is what builds the zinja business because as they continue to get products every month, as long as they are happy with the products & seeing great results, they will share the products with other friends as there will be some left over and that will build the business for you.

In AdvoCare no one is required to continue to order the products, what really fuels the business in AdvoCare is selling the business opportunity to people and handing people the Impact Magazine that contains not just the weight loss success stories but all the business success stories and I feel that more people are joining advocare not for the love of their products but for the opportunity to make money.


Zinja offers cool product and the moringa tree is especially interesting as someone that’s into these alternative health subjects.

I like that their business opportunity and business model is more centered around the product and letting the product do the selling.

I’m not sure if I like the fact that their company sort of forces you to be on auto-ship, I guess if you build your business for a bit that will pay for itself. But receiving Zinja every month?

It better be some goooood stuff.

I guess its only right to promote a MLM company if YOU are actually taking the product yourself.

Some AdvoCare distributors are bit suspect. Like how sold are the AdvoCare distributors on the actual product itself? or are they just all about the business opportunity and new recruits, and talking about the incentive trips.

I personally think AdvoCare is missing this all natural element to their product lines.

A lot of MLM companies like Thrive and plexus boast about all the ground breaking all natural super herb that’s in their products.

While AdvoCare product seems more plain in comparison.. they certainly do not boast about herb or some super botanical ingredients in their products.

If you read the ingredient actually its all basic amino acid stuff that you see in many GNC products.

Maybe they need a little upgrade or take notes from Zinja?

Why I left Network Marketing

Ok So I am going to explain what this blog is about… finally.

I passionately write reviews on AdvoCare & MLM because I was someone that joined several network marketing companies, because I was desperate to find a way to earn income for myself since I hated by 9 to 5 job, making $2200 a month.

I always dreamed to work from home or have more freedom.

So I tried, tried & tried all sorts of things.

In my journey, I learned a lot. Especially about AdvoCare.

But I failed at it. Not only that but I began to learn some of the dirty secrets of these companies.

The fact is, MLM opportunity although sounds very inviting, there is 95% failure rate.

Which is very slim, hate to say it. but most people are better off not wasting the time, energy or money than to join a MLM because more often than note they will lose more in the process.

I didn’t like the fact that to be successful in these companies, you have to stand on the shoulders of distributors that have failed and lost their money.

The fact is behind every successful distributor there is a trail of families that failed & lost bit more than where they were before they had their MLM experience.

It was not something I could wake up everyday and be proud of.

So what did I do?

I walked away from it all and never turned back. I met my mentor Dave, who was in the same position of walking away from a 6 figure MLM business so he can pursue something more sustainable.

Dave partnered with Tom, who was doing local lead generation.

Basically you rank websites for your local dentist or limo company and you get paid for it.

Completely different from MLM.

You just learn a skillset and you get paid to help local businesses that could use more phone calls.

Sounds too simple I know. I was skeptical at first, but I promise you its the most realest thing out there and it is exactly what got me out of my 9 to 5 job and I now work full time creating websites for local businesses.

I have around 25 clients right now and I’m $15-$20K per month currently.

Now I’m a partner of this coaching program and I show other MLM wanderers a new hope for something that is more doable for regular people.

Click here to sign up and schedule a free 30 min call withe one of our coaches.

without sounding cliche, stumbling on this blog post, could change your life forever